Wednesday Wedding Wonders. 28/02/2018

Glitter Dinosaurs City Wedding

Photo Struve Photography // Glitter & Dinosaurs City Wedding

This week has seen some massive changes and projects being worked on, both professionally and personally. To be honest, as someone with anxiety issues, this is and can be pretty overwhelming, BUT I am determined to fight past the fears and embrace the excitement of change and new challenges. As it goes, I have made some lifestyle changes recently, kind of an organic process without really realising it to be honest. I started running once a week late last year, I’ve discovered pilates on Youtube (when I can fit it into my schedule, I love Blogilates) and started meditating this week in the mornings with my new Headspace app. I have never ever liked exercise, but I think it’s a new love, which is super exciting. Although with two little boys and a business to run, it can be tricky squeezing everything in. I have been treating myself to divulging in new box sets too. I got hooked on The Crown last month and just purchased Amazon Prime so I could start watching This Is Us, two episodes in and I love it. It’s those little treats that ensure a little pamper and me time which is just so important I feel.

On the house renovation front, G and I have been decorating the freshly plastered walls and my dad has been back again to continue the plastering in the hallway. I now can’t wait for our new front door to be fitted and to get decorating. The dust and mess will not be missed! We are now planning our raised beds for our veg plot at the bottom of our garden, so we can get that sorted come Spring. I’m itching to get back out into the garden now, even if the snow looks super pretty nestled amongst the emerging greenery. We have a really social weekend to look forward to which I am super excited by. Including two nights out and a baking session, yippee.

On a last note, stay tuned for said projects. All will be revealed.


WWW’s Wedding of the Week


Sierra Mountain camp wedding at The Hideout in Kirkwood, California //Dream location.


Beautiful Fine Art Country House Wedding Ideas

Image by The Blushing Peony Photography  // Beautiful Fine Art Country House Wedding Ideas



Tracy & Richard’s Lush Scandi Garden Wedding

Delightful Destination Wedding in Riviera Maya

This Marrakech Destination Wedding is Giving Us Wanderlust


Silvery Grey Nature Wedding

Image by Jonathan Ellis // Silvery Grey Nature Inspired Wedding


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Pennsylvania Wedding Touched by a Green Thumb

A Macrame Dress for a Boho Bride and her 70’s Festival Inspired Wedding

Farm Wedding with Piglets, Their French Bulldog & Lots of Rum!


Supplier News


WWW wedding directory members Britten have just launched a brand new bridal cover up collection, which we think is gorgeous!


Lace bridal wrap Charis


And The Wedding Garter Co. have added a brand new garter to their collection called Kayla, which is just so delicate and pretty.




Happy wedding Wednesday xo Lou


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