Wednesday Wedding Wonders. 25/01/2017

Bohemian Outdoor Blessing Garden Wedding

Image by Luke Hayden // Bohemian Outdoor Blessing Garden Wedding


We’re fast approaching February and I am loving the lighter evenings, are you? I am really looking forward to getting a few more walks in with the boys, with the dark evenings we don’t seem to have managed many at all this winter. Thoughts are turning to the next seasonal event in the wedding world, Valentine’s Day. I’ve actually been organised and purchased G’s pressie already hehe. Although we’re not the type to make much of a fuss, we like to exchange a little something. I had a lovely moment of me time this week, with a hair trim, and I am feeling rejuvenated. It’s surprising what a hair do can do isn’t it?

Anyway, let’s get back into all things wedding, and this week has been such a delight. Plus I have some amazing weddings and images to share over the coming weeks, you’ll be spoilt for ideas and inspiration. Yippee.


WWW’s Wedding of the Week


A Kinfolk-Inspired Farm Wedding // Gorgeous colour palette.


Rose Gold Autumn Barn Wedding

Image by Oobaloos Photography // Rose Gold Autumn Barn Wedding




Dana and Tim’s Wedding at Bar Marco

Seaside Garden Party Wedding

Toowoomba Garden Wedding at Gabbinbar Homestead

Homestyle Wedding Inspired By Dinner at Grandma’s

Colorful Alabama Wedding with Desert Accents

Bohemian south of France wedding


Rustic Chic Greenery Wedding Ideas in Tuscany

Image by Stefano Santucci Studio // Rustic Chic Greenery Wedding Ideas in Tuscany



Industrial Glamour Inspired Wedding

Modern Texas wedding at Prospect House

Romantic Blush and Burgundy Phoenix Wedding

Romantic and Rustic Minnesota Wedding at Mayowood Stone Barn

Stylish Arizona Wedding with Secret Garden Vibes

Southwest inspired Arizona wedding


Supplier News


WWW Supplier Love members, The Big Domain have just conducted some research into the 2017 wedding industry and the results are fascinating..


“18 – 24 year old brides are the mostly likely to spend most of their wedding budget on the wedding dress with younger couples prepared to spend 45% of the budget on their dream dress, whereas over 55s would only spend under a quarter of the budget on THE dress.

This can be attributed to the rise of social media where the dress will be on display to be judged by hundreds if not thousands of the their followers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The older generations are more concerned about creating an experience for their guests as over 55s said they would spend 45% of their budget on the catering alone and 47% of 35-44 year olds would spend 47% of their budget on the venue.

Younger Brits also expect their guests to splash the cash on their gifts expecting them to pay an average of £30 while over 55s only think guests should spend around £20.

Surprisingly, it is younger Brits who are more likely to stick to classic wedding traditions! The age old belief that the groom shouldn’t see the bride before the ceremony is very important to 60% of Millennial Brits, while only 43% of over 55s will spend the morning of their wedding apart from their partner. Half of young brides would not allow the groom to see the dress before the big day compared to 34% of older brides – who knew that young Brits were such a traditional bunch!

Inspired by the knowledge that the perfect wedding day doesn’t mean the same thing across all age groups, The Big Domain have created the untimate wedding planner, which is full of amazing advice and tips for brides and grooms to be of all ages.”


Happy wedding Wednesday xo Lou

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