Whimsical & Modern Rustic Barn Wedding

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Oh my, this wedding had me from the get go and for so many ruddy well awesome reasons too. Shall I share all?

WWW readers Cailin and Christopher were hitched on Saturday 29th April 2017 at The Barn at Dalduff Farm in Scotland. They had a vision of a whimsical, modern rustic day with bohemian flair. An informal atmosphere with a dose of laughter was at the heart of their planning and suited the couple to a T. They injected so much of their personality and back story into their day that I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t a dry eye in the barn. Their ceremony was totally bespoke, with lovely elements such as a ring warming and their proposal story (which you can of course read all about below). They then headed to the barn which was magically decorated, mainly thanks to the outstanding flower arrangements by Sparrow and Rose. The backdrop greenery adorned hoops and lush bouquets are just my fave.

The greenery florals really worked perfectly with the green colour palette, with the wedding party rocking their green hue outfits in utter style. Then there were the drip cakes, gorgeous attire chosen by the bride and groom, not to mention the the epic gift packages for their nearest and dearest. What a day.

Radek Makar, we cannot thank you enough for sharing these sublime shots with us.

Drip Cake Semi Naked Buttercream Pop Corn Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Decor Fairy Lights Hoop Greenery Foliage Backdrop Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/Wooden Pallet Sign Order Day Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ LOVE Letter Lights Lighting Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Beckett Sottero & Midgely Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Lace Dress Gown Bride Bridal Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Log Personalised Ring Box Wooden Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Make Up Bride Bridal Beauty Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Make Up Bride Bridal Beauty Shadow Eye Lashes Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Nails Manicure Bride Bridal Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Bride Bridal Hair Up Do Style Flowers Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Flower Girl Crown Floral Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Bracelet Bridesmaid Gift Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Bridesman Gift Box Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Bridesmaids Bride Dressing Gowns Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Sheer Illusion Lace Beaded Button Dress Gown Bride Bridal Back Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Lace Embellised Dress Gown Sheer Sweetheart Bride Bridal Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Bridesmaids Green Bride Bridal Mirror Flowers Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Tartan Kilts Groom Groomsmen Green Brown Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ The Barn at Dalduff Farm Scotland Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Backdrop Ceremony Flower Greenery Arch Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Bride Bridal Dress Gown Lace Shrug Beckett Sottero & Midgely Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Campervan Transport Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Bouquet Flowers Bride Bridal Protea Ribbons Greenery Foliage Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Hair Bride Bridal Plait Braid Flowers Style Up Do Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Lace Sheer Illusion Dress Gown Bride Bridal Back Low Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Long Green Bridesmaid Dresses Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Wooden Cake Topper Personalised Names Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/Bouquet Flowers King Protea Peony Bridesmaid Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Naked Chocolate Cake Flowers Sponge Layer Log Stand Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Antler Greenery Foliage Table Decor Runner Candles Tablescape Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Flower Greenery Foliage Hoops Backdrop Top Table Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/ Whimsical Modern Rustic Barn Wedding http://photomagician.co.uk/


THE PROPOSAL | Chris and Cailin had planned a trip to Cailin’s dad’s (Calum) house near the isle of Skye, which is Cailin’s favourite place. Chris planned to propose on a trip to the ‘fairy pools’, which had been on Cailin’s bucket list for a while. On the morning of the trip, Cailin decided she wanted a lazy day in the house and tried to postpone the trip, but was persuaded by her Dad to go that day as the weather was due to turn nasty. On arrival at the fairy pools, Chris was disappointed to see that it was extremely busy with tourists and knew that it was not what Cailin would like – so he decided against it and was going to ‘wing it’. Cailin kept asking Chris to stand and pose for photos, but he was paranoid that Cailin would see the ring box in his pocket! So he kept saying that ‘he felt silly that tourists were watching him’. Cailin wasn’t impressed! After a very steep walk back to the car, in inappropriate boots, Cailin was complaining of ‘dying’ of heat, thirst and blistered feet. Chris asked where Cailin wanted to go next in the car – hoping that she wouldn’t have a plan (yeah right!) but she spotted the Talisker whisky distillery on route and was determined to visit it. Chris moaned that he just wanted to go a drive – again Cailin was not impressed but eventually agreed to go on the drive instead! They began driving with no destination in mind, but Chris was looking for an opening between the mountains with a view of the water, but wasn’t having much luck. They kept driving for miles and Cailin started saying ‘let’s just turn back, there’s nothing here’ but Chris was adamant that they were to keep driving until eventually they found a view point and it was stunning! Castle ruins, the straight cliffs and a view across the water – it was perfect! And then Chris chickened out! So they got back in the car and started driving, but Chris quickly realised that they were driving back down the mountain, so the view would not be as great ahead. He then decided to do a U-turn and said ‘let’s just go back to that view point’ – Cailin was very confused but agreed. On route back, Cailin decided to take her boots off, as the blisters were hurting, so when they arrived back at the view point, she didn’t want to get out the car. Cailin said ‘I’ve already seen it and my feet hurt, it’s ok, I can see it from the car’. Chris was losing all hope by this point and said ‘it won’t be the same if you don’t come out of the car’ which Cailin thought was strange… but came out with her boots half on! Chris then said ‘there is a reason I asked you to get out of the car’ and pulled the ring box out of his pocket. Chris finally got down on one knee and asked ‘Cailin will you marry me’ to which Cailin said… ‘Are you bleep bleep serious!?, then moments later ‘yes!’

THE VISION | I tried my best not to look up what was considered ‘normal’ or ‘traditional’ for a wedding as I really wanted to make the day my own and do everything that I imaged, without feeling pressured in to doing something more conventional. I wanted the day to be very laid back, informal and full of laughter rather than something more mainstream. I was actually very nervous about being centre of attention so being comfortable was very important to me.

I found it difficult to put a certain ‘theme’ into google, pinterest, insta etc. to bring up ideas and images that I had in mind, as I really couldn’t an exact name on my style, although very clear in my own mind! My buzzwords were ‘bohemian’, ‘modern rustic’, ‘barn/farm’ and of course ‘whimsical’, which is how I discovered your blog. I took a lot of inspiration from couples featured that were a little more out of the ‘norm’. I also wanted to add some old traditional Scottish touches as I feel I am a little more patriotic/sentimental to home now that I am living in Australia!

THE PLANNING PROCESS | The process was a little more complicated as I was planning from across the globe! Everything was done online and through email and Skype. I was unable to see my flowers, kilts, bridesmaid dresses etc. in advance.

I relied a lot of my mum, Lesley and maid of honour, Kirsteen for support and collecting/exchanging items that I had ordered online.

We had several Skype conversations with our celebrant, Martin Turner, so that he could get to know us and our personalities and we also completed a lengthy questionnaire before he wrote up our ceremony script. We were also lucky enough to squeeze in one face-to-face meeting with Martin to practice our hand fasting ritual before the big day.

I had lengthy Skype phone calls with my florist and a designated Pinterest board, which we both added ideas to.

The venue has a designated wedding planner, Kathryn, who we could email any time with questions or to ask for recommendation/advice about the venue. She was utterly amazing too.

BUDGET | Originally 20,000 but raised to 25,000 plus flights from Australia.

There were some ideas that I would have loved to include but the budget would not allow.

The main thing was the tipi accommodation area for those wanting to stay over, including a main honeymoon tent for myself and Chris. I planned to have the area lit with pontoon lighting. In hindsight, it was perhaps a little cold for the tents anyway – silver lining!?

I also wanted to order some more speciality cakes for the table however we instead opted for some shop bought multi packs. I tried to pick cakes which looked more homemade, apart from the little tray of Scottish Tunnocks caramel wafers and tea cakes! I think that this worked very well as an alternative and was a great money saver.

I also saved a lot of money by making my own fur wraps for the bridesmaids. The ones I was looking at online were $200 each and I managed to make eight of them for approx. $80 all up!

THE VENUE | Unknown to Chris I had already been researching my dream wedding venues before he proposed! Whilst doing my usual pinterest research, I stumbled across a new barn venue, The Barn at Dalduff Farm’, which had only recently start doing weddings and it was so perfect! As the months went on and I saw more and more weddings at the venue, I considered pulling a ‘Monica’ and booking the venue before Chris had proposed! However I reigned myself in and held off until he finally did around a year later.

He was a little surprised when I suggested that we go look at the venue straight away, as we only had a few days left before we were flying back to Australia for an unknown period of time. He was very accommodating and let me and our mums have our way. We also viewed one more venue in Edinburgh, ‘Wedderburn Castle and Barns’, the same day, just to have something to compare Dalduff to but we both knew instantly that Dalduff farm was very ‘us’ and we would be much more comfortable getting married there. As Dalduff was becoming increasingly popular, we booked the venue straight away on the way home from Edinburgh. We must have been in luck as there was only one weekend left in the first half of 2017, it was ideal.

Unfortunately as we had to return back to Australia, we did not get the chance to view the venue again until the week before the wedding or sample the food! I was not nervous at all about the food, the reviews on Facebook were all amazing and the pictures looked delish. The farm actually has a butcher shop on site and we also absolutely loved the idea of all the meats coming from the farm itself and being cooked up and served BBQ buffet style.

Another different idea that we loved about Dalduff farm was the food. It is all served BBQ style in large sharing bowls, instead of a formal sit down meal. Everyone was sharing the platters round the long tables and it was a great way for all of our guests to mingle get to know each other. It was all very relaxed and stress free, especially for the parents who did not need to worry about the kids sitting still during a long three-course meal. It was very different and I know that the guests all loved it.

OH MY GOODNESS, the food did not disappoint on the day! It was absolutely delicious and nobody went hungry, the BBQ platters just kept on coming out. Everybody was just raving about how delicious it was and I have to agree… I do not think I have had a meal at a restaurant as nice as the food that was served on the day. There was also a special vegetarian buffet menu put on for approx. six of our guests rather than them being limited to one option, which was wonderful.

I gave out little laminated mini Vegetarian menus to the six guests however I did not print out the main menu for everyone, it was just on a large board as they entered the barn.

The evening food was a show-stopping hog roast with rolls and sauces and the vegetarian guests had veggie burgers.

THE DRESS & ACCESSORIES | The dress: ‘Beckett’ by Sottero & Midgely.

The shoes: ‘Emma by Nina Shoes’.

Bracelet & earrings: Tycoon for Bella Luce.

Engagement ring: ‘Rox’.

Bride’s custom made wedding bands: ‘Rosendorffs’.

Garter & lingerie: ‘honey birdette’.

Floral crown: Lisa from Sparrow & Rose.

Fur shawl: homemade by me! Supplies from ‘Spotlight’.

FINDING THE DRESS | I purchased my dress in Australia. I found picking a dress was extremely difficult as I was looking for something a little unusual and alternative. Initially I was looking for a dress with long sleeves however there was very little choice available. I ended up buying a dress without sleeves and ordering extra material for the shop to add them on for me. Only hours after purchasing the dress, I knew I had made the wrong decision and burst in to tears about it! I managed to cancel my order the next day and lost $250 in the process, however I was so relieved that I had another chance to find my dream dress. At this point the budget became less significant to me as I could not find a dress that I liked and I never knew how important it was to me until I made the wrong decision. My husband was very good about it all, he joked that if I changed my mind on the next dress he would call off the wedding! Thank goodness I found a dress online that I loved and could not believe my luck when a shop in Perth WA stocked it. I went and tried it on along with another few dresses by the same designer but I knew that I had found ‘the one’. Funnily enough… the dress did not have sleeves in the end! But it had beautiful detail all over and the back was stunning. I still felt like the style was quite suited to my bohemian feel and would match with my homemade fur shawl. The shop ‘Zoo Bridal’ was also in a beautiful location right next to the beach front in a town called Mandurah.

GROOM’S ATTIRE | We picked Nicholson Kilts in Edinburgh as they were the only place in Scotland that hired our brown and green tweed jackets.

Kilt and all associated accessories: Nicholson Kilt Makers.

Groom’s wedding band: ‘Mazzuchaliis’.

Watch: Emporia Armani.

THE READINGS & MUSIC | As our ceremony was not religious, I gave me the freedom to find readings, which were very personal to us. A big part of our lives together is travelling and I wanted this to shine through during the ceremony. Chris’ cousin Clare did the first reading for us called ‘The One’:

The One

When the one whose hand you’re holding
Is the one who holds your heart
When the one whose eyes you gaze into
Gives your hopes and dreams their start,
When the one you think of first and last
Is the one who holds you tight,
And the things you plan together
Make the whole world seem just right,
When the one whom you believe in
puts their faith and trust in you,
You’ve found the one and only love
You’ll share your whole life through.

My gran Georgeanne read the second reading ‘Time Travellers’ whilst we were completing the hand fasting ceremony, rather than the usual reading that the celebrant uses does during this ritual.

Time Travellers by Terah Cox

May you take on the world together with all your hopes and dreams.

May you be each other’s anchor in smooth or rocky seas.

May you bend to the world’s winds and brave stalls and storms.

May you find common ground in all its changing forms.

May you cross stubborn boundaries and turn many a stone.

May you find haven for your souls.

May you have heart and home.

and if some days are gray and some nights are long and cold

may you be each other’s sun and moon as your destinies unfold.

And should you lose sight of each other, and start to drift apart, may you circle back by following the compass of your hearts.

They are both very special to us and we wanted them to be involved in the ceremony.

With regards to music, we opted for the traditional Scottish bagpipes. The company sent me through a playlist of songs to choose from. I wanted something happy and uplifting to pipe me down the aisle, so I chose ‘Glendaruel Highlanders’. The lady taking our booking said that it was an unusual choice and would make a special note for the piper so that he knew it was not a mistake! I was so taken aback by this, as for us, it was a perfect song! For walking back down the aisle, we chose Highland Wedding. Our piper than stayed on whilst we were off getting photos and played songs of his choice and posed for photos with the guests. He then piped us back in to the barn for our meal.

Later in the evening, we chose a fantastic band called ‘Little Red’. They have both a male and female signer, therefore they were able to play varied songs throughout the evening. They were kind enough to learn our first dance song, which was a mixture between ‘Take yo praise’ by Camille Yarbrough and Fatboy Slim’s remix of the song ‘Praise You’. The finished version sounded amazing… we had a slow start before they burst into the chorus where all of the bridal party made a big circle around us as we danced away. We also had a small ceilidh section just before the break for evening buffet.

BEAUTIFUL BRIDESMAIDS | I had six bridesmaids, a bridesman and a flower girl. I knew in my mind that I wanted a ‘sage green’ coloured dress for the girls from the beginning. Fortunately I managed to find them from ‘Simply Be’ and ordered them all straight to the girls houses so that they could organise alternative sizes if necessary. This did mean that I did not get to see the dresses in person until I arrived in Scotland, which made it incredibly different to find a suit for my bridesman!

I almost gave up in finding something for Davie, however with only around eight weeks to go until the big day, I managed to find a suit that was not the exact same colour but definitely was of similar tone. I could not believe my luck! We finished the suit off with a contrasting silver tie and brown shoes and belt from Burton. It meant so much to have my best friend Davie as part of the bridal party instead of having to opt for the groomsman kilt.

I asked the girls to pick their own shoes that they were comfortable in, as long as they were silver, which worked great and I gifted them all a silver bracelet from ‘Not on the high street’ on the morning of the wedding to finish the outfit off.

Kirsteen – Maid of Honour, Carla – Cailin’s sister & bridesmaid, Nicola – Chris’ sister & bridesmaid, Suzanne – School Friend & bridesmaid, Nikki – School Friend & bridesmaid, Davie – Bridesman & school friend, Ella – Cailin’s cousin & Flower girl.

The bridesmaids all had a smaller version of my bouquet and the flower girl had a mini bouquet and flower crown instead of a basket with petals.

In the personalised canvas gift bags (eBay) each bridesmaid had a silk nightgown (eBay), a silk robe in green colour (eBay), a silver bracelet (not on the high street) and a box of chocolates and for my bridesman, he was given a set of PJ’s (GAP), a green robe (eBay), an engraved hip flask set (same as the groomsmen) and a box of chocolates.

The following ladies were also in my bridal party and received their gifts and wrist corsages on the morning of the wedding:

Lesley – Cailin’s mum (personalised bag, gown, robe, photo printed on metal (not on the high street) and choccies).

Angela – Chris’ Mum (personalised bag, gown, robe, photo printed on metal (not on the high street) and choccies).

Georgeanne – Cailin’s gran (personalised bag, gown, robe, personalised photo frame (eBay) and choccies).

Lorraine – Chris’ aunt (personalised bag, gown, robe, personalised photo frame (eBay) and choccies).

GROOMSMEN | All of the men wore the same tartan and button holes but different coloured jackets to break up the colours and roles:

Green tweed Jacket: Chris  – Groom

Brown tweed Jacket: Stephen – Best Man, Marc – Best Man, Jonathan – Groomsman, Stephan – Groomsman and Louis – Cailin’s brother & groomsman.

Black tweed jacket: Thomas – Chris’ brother & page boy (engraved piggy bank), Calum  – Cailin’s Dad (metal photo), David  – Cailin’s step Dad (engraved tobacco tin), Stewart  – Cailin’s Papa (engraved whiskey glass), Douglas  – Chris’ step Dad (engraved pint glass).

The groomsmen were all given personalised hip flasks in a wooden display case and a box of chocolates in their personalised bags.

THE FLOWERS | All flowers; bouquets, hoops, arch way, corsages, button holes, flower crowns and table garlands and silver table decorations were by Lisa from Sparrow & Rose. We were lucky Lisa has already decorated Dalduff farm on a number of occasions, so knew the venue pretty well. This was ideal as we had only visited Dalduff Farm once, so it took a lot of pressure of us knowing that Lisa had the décor in hand.

Lisa’s decorating style is very natural and includes a lot of foliage, which is exactly what we were looking for. I gave Lisa my colour palette and we set up a shared Pinterest board of ideas, which was great for planning from abroad. Lisa’s flowers are always very unique therefore we were not quite sure what the flowers were going to look like on the day, which was actually very exciting as I had complete trust that they would look wonderful.

I ordered wooden hula hoops and had them delivered directly to Lisa to make some very unique floral wall decorations. These went along the aisle walls, behind myself and Chris at the top table and above the cake table. They really tied the décor together across the different out-buildings.

We had a lot of antlers throughout the wedding and this didn’t stop with the photo displays. We also had antlers running up the full length of the table entwined in to the garlands and also as a focal point of the top of floral archway.

Lisa also provided our hurricane glasses and fairy lights which were scattered all around the barns.

THE CAKE | Our main wedding cake was four tiers. Two were semi-naked and two were fully covered. My maid of honours sister in law, Shona, is a home economics teacher and made this for us. Our florist left flowers to match in with our décor for Shona to decorate the cake on arrival.  The cake topper was from eBay and our cake base was a Wedding gift from Chris’ cousin Clare and husband Ross. We also had two ‘show stopper’ cakes, which were ordered from the ‘Three sisters bakery’ in Killearn.

The remaining cakes were bought from Sainsbury’s and Asda, as described in ‘budget’ section.

I decided that I wanted a huge cake table and found a farm near Glasgow, which had tree stumps for sale. I bought twelve stumps and twelve silver platters from eBay and filled them all full of cakes. In between the tree stumps we had lots of foliage and flowers from Lisa including the three floral hoops as the backdrop. It literally took my breath away when I saw the finished table and my dream become a reality!

YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER | I found our photographer on Gumtree. He is also multi-talented and was a magician earlier in his career. I particularly liked his style of photos, which were vintage looking but also creative and different to what I have seen before. After speaking with Rad, we knew straight away that we wanted to book him, as he was so passionate about taking our photos and personally loved our chosen venue location. Rad sent us several questionnaires before the big day, so that he had a good understanding of what kind of style we were looking for.

THE DETAILS & DÉCOR | For me the signage was very important as it would completely personalise the wedding. We supplied a family friend, David Gray, with the materials and he used his own creativity to bring our visions to life. We had the following signs:

Order of the day, welcome sign, photographer sign, camper sign and alcohol sign.

I also created a little basket for the confetti and cake table.

Barn: we ordered hay bales instead of regular seating to make the ceremony feel a little more relaxed and really add to the feel that the wedding was on a farm. We covered the hay bales in blankets, which we picked up from Ikea and once the ceremony was over, these were moved to the side as dance floor seating. We had a beautiful floral archway to stand under, which was designed by Lisa to tie in with our bouquets and really brought the ‘outdoor’ feel inside to the warmth on a slightly cold day!

Favours: Chris’ Gran Maureen passed away a few years ago and was helped in her last days by the MacMillan cancer nurses. I really liked the idea of incorporating some kind of charity element in to the wedding, as a lot of money is spent for just one day. I found some MacMillan place names with a little champagne bottle badge and green gem stone in the middle! I couldn’t believe how perfect it was and it was lovely to give this money to a good cause.

Chris’ aunt Joyce also made some yummy love heart shaped tablet in little green organza bags for each guest.

We made little goodie boxes for the kids ,which I filled myself from local high street shops as they were are different ages. We actually forgot to place these on the table for the meal but they were given them after.

Ceremony: As I had chosen a more upbeat song on the bagpipes for walking down the aisle, my Gran started everyone clapping to the beat! So we ended up walking down to everyone dancing and cheering, I absolutely loved it (and even had a boogie myself) after months of worrying about this moment! It was wonderful and really set the ‘relaxed and fun’ mood for the rest of the ceremony.

We opted to start off the ceremony with a ‘ring warming’ which involved all of our friends and family in the ceremony straight away. It was very intimate and made everyone feel very involved. My brother brought forward my rings and Chris’ brother brought forward his ring to the celebrant. He then popped them both in a bag together and these were passed around everyone in the room whilst the ceremony continued. Guests were asked to hold them for a moment, warm them with their love and make a silent wish for us in our future together. Martin informed everyone ‘When these rings come back they will contain, in their precious metal, something that is priceless, your love, hope and pledges of support for their union.’

The bride and groom stories included our rather long proposal stories and a couple of funny stories from growing up together, such as the time Chris pretended to be me on a boat in Turkey to save me the embarrassment of going up on stage to dance! And travelling around Australia in our campervan come Sauna living off $5 Domino’s pizza’s. This kept everyone laughing.

The drinking from the Quaich allowed us to involve our Mums and they were so excited to be involved. The Quaich has long been associated with weddings, especially in Scotland. In 1589 King James VI of Scotland gave his bride Anne of Denmark a Quaich as a wedding gift. Our Mums were both asked to come forward and pour in some alcohol to the Quaich and Martin asked them separately if they would accept me and Chris is to each other’s families. The drink is usually whiskey but we decided to put our own modern twist of things by having Jager and redbull for a jagerbomb!

We managed to bag ourselves a piece of the tartan from the kilts to perform our ‘tying the knot’. This was still a legal form of marriage in Scotland until 1939, when all couples had to fill in official legal paperwork. It was great to bring back an old tradition to our ceremony.

We then signed our marriage registrar at the beautiful signage table and Martin finished off the ceremony with a poem of his own!:

To keep your marriage brimming

With love in the loving cup,

Whenever you’re wrong, admit it, (Chris!)

Whenever you’re right, shut up.

Please enjoy the rest of your day.

We then walked back down the aisle to a confetti train as Mr & Mrs Ferguson!

White Room: we brought an ethically sourced kangaroo skin over from Australia as part of our photo display on top of the hay bales. My Dad also lent me his double antlers and deer skill, which he found over the years out walking in the mountains. Myself and Chris visited some charity shops when we arrived in Glasgow and upcycled some cheap photos for their frames and made beautiful photo displays with yarn and fairy lights. There was a frame for me and Chris, which we named ‘the Ferguson flashback’, a ‘meet the maids’ and a ‘greet the groomsman’. I think all of our friends and family enjoyed looking through the old photos whilst mingling. My gran even gathered us lots of green wine bottles for candle holders to dot around the white cake room! Then of course we had our double cake table, which covered the width of the room, this really was a show stopper!

Outside Red Barn (Games and seating) area: To the left side of the barn, my Mum and step Dad worked for weeks to create four huge tradition outside game boards, complete with a hand made “Ferguson’ crest. These included ‘Knots & Crosses’, ‘Knock the cans’, ‘Ball through the whole’ and ‘hoops on hooks’.

To the right side of the barn, we had a seating area. We created this with more hay bales and blankets. We created tables using two crates piled on top of each other and topped these with corrugated plastic and finished off with hurricane glasses with fairy lights. We had a giant ‘LOVE’ sign which provided excellent lighting (and heat) in the evening and two additional heaters to keep people warm.

In the middle open area of the barn, we had a fire pit which kept everyone warm and made a beautiful atmosphere. We also parked up our campervan, which we had used earlier in the day for photos and had a caricaturist, Derek Gray, set up in there drawing amazing cartoons of the guests. He was a big hit and we could not believe how talented he was.

THE HONEYMOON | Given that we took four weeks annual leave to fly back to Scotland for the wedding, we had to postpone our official honeymoon until this December/January.

We are flying to the Maldives for five nights over Xmas, staying in the over-water bungalows on Meeru Island Resort and Spa. We then fly over to Hong Kong for eight nights. We will spend New Year in the Crowne Plaza Hotel for the first four nights. We then plan on taking a trip to Disneyland, staying in the Disney lodge, for two nights and then finally spending two nights in Macau in the Studio City hotel, which has a Pacha nightclub inside!

We went on a mini-moon to Venice immediately after the wedding for four nights and stayed in the Ai Mori d’Oriente Hotel. We took a trip to the glass island, a romantic gondola ride and spent the rest of our time sightseeing, eating and drinking!

MEMORABLE MOMENTS | All of our ‘mishaps’ were very memorable (listed below).

Walking down the aisle to cheering and clapping was amazing.

Chris’ four year old brother’s delayed laugh when the celebrant Martin carefully said ‘Phucket’ during our ceremony, even though he did not understand what we were laughing at.

During our first dance, instead of the bridal party coupling up for a slow dance, they all made a huge circle round us and me and Chris danced away in the middle. It was very upbeat and perfect for us – our friends know us so well!

Chris’ little brother again, during the speeches, asking his big sister Nicola very loudly ‘why are you crying’ setting everyone off laughing.

During the our last dance ‘Loch Lomond’ – our friends picked me and Chris up and we danced away in the air holding hands surrounded by all of our loved ones.

My bridesmaids decorated our bed for us arriving at the end of the night with balloons & confetti; it was very sweet.

Mishaps! Yes we have enough to write a list!

The day before when we were heading down, my step Dad got a flat tyre in the five seat car and had to squeeze everything in the two seat car instead

Chris picked up the campervan and run out of fuel on the motorway between Glasgow and Edinburgh – he was saved by a groomsman.

Our coach was thirty minutes late picking up the guests (admin error on their end).

Our second photographer never made it to the groomsman house as he was run off the road into a ditch by a lorry with all the camera equipment inside! Fortunately it was not too bad and everyone was OK. Luckily our videographer took some photos for us.

My shoe strap snapped putting on my dress but my gran made a quick repair with a sewing kit

I forgot to put my garter on.

The guys had to come back down the aisle as they all forgot their button holes.

The pen run out whilst we were signing the registrar.

The VW camper broke down and would not start up again for around ten minutes when we were taking our posed photos (there is a photo of this!).

The kids did not get their goodie bags until after the meal.

ADVICE FOR OTHER COUPLES | Take risks! Try not to be pressured in to sticking to what is considered as ‘tradition’. In the end, it is the little personal touches that will give you the most treasured memories of your wedding day.

Relax on the day! Things will no doubt go wrong but nothing will stop you from marrying the love of your life and that is all that matters. Plus you will have some good stories to look back and laugh about!


Photography | Radek Makar Photomagician

Venue | Dalduff Farm

Dress | Sottero and Midgley

Shoes | Georgie’s Bridal Shoes

Jewellery | JTV

Engagement Ring | Rox

Wedding Ring | Rosendorffs

Garter & Lingerie | Honey Birdette

Flowers | Sparrow and Rose

Shawl Supplies | Spotlight Stores

Dress | Zoo Bridal

Kilt | Nicolson Kilt Makers

Groom Ring | Mazzucchellis

Watch | Myer

Piper | Piping Services

Band | Little Red Wedding Band & Coast Entertainments

Favours | Macmillan

Caricaturist | Derek Gray Art

Honeymoon | Meeru

Cake | Three Sisters Bake


Goodness me, such a glorious celebration, not to mention all planned from Australia too. Wow.

Cailin and Christopher thank you millions for sharing your story with us xo Lou


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  • Great article and pictures nd as mother of the groom and now mother to a new daughter I can say it was a fantastic day, Cailin and Chris did themselves proud x

  • Absolutely stunning! Despite the cool colour palette, there is such an incredibly warm vibe to the whole aesthetic. The bride’s dress is so stunning, and the whole decor and venue seemed to match the couple’s personality so perfectly! They look so comfortable and at ease! Thanks so much for sharing this!

  • Fantastic looking wedding, absolutely love the venue and styling!!

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