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As a bride, I worried about what I’d do and how I’d cope if I were to be on my period on my wedding day. I thought I was alone in this as it’s not something generally spoken about. However, I recently ran a poll on my Instagram stories and a whopping 88% of those who responded, said they were stressed or had been stressed about their period and wedding date clashing.

Now, that’s exactly why I am writing this post. To try and help you to feel less stressed and more in control of your period, even if it lands on your wedding or honeymoon.

Delay Your Period

There are some ways to delay your period if you are dead set against its arrival clashing with your wedding. Please though, do consult a medical professional before taking or changing your medication.

You can do one of the following:

  1. Take a different dose of your current contraceptive pill (depending on the one you are using)
  2. You may be able to be prescribed a medication to delay your period by a GP/pharmacist

Some things to think about, however. You may not wish to take medication to alter your cycle and would like to keep your cycle natural. Also do think about and consider any side effects that may occur and whether they outweigh being on your period.

Only you can decide if delaying your period is right for you. If it’s not what else can you do other than change your dress colour from white to a darker shade?

Period Wedding Advice

Confide In Your Wedding Party

As the old saying goes, a problem shared, is a problem halved. So first up, confide in a close member of your wedding party you trust that you’re on your period. You could tell your other half too if you so wish, however having someone to hand could prove useful throughout your wedding day.

Your period buddy could carry your chosen sanitary protection for you in their bag, help you to make a swift exit to the loo, carry painkillers or be there outside the cubicle to help in case of any period emergencies. Just knowing someone is there having your back, will make you feel so much better.

Test Different Sanitary Protection

There are so many more options around other than the traditional pads and tampons of late. But my advice would be to trial run different options so you can feel more confident and in control. This is a great time to do a sanitary protection ‘audit’ so you can take a step back and assess what is or isn’t working for you.

You could try new brands, new products or totally new options.

Menstrual Cup

Menstrual cups are often raved about by their users, and being eco-friendly too can be a big win. What’s great about them is they can be taken wherever you go and you can hit the pool while on your period. I have tried a menstrual cup and had varied success.

It can take practice and potentially looking into which brand works best for you. It’s a good idea to have backup protection in your undies too, just in case, until you feel more confident.

Period Wedding Advice

Period Pants

I’ve been using period underwear for a couple of years now (I use Modibody), and think they are great! There are a lot of new upcoming brands around creating these reusable, sustainable garments, which are slimline, comfortable, look cute and are easy to wash and re-wear.

You may need to carry a washbag with you and some spare pairs depending on your flow. But this underwear can be a great option for a backup to say tampons or a cup.

Reusable Sanitary Pads

Reusable sanitary pads are similar to period pants but are more like sanitary pads, which you clip onto your usual underwear. I’ve not tried this option, but again it’s all about trial and error and working out what fits you and your cycle.

Emergency Kit

Be sure to pack your wedding day emergency kit with some period friendly gear. Spare undies, eco-friendly wipes, pain killers, a hot water bottle, extra sanitary protection or whatever best suits you and your cycle. Being prepared always makes you feel more confident and more in control. Yes!

Period Wedding Advice Help

Diet & Lifestyle

It may be worth tracking your cycle, there are loads of great, free apps to help you do so. It will help you to know what to expect no matter where you are in your cycle when your period arrives too. Lifestyle and diet can play a role so it’s good to find out if anything affects yours.

A book I’ve been reading called Period Power by Maisie Hill is a great way to understand your whole cycle better and prepare for other life milestones, like trying to conceive. Knowledge is power and I truly believe that.

Period Wedding Advice Help

Overall, I’d say you’ve got to go with your gut and what’s right for you and your wedding. But what I do want to say is that you don’t deserve to experience stress or worry over something as natural and healthy as your period clashing with your wedding or honeymoon.

Make a plan, track your cycle and pack an emergency bag. Be sure to try some new period gear and tell a mate. All of these things will help you to have a plan of action and regain control.

Do let me know if that’s helped and what your plan of action is going to be below.

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