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You may think unless you are a developer, a tech whizz or can code, that you can’t create a wedding website. Wrong! It’s totally possible to DIY your wedding website. But how I hear you ask?

Well, I am going to tell you all. I’ll be sharing some of the best UK wedding website builders, free and paid-for. As well as answer some of your most pressing website building and etiquette questions.

Wedding Websites UK Builders Photo: Alexa Loy


First up, let me share something with you to tell you why I know about wedding websites. I have been a wedding blog owner for over 12 years now.

My first website was totally DIY, I set up a Blogger account and created a logo. Then off I went and pressed ‘publish’ on this very website.

From there I moved to WordPress with the help of a developer. Since then I have mainly had developers and tech gurus help me. But, and this is a big but. My website has gotten complex.

Your personal wedding website is likely to be simple and also, temporary! Let’s face facts, it’s unlikely you’ll want it live forever.


My Own Wedding Website

For my own personal wedding website, we used a free site to build and host it. Even as a professional wedding editor, I decided not to pay for this service. I didn’t need to learn how to code either! Yes.

We only needed our site for about 3 weeks as that’s how long we had to plan in between our wedding ceremony and wedding reception. So we didn’t want to spend a fortune. I went and found my website link so you can check it out. I didn’t realise it’s actually still live, for free, 7 years on!

All you need is a free afternoon or evening, all your details and some lovely photos. Then you’ll have your website all set up.

Now I know it’s not the most stylish or polished of sites. But it was quick and easy to do, plus it did the job perfectly of providing extra details for our day. Job done!

So that was my experience, let me assist you with yours. I am going to share the features of some different site builders and compare them with a handy chart to take the hard work out of choosing yours.

Wedding UK Websites


Free Wedding Website Builders

I have done the homework, so you don’t have to and have taken a look at all the different free website builders around.

Some of these website builders have free plans and premium plans for additional add-on features. So do take note of these.

Also be aware I have researched as far as I can the features, some may be inaccurate depending on their page-level data. Some may have changed since publishing. Do feel free to get in touch if you find any discrepancies and I can update the feature! Please note I am not affiliated with any of the builders featured, it’s totally impartial.

Website BuilderWedding TemplatesCustomisablePhotographsRSVPsGift ListVideosBlogCustom URLCustom DomainAdsPassword Protection
WeeblyNoYesYesNoNoYesYesYesBuy Your OwnYesYes
GoogleNoYesYesYesNoYesNoUnknownBuy Your OwnUnknownYes
WordpressNoYesYesNoNoNoYesUnknownBuy Your OwnYesYes
JoyYesYesYesYesYesYesNoYesBuy Your OwnUnknownYes
The KnotYesYesYesYesYesYesNoYesBuy Your OwnUnknownYes
ZolaYesYesYesYesYesYesNoYesBuy Your OwnUnknownYes
Wedding ChicksYesYesYesConnect To ToolConnect To ToolNoNoYesBuy Your OwnUnknownYes

Can You Share More About What The Domain Names Mean?

For most of these websites builders, you won’t get a custom domain such as:


But you are likely to be able to have a custom URL such as:


That is of course if the URL hasn’t already been taken by someone else. If you do have your heart set on a custom domain, you may also find it tricky to find your ideal one.

Many may have already been used, so prepare to be flexible. It’s preferable to have a custom domain, it looks prettier and is easier to remember. But if the budget is tight, don’t sweat it, keep the custom URL instead.


Google Sites

Did you know you can build a free website with none other than the king of the Internet, Google?

It’s perhaps the most simple of options, especially if you have a Google account already. Simply drag and drop, then customise your page.

It doesn’t have a ton of features, but it depends on what you are looking for your wedding site to do. Choose Google Sites over using Blogger, which only really has a set up for blog posts, rather than dedicated landing pages.




Just because the pricing is displayed in dollars, doesn’t mean as a UK couple you can’t use this builder. So that being said, eWedding has a free plan with basic tools for a monthly fee you can access their premium features.




Joy has hundreds of customisable, dedicated wedding website themes. After browsing their site, I am really impressed with their polished websites and vast features, which are all free!


Wedding Website UK


The Knot

The Knot is a huge wedding industry player, so it’s a great shout to try out their free website builder. I think the ability to add your live stream is excellent, as is the messaging option for real-time updates.




Minted is known for its gorgeous wedding stationery, so it’s no surprise their free wedding websites are beautiful. The address collection feature is genius! There is the ability to upgrade to have your own domain too.




Zola has a whole host of wedding planning tools and their free website builder is one of them. Their designs look sleek and modern and they have some great features to make your site just so.



Wedding Chicks

Wedding Chicks have a few tools you can utilise in your wedding plans. One of which is their free wedding website. Their templates are simple and feature more on the basic side. However, this may suit you better for an easy set-up process.




Hitched is a big player in the UK and it’s no surprise they have a website builder. It looks simple to use, with pretty designs and key features too.




Wix is a well-known free website builder and they have some beautiful templates! What’s more, they have forms to enable RSVPs as well as mobile-friendly views.




Weebly has a drag-and-drop website builder, but no dedicated wedding themes that I could find. That may suit you to the ground, but you may wish for more wedding-friendly features.




WordPress is home to thousands of websites. In fact, many large brands use WordPress, as do I for this website. However, WordPress does actually have a free website builder plan.

Options are limited depending on which plugins (apps) you purchase and when using their free templates. So it may not be the best option unless you are familiar with using WordPress already.


Wedding Website Builder UK AgrestalVisuals Photo: Agrestal Visuals via Waterside Country Barn Wedding



GettingMarried is a UK-based wedding site builder. They are free to use, but with their premium plan, you get to use their email stationery as an add-on for a one-off £59 fee.




Wedsites has 3 plans for their wedding websites. The first is a free lite plan which includes some great features like password protection and visitor statistics.




Zankyou’s wedding websites are available in 9 different languages which is great for international couples and guests alike. Plus they have a lot of free features, with some premium elements available too.


Paid-For Wedding Site Builders

If you really want to invest in your wedding website and have the budget to do so. Consider using the following builders for your custom wedding site.


With its stylish dedicated wedding templates, Squarespace may just be the one for you. It’s flexible so you can link to your gift list and have a custom domain.

Pricing starts at £10pm


Gettin’ Hitched Rocks

Gettin’ Hitched Rocks offer a bespoke website building service if you have the budget and are looking to hand over this part of your planning. Templates come with matching e-invites and they have bolt-on packages to help you set up!

Pricing starts at £245pa


Riley & Grey

Riley & Grey’s premium website service means you should get better customer support, dedicated tools and high website design. You’ll get a custom domain, address collection and RSVP system to name a few.

Pricing starts at $30pm

Wedding Websites UK


Why Should I Have A Wedding Website?

A wedding website is perfect for answering all those questions that suddenly pop up when you are wedding planning. Trust me, you are going to get a lot of those.

Now, you may have your invites, but they are limitied as to what information you can include. And as a rule of thumb, the more pieces of paper/card you have, the higher the cost. Both in terms of money and being planet friendly.

So, it’s a great idea to create a dedicated website, and share the link with guests however you choose, on your invites or digitally. If someone asks a question, be sure to point them to your website. And if you don’t have the answer, swiftly add it on there so future guests can find the details too.

Wedding sites can also manage a lot of your planning, from RSVPs to requests and links to gift lists for example. The sky really is the limit!


What To Include On A Wedding Website?

There is so much you could include on your wedding website, but here are the key elements:


When To Create A Wedding Website?

Try to build your wedding website, before you send out your invitations. That way you can include the link on your invites.

It’s never too early to start building your site (unless builders have set time frames in their plans). That way you can add to it as you get more things confirmed. You can start with your personal details, theme and photos. Then when things are booked, add those too.


How Much Does A Wedding Website Cost?

As proven above, a wedding website doesn’t have to cost you a single penny. Isn’t that great?

Of course, for more complex features and premium designs, expect to pay from £6 per month to £245 per year+.


Can You Make Your Wedding Website Private?

Yes, most wedding site builders have the ability to add password protection and hide from search engines in their settings.


How Do I Find A Couple’s Wedding Website?

The best place to look for a couple’s wedding website link is on their invitations. Failing that, check their messages to you and their social media. If you still have no luck, ask them if they have one and for the link.

Wedding Websites UK Brad-Gommon-Photography Photo: Brad Gommon Photography via Endeavour Woodland Weddings


Is It OK Not To Have A Wedding Website?

You don’t have to have a wedding website. This is your wedding, your rules! Never feel pressured to have anything at your wedding that doesn’t suit you and your day.


Should You Share Your Wedding Website on Facebook/Instagram?

It really is up to you whether you’d like to share your wedding website on social media. Are there details you wish to keep private on the page? How big is your friends’ list and what are your Facebook/Instagram privacy settings like?

It’s worth erring on the side of caution here, as once you’ve shared your site address you have given the details away. So carefully look into the settings on your page and the privacy settings on your website. For example, adding password protection is a good idea, but you’ll need to find a way to share the password.

Facebook and Instagram messenger tools, in a group chat, are one way to disclose the details. But you don’t want to annoy guests with multiple chat messages either.

So all in all, it’s not the best way to share. Instead, consider setting up a private Facebook group for guests to virtually share with them.


So there we have it, you now know all the UK wedding website builders, free and paid-for. Plus their features compared like-for-like. As well as my top tips on how and when to build your wedding site!


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