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Have a sweet tooth? Or know your guests will be after some sugary snacks on your wedding day? Unsure just how to create a wedding sweet table and how to style your sweeties to perfection?

I am here to my rescue, with my foolproof sweetie table guide. I’ll be sharing the lowdown on what to include on your table, how to set it up, the best placement and of course, all the gorgeous wedding sweet table ideas! Sound good? Let’s go.

Wedding Sweet Table Ideas Carrie Lavers Photography Photo: Carrie Lavers Photography via Gilbert Whites House Barn Wedding Decoration: LulaBee


Gorgeous Wedding Sweet Table Ideas

Before we cover the logistics of how to set up your wedding sweet table and what you need. Let’s take a look at some seriously sweet inspiration to help you find your dream sweetie set-up.

1. Wall Shelving

If your venue has some shelving in place, or you have a unit at home. Utilise it by using to display your sweets.

 Photo: Kim Williams Weddings via Brighton Barn Wedding Sweet Table Sign: Small Type Studio


2. Bamboo Unit

Boho cool, this vintage bamboo unit looks fantastic filled with sugary treats.

Wedding Sweet Table Bamboo Cane Stand Kazooieloki Photography Photo: Kazooieloki Photography via Pampas Grass Barn Wedding Décor/Hire Born Boho


3. Upcycle Furniture

Own a tired dresser or found a free one? Give it a lick of paint for a new lease of life.

Wedding Sweet Table Idea Pink Dresser Matt Moore Photography Photo: Matt Moore Photography via Bohemian Tipi Wedding


4. Acrylic Sign & Sweet Boxes

How stylish is this acrylic sweet table sign with paper boxes for guests to fill?

Wedding Sweetie Bar Idea Terri & Lori Photo and Film Photo: Terri & Lori Photo and Film via Boho Rustic Barn Wedding


5. Cookie Wall

Sweets not your thing? How about a statement cookie wall instead?

Wedding Sweet Table Cookie Wall The Light Painters Photo: The Light Painters via Hazel Gap Barn Wedding Cookie Wall: Ruby Lou’s Cake Company


6. Dressing Table

A dressing table is a great option to use for a sweet table thanks to its reflective mirror. PS. how good do those macaron towers look?!

Wedding Sweets Dressing Table Macarons Katherine Ashdown Photography Photo: Katherine Ashdown Photography via Barnston Lodge Wedding Sweetie Table: Sophies Bakes Cakes


7. Pyramid Tower

Tower up your sweets vertically with a specialist stand such as this one.

Wedding Sweet Table Tower Pyramid Thyme Lane Photography Photo: Thyme Lane Photography via Milton Keynes Wedding


8. Shape & Height

When sourcing sweet containers, think about mixing different shapes and heights for a stylish effect.

Wedding Sweet Table Jars Scoop Amy Lou Photography Photo: Amy Lou Photography via Castletown Woodland Weddings


9. Sweet Grazing Table

Grazing tables are all the rage. And does it get any better than a sweet feast?

Wedding Sweet Table Grazing Katherine Ashdown Photography Photo: Katherine Ashdown Photography via Holkham Hall Wedding Sweet Table: Dust With Coca


10. Raise Your Sweets Up

To ensure all your sweets are in full view think about raising jars with wooden crates or stands.

Wedding Sweetie Table Idea Glass Jars Wooden Crates Rebecca Carpenter Photography Photo: Rebecca Carpenter Photography via Hoop Decor Wedding Ideas Stylist: Coastal Wedding Event Hire


11. Sweetie Wall

If floor space is limited, create a sweet wall using wooden plants and hooks. Ingenious!

Wedding Sweet Table Wooden Wall Thyme Lane Photography Photo: Thyme Lane Photography via Northamptonshire Barn Wedding


12. Buckets

Buckets are such a fun way to store sweets and add a seaside vibe too.

Wedding Sweet Table Idea Wooden Board Buckets Amber Louise Photography Photo: Amber Louise Photography via Whimsical Wonderland Wedding


13. Fun Theme

Have fun with your sweets by having a themed table. Add coordinating decor and a funny sign to tie in with your overall wedding theme.

Wedding Sweet Table Idea Wooden Shelving Adam and Grace Photo: Adam and Grace via Tullyveery House Wedding


14. Cake Display

Why not double up your wedding cake table with your sweets for a show-stopping display?

Wedding Sweet Table Idea Jars Cake Rebecca Carpenter Photography Photo: Rebecca Carpenter Photography via Hoop Decor Wedding Ideas Stylist: Coastal Wedding Event Hire


15. Paper Bags

Paper bags are a great option for storage. This table has savoury snacks and pretzels to ensure every guest is happy.

Wedding Sweetie Table Paper Bag Idea Paul and Tim Photographers Photo: Paul and Tim Photographers via Eclectic Wedding


16. Chocolate Fountain

Add a chocolate fountain centrepiece to your sweets for dipping. Yum!

Wedding Sweetie Table Chocolate Fountain Thyme Lane Photography Photo: Thyme Lane Photography via Cooling Castle Barn Wedding Chocolate Fountain: Olly’s Elegant Hire


17. Boho Sweet Table

To create the ultimate boho sweetie table, add macrame, pampas grass and natural elements.

Wedding Sweet Table Boho Macrame Camilla Andrea Photography Photo: Camilla Andrea Photography via Whimsical Boho Wedding Prop Hire: Rock The Day


18. Meringue Kisses

Pretty meringue kisses displayed in wooden trays are simple yet beautiful.

Wedding Sweet Table Meringue Kisses Tray Charlotte Hu Photography Photo: Charlotte Hu Photography via Yew Tree Lakes Wedding Meringues: Meringue Girls


19. Vintage Desk

An old vintage bureau or desk can look wonderful for a sweetie table set up.

Wedding Sweet Table Idea Desk HBA Photography Photo: HBA Photography via Calke Abbey Wedding


20. Wooden Crates

Wooden crates can be inexpensive or free to source, plus they add all the rustic vibes.

Wedding Sweetie Table Wooden Crates Emma and Rich Photo: Emma and Rich via Cowshed Woodhall Farm Wedding


21. Wooden Ladder

Find a small or large wooden ladder and stack sweets high.

Wedding Sweet Table Wooden Ladder Emma Barrow Photography Photo: Emma Barrow Photography via Wonwood Barton Wedding Planner: AMTStyling


22. Antique Furniture

How beautifully vintage does this table set up look? Wow.

Wedding Sweet Table Vintage Dresser Sarah Jayne Photography Photo: Sarah Jayne Photography via Eco Friendly Wedding Inspiration Styling: The South West Wedding Company


23. Suspended Sweets

Try hanging your sweetie jars for a unique table style.

Wedding Sweet Table Hanging Jars LJM Photography Photo: LJM Photography via Romantic Coral Summer Wedding Sweet Table: Every Event Hire


24. Ferris Wheel

Rent a wooden ferris wheel for an interactive sweet table idea.

Wedding Sweet Table Ferris Wheel James Green Photographer Photo: James Green Photographer via Whimsical Countryside Yurt Wedding


25. Pick n’ Mix

Go old school with a proper pick n’ mix set-up for all the nostalgia.

Wedding Sweet Table Pick n Mix Fairclough Studios Photo: Fairclough Studios via Fun Quirky Colourful Floral Wedding Sweets: The Sweet Cellar


26. Personalised Sweets

Does it get any better than your faces on your wedding sweets?!

Wedding Sweets Personalised M&Ms Robert Leons Photography Photo: Robert Leons Photography via Langar Hall Wedding


27. Pink & White Cart

Sweet and pretty, this pink and white sweetie card looks fantastic.

Wedding Sweet Card Idea Pink White Terri & Lori Photography and Film Studio  Photo: Terri & Lori Photography and Film Studio via Sheene Mill Wedding


28. Pastel Cookware

Have some lovely cookware you could repurpose? Try it out on your sweet table.

Wedding Pick n Mix Sweetie Table Pastel Samantha Kay Photography Photo: Samantha Kay Photography via Post-Elopement Reception Party


29. Wooden Pallet

It never ceases to amaze me the ways a wooden pallet can be used at a wedding. And here one is as a sweetie table, brilliant!

Wedding Sweet Table Wooden Pallet Cotton Candy Photography Photo: Cotton Candy Photography via Railway Station Wedding


30. Painted Trolley

This painted trolley looks really lovely, I especially love the chalkboard effect sign.

Wedding Sweet Table Idea Painted Stand Stevie Jay PhotographyPhoto: Stevie Jay Photography via 92 Burton Road Wedding


31. Open Vases

Large open vases can be ideal for a stylish sweet container.

Wedding Sweetie Table Vases L’Ordine della Giarrettiera Photo: L’Ordine della Giarrettiera via Villa Del Grumello Wedding Planner: DAB Wedding


32. Chocolate Eggs

Perfect for Easter weddings, chocolate eggs are sure to prove popular.

Wedding Sweet Table Chocolate Eggs Sara Reeve Photo: Sara Reeve via Boho Glamour Pink Blue Gold Wedding


33. Red & Gold

This opulent red and gold sweet table really looks glorious.

Wedding Sweet Table Gold Red Birdcages Victoria Tyrrell Photography Photo: Victoria Tyrrell Photography via Fairytale Whimsical Burgundy Gold Wedding


34. Rustic Wooden Table

Rustic yet simple, this wooden table is a fantastic base for sweets.

Wedding Sweet Table Rustic Wooden Jo Bradbury Photo: Jo Bradbury via Lavender Grey Wedding


35. Wooden Sweetie Cart

Perfect for a tipi wedding, a wooden sweetie card looks like it’s from a bygone era.

Wooden Wedding Sweet Cart Natalie D Photography Photo: Natalie D Photography via Unique Country Farm Tipi Wedding


36. Suitcase

Raid lofts or charity shops for suitcases to use to display your sweet treats.

Wedding Sweet Table Idea Suitcase Story and Colour Photography Photo: Story and Colour Photography via Colourful Fun Loving London Wedding


37. Caterpillar Cakes

These mini caterpillar cakes are the cutest!

Wedding Sweet Table Caterpillar Cakes Amber Louise Photography Photo: Amber Louise Photography via Minamlist Barn Wedding Cakes: M & S


38. Round Drinks Trolley

Bring along a stylish drinks trolley from home for a sustainable table option.

Wedding Sweet Table Round Golden Vibes Photo Photo: Golden Vibes Photo via Magical Fairytale Wedding Ideas Bakery: Sweet Petite Treats


39. Dipping Apples

Autumn couples will love this dipping apple idea. Such fun!

Wedding Sweetie Table Idea Dipping Apples Photography34 Photo: Photography34 via Ox Pasture Hall Wedding


40. Drawers

Add sweeties to drawers. Just be careful to weigh the chest down to prevent it from topping over.

Wedding Sweet Idea Table Drawers Chris Cowley Photo: Chris Cowley via Watermill Tea Party Wedding


What Do You Put On A Wedding Sweet Table?

A wedding sweet table is a tasty feast of sweet treats ready to be devoured. But it’s also good to think about the practicalities of having one at your wedding. It’s a good idea to think about what you actually need to include.

To cut costs, of course, you can simply buy some tubs of sweets and leave them out. However, things may get messy and complicated. Plus, it may not match the rest of your wedding colour scheme.

So, for a stylish, organised and successful sweet table, you’re going to need some essentials.


First things first, you are going to want some sweeties. You could go for classic pick n’ mix, boiled sweets, fizzy jellies, wrapped sweeties or mini chocolates. In fact, you could opt for mini cakes, doughnuts, meringues, lollies, cookies or macarons if you are looking for something more substantial. Pick n’ mix sweets are likely to be more cost-effective though.

Try to supply a small bag or plate of sweets for each of your wedding guests (and you!). That way there will be enough for everyone to enjoy.

Wedding Sweet Table Idea Pink Sweeties Terri & Lori Photography and Film Studio Photo: Terri & Lori Photography and Film Studio via Sheene Mill Wedding


Sweet Containers

Sweets in their original tubs or jars may suit your wedding theme. But if they are unsightly you can decanter sweeties into jars of your choice. Glass jars, Kilner jars and canisters with lids are best. Lidded containers will ensure the sweets are airtight to help them stay fresh and clean. Plus protect them from the elements, especially if your sweet table is set to be outdoors.

If you want to go without lids, it may be best to serve the sweets later on when they are about to be eaten. You could collect free jam jars, borrow containers, hire or buy sweet jars. Some wedding decor hire companies have specialist sweetie carts and containers which may make things really simple for you.

It may sound obvious but try to have containers for each type of sweet treat. That way guests can easily access the sweets they like or are able to eat if they have dietary requirements.

Wedding Sweetie Table Jars Photographer Liam Gillan Photo: Photographer Liam Gillan via Willingale Village Hall Wedding



Next up, you’re going to want some spoons, tongs or scoops. This helps to keep things tidy as well as hygienic. Also, consider the size of your container openings, double check your scoops can fit inside comfortably.

It’s also sensible to provide an empty container to store the scoops and keep things neat and clean.

Wedding Sweet Table Idea Scoop Binky Nixon Photo: Binky Nixon via Creative Spring Floral Wedding



It’s all well and good creating a wedding sweet table of dreams. But if no one uses it or doesn’t know if they are allowed to, it’s going to be a waste of time and effort.

Creating clear wedding signs or instructions directing guests to your sweet table and how to use it will ensure guests will dig in. Also labelling sweets so everyone knows what they are is sensible to avoid any confusion.  Consider providing some gluten/dairy/nut-free or vegan alternatives to the side for guests with dietary requirements.

Wedding Sweet Table Sign Idea Ana Parker Photography Photo: Ana Parker Photography via Portugal Destination Wedding Sign: Painted By Katie


Bags & Napkins

Be sure to give guests paper sweetie bags, plates or bowls on the sweetie table. It will mean less sugary mess and keep everything in one place. Paper bags may be best as they can be wrapped up and taken home if guests don’t finish their treats by the end of your wedding day.

If you are having baked goods, plates or bowls may be easier for guests to use though. Offering napkins is a good idea to allow guests to clean themselves up.

Wedding Sweet Table Bags Chris Randle Photography Photo: Chris Randle Photography via Le Petit Chateau Wedding



Finally, once you have all the practical elements nailed, you can then think about the pretty wedding decorations!

The sweets and containers themselves can provide enough decor, especially when teamed with a lovely sign. But you could add flowers, table confetti, balloons, lights, garlands, bunting, ribbon, table runners or a statement backdrop behind. That will really make your table sing as well as draw attention to it.

Wedding Sweet Table Decor Idea Brook Rose Photography Photo: Brook Rose Photography via Green Copper Rustic DIY Wedding


Ideas For What To Include On A Sweetie Table

  • Sweet Containers
  • Scoops
  • Scoop Stand
  • Instructions
  • Bags/Plates/Bowls
  • Napkins
  • Labels
  • Decorations


How Do You Set Up A Sweet Table For A Wedding?

When it comes to setting up a wedding sweet table it’s a good idea to have a plan of action.

Plan Plan Plan

Once you have all your sweetie table items, note them all down so you remember all the elements for your table. This can then be used by a handy helper, your wedding venue or wedding planner to use on the day.

If you want to be super organised, you could even do a trial set-up at home. Then take a photograph of how you want it to look so it can be set up to your satisfaction without needing to be involved.

Wedding Sweet Table Ideas Ria Mishaal Photo: Ria Mishaal via Babington House Wedding



It could be you want it ready for your ceremony, or at your welcome drinks. Some couples prefer to wait until the evening to put out sweets.

Think about the food you are providing during the day and if you have young children in attendance. Sweets too early could cause a bit of a sugar rush or interrupt guests’ appetite for the wedding breakfast.

Keep sweets airtight for as long as possible and have them set up as close as you can to serving time. You could have everything else set up and simply add the sweet treats later on. Then it’s time to enjoy all the sugar!

Wedding Sweetie Table Ideas Curious Rose Photography  Photo: Curious Rose Photography via Clapton Country Club Wedding


Table Location

Then, there is the consideration of where to put your wedding sweet table. When you’ve decided when to serve, you can choose the room (or outdoor space) in which you want your table. Then it’s a case of deciding where has enough space and visibility for guests to use it.

Wedding Sweet Table Ideas Stevie Jay Photography Photo: Stevie Jay Photography via Cute Rainbow Wedding


Do You Need A Sweet Table At A Wedding?

You do not need a wedding sweet table. There are no rules about what should or shouldn’t be included in terms of food or treats at a wedding. Never feel pressured to have something just because you feel it’s the done thing.

Stay true to yourself and what is important to you both on your day.

Wedding Sweet Table Ideas Wild Tide Weddings Photo: Wild Tide Weddings via Trevenna Barns Wedding


That's a wrap! All the advice for planning your wedding sweet table plus oodles of sweetie table ideas for your wedding. Yay!

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