How To Pick A Wedding Venue That Will Keep Your Dancefloor Packed

Wedding Venue That Will Keep Your Dancefloor Packed Seventh Second Entertainment Band

Wedding goals… A packed dancefloor all night right? I know when planning my own wedding party that this was one of my very top priorities. Granted, there are variables that may impact this, but if you choose the right venue then you are well on your way to creating the best vibes for your guests to get their groove on. Of course a totally awesome band or musician is super important too, but that is easy-peasy to tick off of your to do list when using Seventh Second‘s brilliant services. Don’t believe me? Well check out their site and their amazing acts and you will see for yourself.  Seventh Second can even help to match you with the perfect musician, get in touch direct for their bespoke, personal service.

How to pick a venue which rocks and ensure that your party is well and truly buzzing? Seventh Second share their top tips and their vast experience ensure they certainly know their stuff when it comes to dancefloors.




If you can help it, don’t serve food when a live band is performing. Try and coordinate with the band so their break coincides with your food service. No one dances with a wad of cake in their hand or a freshly filled stomach.


Get Your Groove On


If the bride and groom are on the dance floor (i.e. you!!) then your guests will be. Stay there and get your guests comfortable strutting their stuff and they will stay there and you’ll have a packed dance floor.


Wedding Venue That Will Keep Your Dancefloor Packed Seventh Second Entertainment Band




It seems obvious but pick great live wedding entertainment! Guests can tell if a band is awful or not really putting their all into a performance. Read our guide on picking a wedding band or talk to us to get all the advice you need.




Not a must but we often notice that the more freely available alcohol there is, the more dancing there is! Most of the time this is out of your control but having bar only service when the bar is in a separate room to the band and dance floor doesn’t help keep a dance floor full. It’s worth thinking about.



Wedding Venue That Will Keep Your Dancefloor Packed Seventh Second Entertainment Band



Consider what else you want at your chosen venue and plan and budget accordingly. Compromise on a few little things or pick a cheaper venue or day of the week so you can afford all the venue and entertainment extras you want and we are pretty sure your wedding will be so much better for it.


Availability & Timings


We’ve noticed over the years that by the time we get close to 12am (the standard end of a wedding and wedding band performance) most people at weddings have only just plucked up the courage to dance and so just as we finish the night’s entertainment, the party for the guests and you has just got started!

We suggest thinking about what kind of guests you have, what kind of wedding atmosphere you want to create and thoroughly checking when venues close and/or can open until. Weddings ending later than 12am almost always turn into amazing parties with lots of hilarious antics happening all over the dance floor. Also, we apologise if this seems obvious but just like wedding bands, venues need to be booked way in advance so plan and scheme way in advance because partying until later is often a booking add-on with bands and venues alike.


Wedding Venue That Will Keep Your Dancefloor Packed Seventh Second Entertainment Band

Space & Layout


We typically say a minimum of 3×4 metres for a 3 to 4 piece act is best and any act bigger than that just needs more and more space. However, 3 and 4 piece acts are the most common wedding bands by some way so that’s a good starting point.

Plugs and power wise, a minimum of 4 standard plug sockets is usually fine but again, check what the venue actually has and then chat to the band. If you are running a generator for all your power, its best to ask the band to speak to the people running the generator just in case.

Don’t forget that you want a nice big space for dancing so chat to the venue about that too. Too far away from the band or too smaller a dance floor and it’s going to kill the vibe.

Sound Limiters


If a venue has a sound limiter this can seriously limit a wedding acts performance. If you want a loud, raucous live act and your venue has a sound limiter, it isn’t going to happen. Book a venue without a limiter! Wedding acts can’t ignore or bypass sound limiters (unless the venue does) so if it’s a particularly harsh sound limiter its like asking the act to play their usual top draw live show with one arm tied behind their back.

Ask venues if they have sound limiters and what decibel limit they are set too and if acts HAVE to use them. Some venues are more relaxed and don’t fully run the limiters meaning acts have more volume manoeuvrability.


Wedding Venue That Will Keep Your Dancefloor Packed Seventh Second Entertainment Band

Equipment Set Up


Having a little mooch around the venue and discovering how your wedding act is going to load and set up can really help streamline and add a rare stress-free element to your wedding.

Built in sound systems are becoming common as venues struggle to deal with noise complaints so if a venue has its own PA and lighting system this is probably for the best and any live act should be encouraged to use them. Regardless, all our acts follow a self-contained philosophy so they always have all the sound and light equipment you’d need for a great wedding but check if this rings true for other acts as sound and lights are a must for a good wedding obviously!


Marquees & Tents


Over the years we’ve played in amazing marquees where the generator has been useless or the marquee has leaked so much water we’ve almost been electrocuted. We’ve played in marquees that seem to have been placed on the steepest of hills. Needless to say, the dance floor was perilous and the stage area questionable.

When done right, we’ve loved performing in marquees where we’ve experienced some truly memorable weddings.


For the full advice guide on finding the perfect venue for a wedding party, get in touch with Seventh Second direct.



Seventh Second – we’re all about fun! We admit, we’re fun junkies! We’re all about the celebration, that special day, that perfect moment for you and your friends, family or colleagues. We all desire a day which we’ll always remember and which makes us smile when we’re maybe not having the best of days and here at Seventh Second we’re bringing talented people together who help make those days unique. With our years of performing experience and excellent connections we created this agency and over the years with our colleagues entertaining you, we’ve got it pretty much sorted.



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Wedding Venue That Will Keep Your Dancefloor Packed Seventh Second Entertainment Band

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