Wednesday Wedding Wonders. 16/10/2019

Pumping House Wedding Jo Greenfield Photographer

Image by Jo Greenfield Photographer via Burgundy & Pink Roaring 1920s Inspired Wedding

It’s been a while guys I know, sorry! It’s been so hectic what with my boys back to school and all that brings with it. So what have I been up to? September was crazy busy as both of our boys’ birthdays are in the same week, which meant three parties, presents and all the fun shenanigans too. I think they had fun! They also both started new schools in the same week too, which was pretty mad, but they’ve settled in a treat. We also went to a wonderful family wedding. which was ever so lovely, it was so nice to get glammed up and hit the dance floor all night too.

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We also visited the Dahlia farm at Aylett Nurseries again, which I think is going to be an annual tradition for us now. Dahlias have been my favourite flower ever since they featured in my wedding bouquet and I have a few plants myself in our garden. Lots of pretty and inspiration to be found amongst the rainbow fields I can tell you. We also set up our new fire pit one evening and made s’mores with the boys, which they of course loved. It was fun watching the bats as it turned dark and listening to our fave tunes.

Fast forward to a couple of weekends ago and we headed to London for a special birthday celebration. It was a big achievement for me personally as I’ve not been on the train into London for four and a half years due to anxiety, I even went on the underground. Hooray! My husband and I had a lovely evening out together celebrating and I can’t wait to plan another trip now, my confidence has soared!

Next week is half term and I am having the week off which I think is much needed, I can’t wait for the four of us to have some proper down time together. Especially as the lead up to Christmas is usually a busy one! And onto all things wedding. Did you see the beautiful engagement rings by Savicki Jewellery we shared this week in a feature all about their on trend engagement rings? Oh so pretty.

Sparkler Send Off Exit Boho Country Wedding Kit Myers Photography

Image by Kit Myers Photography via Boho Country Wedding with a Groom in Pink

Weddings I Loved This Month

A romantic Austin wedding with a touch of 70’s glam… at a gorgeous greenhouse venue

This couple flew in on a helicopter for their modern black + blush wedding at Hangar 21

Gone Glamping: A Camp Wedding Getaway With Boho Vibes and a Fuchsia + Cobalt Blue Color Palette

Stylish Wedding with a Hint of Moody in Australia’s Historic Guildhall

Laura & Aaron’s Stunning European Inspired Winery Wedding

Moody LA Wedding Featuring an All Black Wedding Gown

Just Wait Until You See the Killer Sequin Veil from this Color-Filled London Wedding

Bouquet Flowers Bride Bridal Pink Peony Peonies Eucalyptus Mannington Gardens Wedding Cara Zagni Photography

Image by Cara Zagni Photography via Boho Meets Pretty Marquee Garden Wedding with Pink Peonies

This Beachy Boho Wedding at Sanctuary Ho Tram is Like a Royal Mermaid Affair

You Are My Sun, My Moon, And All My Stars: Cross-Cultural Destination Wedding in Antigua

Elegant Fall Wedding in Atlanta With a Soothing Color Palette

A Monochrome Rainbow Wedding at The Mountain Mermaid

Samantha & Josh’s Garden Wedding At Old Broadwater Farm

Hotel du Village Wedding with Dried Flowers of our Fall Dreams

Mediterranean coast meets California elegance in this summer wedding in Spain

Get Inspired By The Floral Explosion in This Harvest Themed Wedding Wedding at Fonty’s Pool in Western Australia

Dreamy, Natural, and Intimate South Africa Destination Wedding at Natte Valleij

Carolyn and Charles’s Autumn Barn Wedding

Warehouse Venue Decor Decoration Festoon Lights Sign Banner Backdrop Fairy Light Curtain Trestle Tables Fun London Wedding Miss Gen Photography

Image by Miss Gen Photography via Fun London Wedding in a Warehouse with a Sequin Wedding Dress

Happy wedding Wednesday! xo Lou

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