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Afternoon lovelies :-)

It’s been a year to the day (how weird!!) since i last posted a wedding planning tool download for your delectation on Whimsical Wonderland Weddings. They have been crazy popular with couples and have been downloaded in excess of 9000 times and are still being downloaded daily now.

They have been so popular, i thought it would be great to remind many of you newer readers that they are available for you to download for FREE!

Yup yup yup, i created these just for you to help you with your wedding choices and organisation :-)

Honestly there is no need to thank me hehe!! To find the downloads you can go here.

OR scroll down for the full list of downloads below :-)

Just click and save.


EXCEL: Wedding Photographer Check List

PDF: Wedding Photographer Check List


Guest List Spreadsheet


Wedding Table Planner Seating Chart


PDF: Wedding Venue Check List

WORD: Wedding Venue Check List


PDF: Wedding Budget Planner Check List

EXCEL: Wedding Budget Planner Check List


PDF: Wedding Planning Timeline Check List

EXCEL: Wedding Planning Timeline Checklist



Feel free to leave your feedback below, i’d love to hear if they were useful.

Also please please let me know if there are any more documents i could produce for you to help with your wedding planning :-)

Happy organisation time you guys XOXO Lou


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