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Image by Casssandra Lane, full wedding here.

Its Easter … so lets get prepared for all the sweet treats we can indulge in over the weekend :-) Sweetie tables are pretty much a wedding staple now, a fun touch which is a hit with every generation.

There are many routes and ways to go down when it comes to having sweets at weddings. You can have sweet favours, old fashioned sweets in jars, old school retro sweets on tables, sweets served on shelves or scrummy desserts.

I have delved into the WWW archives to share some real sweetie tables with you for some pretty ideas…



I love how these weddings used furniture as an alternative and super cute way to display their sweets…


Sweet Table Wedding http://www.cottoncandyweddings.co.uk/Wedding Sweet Table Dresser http://www.isleofwightweddingphotographer.co.uk/Sweets Wedding http://www.amylewinphotography.com/

Images | Cotton Candy Photography, full wedding here |Chris Cowley, full wedding here |Amy Lewin , full wedding here |




Sweet tables can have so many different looks. Whether you are going for a specific colour palette, want to use pretty stationery to label your sweets or want to add décor like balloons for a touch of personality.


Wedding Sweetie Table http://www.cassandralane.co.uk/Sweet Table Wedding http://www.clairepennphotography.com/Sweetie Table Wedding http://www.milkbottlephotography.co.uk/Wedding Sweets http://www.gemmawilliamsphotography.co.uk/Wedding Sweets http://www.ericyerke.com/Sweets Table Wedding http://thismodernlove.co.uk/Sweetie Table Wedding http://www.johnhopephotography.com/Sweets Desserts Wedding http://www.babbphoto.com/Sweetie Table Wedding Party http://www.annahardy.co.uk/

Images | Casssandra Lane, full wedding here. | Claire Penn, full wedding here. | Milkbottle Photography, full wedding here. |Gemma Williams, full wedding here. | Eric Yerke, full wedding here. |This Modern Love, full wedding here. | John Hope, full wedding here. | Babb Photo, full wedding here. |Anna Hardy, full wedding here. |


Sweets Storage


There are so many different jars you could use to hold your sweets. You could use glass jars, jam jars, tin cans, vases, bowls or even buckets.


Wedding Sweets http://fionasweddingphotography.co.uk/ Sweets Wedding http://www.clairepennphotography.com/ Sweets Wedding http://www.milkbottlephotography.co.uk/ Wedding Sweets http://www.sallytphotography.com/ Sweets Wedding Pink http://www.photographybyvicki.co.uk/blog/ Sweet Table Wedding http://www.mariannechua.com/

Images | Fiona Kelly, full wedding here. | Claire Penn, full wedding here | Milkbottle Photography, full wedding here. | Sally T, full wedding here.|Photography by Vicki, full wedding here. |Marianne Chua, full wedding here. |


Ohh so delicious :-)

I do love a sweetie table XOXO Lou

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