Wedding Signs Ideas & Inspiration. From Rustic Wooden Posts to Blackboard Backdrops.

Wedding signs are becoming a must have at weddings across the UK. Whether couples want to keep guests informed and organised or to add a fun statement or backdrop; signs at weddings can provide so many uses.

Not to mention how fun and cute they can look. From rustic homemade wooden signs, to beautiful lettering on blackboards they can add so much pretty to your wedding decor.

Let’s delve into the Whimsical Wonderland Weddings archives and take a look at some wonderful wedding sign ideas.


Little Ones


Your favourite little people, made oh so cuter with a sweet sign. Whether it’s introducing you down the aisle or giving them a voice, its a lovely touch.


Wedding Pageboy Sign Flower Girl Wedding Sign Wedding Bride Sign Here Comes The Bride Sign Wedding Sign Ideas Bridesmaids Wedding Sign Sign Pageboy Sign Weddings Sign Mummy

Images |Stephie Joy Photography, full wedding here | M Studios, full wedding here |Jonathan Ong, full wedding here |Karolina Kotkiewicz, full wedding here |Cotton Candy Photography, full wedding here |Closer to Love Photography & Design, full wedding here |Marshal Gray, full wedding here |Grace Photography, full wedding here |Kathryn Edwards, full wedding here |


Point Me In The Right Direction


Are there different areas to your wedding? Make sure guests know where they are going so they don’t miss out on all the activities on offer. Think arrows, rustic wood and fun destinations.


Wedding Sign Inpiration Wedding Direction Sign Rustic Wedding Signs Water Colour Wedding Sign Wedding Arrow Sign Wooden Wedding Sign DIY Wedding Sign Rustic Wooden Wedding Sign Heart Wedding Sign Rustic Wedding Sign

Images | Marshal Gray Photography, full wedding here | M Studios, full wedding here |Brighton Photo, full wedding here |Blissful Wedding Photography, full wedding here |Marta May, full wedding here |CT Images, full wedding here |Gemma Williams, full wedding here |Freckle Photography, full wedding here | Emma Lawson, full wedding here | Morgan Trinker Photography, full wedding here |


Warm Welcome


Saying hi to guests as they arrive ensure they feel super welcome. Include some fun facts about yourself or inject a taster of the wedding décor to come,


Wedding Welcome Sign Blackboard Wedding Sign Welcome Wedding Sign Take a Side Wedding Sign Blackboard Sign Wedding Fete Wedding Sign Wedding Sign Ideas

Images | Martha & George, full wedding here |Lucius Fox Photography, full wedding here |Anna Hardy, full wedding here | Tino & Pip Photography, full wedding here |Sacco & Sacco Photography, full wedding here | Big Bouquet Photography, full wedding here |Rebecca Douglas, full wedding here |


Running Order


What, when, how? Make sure everyone knows where to be and when so they don’t miss a moment.


Order Day Sign Clocks Wedding Sign Blackboard Wedding Sign Wedding Order Sign Wedding Order Sign

Images | Big Bouquet Photography, full wedding here |M&J Photography, full wedding here | Eleanor Jane, full wedding here |Anna Clarke, full wedding here |Firsthand Photography, full wedding here |


All In a Name


Label yourselves. Whether it’s on the top table, as a backdrop or on your chairs, it makes such a fun detail.


Wedding Blackboard Backdrop Sign Blackboard Wedding Name Sign Mr Mrs Wedding Sign Letter Wedding Sign Top Table Wedding Sign Bride Groom Wedding Sign

Images | Lydia Stamps, full wedding here | Nicola Thompson, full wedding here |Ama by Aisha, full wedding here |Big Bouquet Photography, full wedding here |Stacy Paul Photography, full wedding here |On Love and Photography, full wedding here |


Have you planned any wedding signs? Tell me all :-)


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