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When it comes to weddings it’s all about those special moments; the ceremony, the vows, the music and the atmosphere. But what if you can’t quite remember all of those precious sights and sounds? The light and the shade, the laughter and the tears? The party! Well this is exactly why I recommend you hire a wedding videographer. A talented wedding videographer will draw on their artistic creativity and experience to ensure your memories are captured on film forever. This is why I am so excited to be introducing you to Yorkshire wedding videographer Studio Lester today.

Yorkshire Wedding Videographer

Studio Lester is made of a very talented team headed by Alex. Alex is a genius with his camera. Alex captures his couples with passion, creativity and in true documentary style. Based in Yorkshire but shooting across the UK, Scotland and beyond, Studio Lester are authentic storytellers. Your wedding deserves that artistry, the true footage and the memories to last a lifetime. Let’s get to know Alex and the team even more and even better, let’s see their truly beautiful wedding videos.

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name’s Alex and I’m the proud owner of Studio Lester – a videography and photography company servicing the UK and beyond. I’m a filmmaker and a photo-taker, and there’s nothing I love more than sinking my teeth into a creative project.

I’m engaged to my partner-in-crime, Helen, and together we live in a beautiful, rural spot with our black lab pup, Jeff. We’re keen sailors, walkers and adventurers during the summer, while in winter we can both be found on the sofa, reading a good book or chilling out with a film.

Yorkshire Wedding Videographer


What sparked your career in videography?

At Studio Lester we work with a number of award-winning, industry professionals, which includes the phenomenal talent that is Chris Bromley. Chris and I first met while plying our trade for a creative agency and together we worked on a number of projects – with Chris working as Director, while I provided the scripts as the project’s Copywriter. It’s these projects that sparked my career in film, and soon enough I found myself taking more of a hands-on role, working under Chris’ tutelage and getting to grips with the ins-and-outs of video production. To this day Chris remains a huge source of inspiration, and I feel super excited to be teaming up with him for some really exciting projects throughout 2021 and beyond.

How did Studio Lester begin?

While working in a fast-paced, creative studio provided me with a wealth of knowledge and experience, not to mention some long-lasting friendships, I always felt that my destiny lay elsewhere, and starting my own business was something I’d always wanted to do. So in 2018 I made the decision to leave the agency and start-out on my own as a freelance videographer and photographer.

To start with I relied pretty heavily on the odd Copywriting contract to tide me over, but soon enough my photography/videography portfolio was in good-enough shape to make a proper go of it. In my first year I shot around seven weddings, plus a handful of corporate shoots. The year after I worked 24 weddings, while last year was set to be our busiest yet before Coronavirus scuppered our plans.

This year is looking crazier than ever, with over 40 weddings booked-in alongside our regular corporate contracts. We’re growing at a steady rate, and although Coronavirus has slowed things down a bit, I’m still hoping to bring my wife-to-be, Helen into the business on a full time basis within the next twelve months. I’d also like to bring in an Editor/Colourist to help out too – we’ll just have to wait and see what 2021 and 2022 brings.

Tell us about your typical working day.

At home, the day starts with a cup of tea. This is then followed by a quick dog walk, before logging on to my computer to sort through my inbox.

During the height of wedding season, I’ll then spend the working day editing in Premiere Pro or Lightroom, with the odd teabreak, dog walk or meal thrown in to break things up.

If I have a shoot coming up, I’ll also need to spend some time charging batteries, formatting cards and running through my pre-shoot checklist, ensuring all my cameras, gimbals and drones are ready to go.

When it comes to the shoot itself, things obviously work at a much quicker pace. We can be working from the break of dawn until the small hours of the following day.

One thing I always tell our clients is that we’re not clock-watchers, as I don’t really see the value in working only a set number of hours. Instead, we promise to work until we’ve captured everything we need for the final edit – and if this means sticking around until midnight, so be it.

What was the most memorable wedding you’ve worked on?

In 2019 Helen and I had the pleasure of working a wedding in the Shetland Islands for a lovely couple called Hazel and Keir. The whole thing felt like a real adventure and I’m so glad we made the decision to arrive a few days early to explore.

For anyone who enjoys the peace and tranquillity that comes with remote, island-living, I’d thoroughly recommend a visit to Shetland. We were blown away by its white, sandy beaches and piercing, blue waters, not to mention the inhabitants who make Shetland such a warm and welcoming place to visit.

The wedding itself was everything we’d hoped it would be too. Hazel and Keir were a super chill couple, and we loved getting to know them, their family and dogs during our time in Shetland. Throughout the day, we managed to capture some truly stunning portraits of the happy couple, with the island and surrounding seas providing the perfect backdrop.

Yorkshire Wedding Videographer Yorkshire Wedding Videographer Yorkshire Wedding Videographer Yorkshire Wedding Videographer Yorkshire Wedding Videographer Yorkshire Wedding Videographer Yorkshire Wedding Videographer

What is your wedding videography bucket list?

Every time I travel north of the border I’m blown away. Whether it’s to cover a lochside wedding in the Trossachs or an urban shoot in Glasgow, Scotland is one of my favourite places to work. And the best part is, there’s still so much of it that I haven’t seen.

As far as bucket list locations go, the islands off the west coast really appeal to me. What I’d love to do is combine my love for filmmaking with my love for whiskey by capturing a shoot at a distillery one day – toasting the wrap with a dram or three!

How would you describe your videography style?

When we first started out we worked in a fairly uncompromising docu-style. This meant taking a back seat throughout the wedding day and capturing the magic as it unfolded in a candid, natural way.

However, as things have progressed, we’ve realised that working in this way isn’t always for everyone, and while the majority of our clients still want their wedding film to maintain that authentic, documentary aesthetic, we’re more than happy to throw in some smoke bombs or posey compositions to add that ‘wow factor’ to the final edit.

Adding to this, we’ve recently taken our documentary-approach to the next level by shooting interviews with the bride and groom in the months preceding the wedding. These interviews can then be used to create a mini-teaser, which the couple can share on their Instagram channels in the build-up to the wedding, before being edited into the final film. This is something we first experimented with last year, and we can’t wait to deliver more films like this to our clients in 2021/2022.

Yorkshire Wedding Videographer Yorkshire Wedding Videographer Yorkshire Wedding Videographer Yorkshire Wedding Videographer Yorkshire Wedding Videographer

What sets you apart from other wedding videographers?

The thing that sets us apart from other wedding filmmakers is our team, without doubt.

As I’ve already mentioned, Chris and I first met while working for one of the region’s largest creative agencies, and it’s a similar story as far as Helen and Josh (one of our staff photographers) are concerned too. All in, we boast over a decade of experience when it comes to creating content for a range of clients, learning our trade in a professional environment for a host of demanding brands and businesses. Together, this grounding has equipped us with skills relating to the management and delivery of shoots, as well as the finer, more technical aspects associated with video production.

As a former Copywriter, I also feel as though I’ve gone the long way round when it comes to understanding how to construct a narrative, which certainly plays its part in the editing of documentary wedding films. Not everyone boasts this kind of background, especially in the wedding industry. But I’m really proud of the fact that those involved in Studio Lester do.

What packages do you offer your clients?

One of our most popular options is our Combination Package, which comes in at £1,999. As the name suggest, this package includes both photography and videography, which works really well for clients who want to A) save money and B) reduce the stresses associated with managing multiple suppliers.

In addition to this, we also offer a range of video-specific packages, including our all-new Documentary Package which includes a full engagement/interview shoot prior to the wedding, as well as a whole host of other goodies.

All our wedding videography packages include aerial videography through one of our drones as standard, as well as full, unedited recordings of either the speeches or the ceremony. Last year we also added live streaming to our services, allowing couples to share their big day through a private link in full HD. In one shoot over Christmas, we had over fifty people tuning in from Canada to watch a wedding, which was really cool.

What’s next for Studio Lester?

We’ve got a really exciting year lined up. With over 40 weddings booked across the north of England and Scotland, we’re really excited to get to work after the disappointment of 2020.

Another thing we’re buzzing about is our latest camera too. Enabling us to capture weddings in professional-grade 6K resolution, we invested in a Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K over winter, as well as two amazing lenses and a host of other accessories to go with it.

As well as offering mega-specs in terms of resolution, the BMPCC also allows us to shoot at 50fps in full 6K, meaning more slow-mo, hi-res clips at key moments throughout the day (think confetti shots, first dance etc.).

On a personal note, I’m also super excited to finally be allowed to tie-the-knot with Helen on November 6. Originally, we had planned on getting married in November 2020, but as was the case with so many weddings last year, lockdown scuppered our plans.

Just being able to celebrate with our friends and family is going to feel like such a blessing after the twelve months we’ve all had to endure, and I’m stoked to celebrate with all our clients as they experience saying ‘I do’ throughout the year too.

Yorkshire Wedding Videographer Yorkshire Wedding Videographer Yorkshire Wedding Videographer Yorkshire Wedding Videographer

I am so in awe of the beautiful wedding videos and photographs that Studio Lester produce. Aren’t they just incredible?! Proof indeed that Studio Lester is the Yorkshire wedding videographer you should be booking. You should definitely be contacting them right now to capture your wedding in all it’s beauty.

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