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Are you unsure whether to get a new wedding perfume? Or use your usual day-to-day signature scent?

By the end of this guide, you will find out the pros and cons of getting a new fragrance and read about some real-life bride perfume experiences. As well as discover some gorgeous scent ideas for you, your ceremony/reception and tips on how to apply and make your perfume last!

Wedding Perfume Kerry Ann Duffy Photography

Photo: Kerry Ann Duffy Photography via High House Wedding


Should I Buy A New Perfume For My Wedding Day?

It’s really up to you if you would like a new wedding perfume for your day.

If you are not a fragrance wearer and have a dusty old bottle sitting unused on your shelf. Perhaps a new scent would be perfect for your day? Especially if you have fallen out of love with your old aroma.

Maybe perfume just isn’t you and you feel like it’s something you should have, rather than what you actually want or feel comfortable with? In this case, ditch the new scent idea now. You could opt for a scented moisturiser or hair treatment instead.

Or you are a perfume collector and have bottles upon bottles decorating your dressing table? In this case, you could definitely buy a new one. But how about saving some money and picking a wedding perfume from your collection?

Like me, you may have a couple of bottles hanging around and have one go-to scent for special occasions. You could well go for a new smell, or use your current perfume. However, if you are looking to really evoke those wedding day memories, a new scent may be just the ticket!

New Perfume Pros/Cons


  • New scent to help you remember your day with a non-visual sense
  • The special feeling of a new fragrance on the wedding morning
  • You can re-wear on special couple moments such as anniversaries and date nights only to make it all the more special
  • You've fallen out of love with your current perfume and would like a new one anyway
  • Can be worn for pre-wedding events in the wedding day lead up
  • Your partner may love your scent and notice it on your wedding day
  • Could make a fun shopping experience together pre-wedding
  • Great gift idea for you from your loved ones
  • There are some lovely personalised bottles available as a keepsake
  • You can now make your own scent
  • Pretty perfume bottles can make for lovely detail shots
  • When you apply your fragrance in the morning, it's a great photo opportunity


  • Buying a new perfume could work out expensive and add to your wedding budget
  • You may not find a fragrance you love as much as your signature scent
  • You already have too many to keep/display/use a new perfume
  • Your partner may not like your new scent if you keep as a surprise on the day
  • Someone may gift you a new perfume on the day to wear
  • You may forget to wear it on the day during your wedding prep
  • You could dislike the perfume in years to come

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Where To Buy Wedding Scent?

📌 Top tip! Talking of smell, swerve the BO. Don't forget to invest in a decent deodorant for your wedding day. It's a good time to look at reviews online for a potential new one to keep you feeling and smelling fresh all day.

Shop Deodrant

Should I Keep My New Wedding Fragrance As A Surprise For My Partner?

If you have bought or are planning to buy a new perfume, here are your options.

1. You Plan A Surprise Scent For Your Wedding Day

This could, a, go really well and your partner loves your scent. It also helps them to bring back memories of your day together.

B, your partner may not smell or notice your new fragrance as they are caught up in the celebrations.

Or c, they may not like your scent and you don’t smell like you.

2. You Purchase New Scents Together Before The Day

Buying new fragrances together is a lovely excuse for a cute day date idea. An afternoon in a department store or specialist perfumery is fun and romantic.

I feel that I want to love a scent when I choose and wear one, but equally, I want it to attract my husband and for him to enjoy it too.

This is where not planning a surprise comes into its own, as you help one another choose! That being said, sometimes too many opinions can make things trickier. You may prefer to be able to choose yours alone.

Alternatively, you could agree to buy each other perfume as a wedding morning surprise? It could be a little risky if you don’t like each others’ choice but may make for a special idea on your wedding day.

Of course, buying them together will ruin the surprise element. But not all of us love a surprise and surprises don’t always go to plan. As we know!

Wedding Day Scent victoriasomersethowphotography

Photo: Victoria Somerset-How Photography via Greenery Tipi Farm Wedding


Wedding Day Scent Ideas

If perfume isn’t for you or just a new perfume isn’t enough, what other ways can you add scent to your nuptials?

Here are some ideas:

Wedding Room Scent amybphotography

Photo: Amy B Photography via Unique Outdoorsy Wedding


Where To Buy

🕯 Scented Candles

✨ Incense

🫠 Wax Melts

💨 Diffusers


Natural Wedding Day Smells

You may not need to add scent to your day at all, as natural scents will come and go at your wedding that could transport you straight back. But if you do invest in wedding room scents, you may have enough left to keep and enjoy post-wedding too.

Wedding Day Smells Alexa Loy

Photo: Alexa Loy of My Wedding Reception

Such as:

Wedding Ceremony Scent James Grist

Photo: James Grist Photography via Gate Street Barn Wedding


⚠️ A Word Of Warning

Some venues will not allow lit candles, in this instance, a diffuser may be an ideal option. Be careful about fire safety with lit candles or incense.

Ask your venue for their recommended options before you fork out on tens of new (expensive) scented candles.

Don’t be too extravagant with your wedding day smells. Some guests may have allergies, some may not like it and find it too overpowering. Keep it subtle and choose just a couple of ways to add fragrance to your day.

It may be best to choose one scent throughout to keep things cohesive and ensure that the smell really evokes nostalgia for you and your guests.

Some scents, incense and essential oils have medicinal properties or could cause issues for some guests. Carefully research which oils and insense you would like to use before doing so.

Which Fragrance Did I Wear On My Wedding Day?

When I was first a bride in 2010 (before this wedding was cancelled due to my mental health) I wanted a new fragrance for my wedding day.

My lovely friends bought me, Marc Jacobs Daisy, for my birthday that year especially and it was the sweetest gift. I didn’t make it down the aisle that year, but every time I wore the perfume it made me think of and appreciate my lovely mates.

When I actually got married, fast forward 5 years to 2015. I can’t remember what I wore, oops! I was so nervous in the morning, I am unsure if I put perfume on… I hope I did!

If I did I would either have worn Marc Jacobs Daisy as this was gifted for this very reason.

Or I would have worn my go-to scent for special occasions, Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt. To be honest, though, I think the smell most likely to bring nostalgia from our day are:

  1. The smell of pine as we were married in the woods (which we regularly return to).
  2. The smoke from our fire pit in the middle of our wedding reception that kept us warm.

So scents can surprise you can come from unexpected, spontaneous moments!

Bride Purfume Alexa Loy

Us on our wedding day – hopefully smelling fresh. Photo: Alexa Loy


📌 Top tip! Top tip: Don't forget about tantalising the other senses too such as; sight, touch, taste and sound.


Real-Bride Perfume Experiences

Emily – Had A New Scent

I had one, for two main reasons: 1 – because smell is such an evocative thing, and I liked the idea of one whiff transporting me back to the wedding day afterwards, and 2 – it was a brilliant excuse to buy expensive perfume as a treat as I normally rely on cheap stuff or gifts!

I had also seen some beautiful getting ready photos with pretty perfume bottles teamed with champagne glasses, shoes or jewellery – although they never made it to my photo list in the end!

We went over to France to buy the toast fizz so both treated ourselves to duty free fragrance for the big day. I knew what I wanted as I’d had a sample of it at a work thing – Gucci Guilty. I was so nearly put off by the name!

But it smells heavenly and I loved wearing it, and when I put some on now for a special occasion it does remind me of the day.

Kim – Wore A New Scent For Wedding & Honeymoon

I bought Marc Jacobs Daisy. I wanted it for ages, but couldn’t justify it without good reason. Rory chose Ralph Lauren Pony in the orange bottle.

I wore mine on the big day, and throughout our honeymoon. Now it’s a nice reminder of the day.

Mel – Wore Her Signature Perfume

I thought about investing in a new fragrance but as much as I coveted pretty much everything in the perfume section in Boots, I knew I would feel more comfortable sticking with something I felt familiar with (I also didn’t want to distract Rob with a surprising new scent at the top of the aisle!).

It came down to my go-to ‘event’ perfume, Marc Jacobs Oh Lola! (so sweet and fruity!) or Body Shop’s coconut body mist, which I’ve worn for years as an everyday fragrance, it makes me think of beachy holidays.

I can’t actually remember which one I plumped for in the end, but I did make sure I purchased some higher end beauty products such as Clarins Renew Plus Body Serum to use in the run up to the wedding, so I felt lovely and glowy on the day.

I think it’s good to be aware that a scent can evoke memories almost better than anything else though. For me it isn’t a perfume but the scent of the lavender in our bouquets and centrepieces in the marquee that will always take me back.

Wedding Day Perfume Charlotte Palazzo Photography

Photo: Charlotte Palazzo Photography via Light & Airy Summer Wedding Ideas


Amy – Is Not A Perfume Person

I hadn’t even thought about what perfume to wear, I guess I’m just not really a perfume person. I stopped wearing any perfume when I was pregnant because of queasiness around smells, and didn’t start again because I didn’t want to confuse Rose with a smell when she was breastfeeding.

But I have worn Paul Smith Rose for years on special occasions, and still wear it on date nights, so it seems a nice idea to wear that familiar smell.

I absolutely agree that smells evoke memories, so hopefully on the day we can remember all our dates, and after the day we’ll have an even better memory to add to the smell memory bank. I’m not going to get a professional make-up person so will be spending my beauty budget on magic potions and treating myself to products I wouldn’t usually be able to justify buying.

Kate – Thought About A Wedding Party Scent

I love the idea of having a wedding party scent where the bridal party wear the same perfume but I’m not sure how that would work with everyone’s taste but something by Jo Malone would be fresh and classic.

Laura C – Wore Matching Signature Scents

Like Amy, I don’t think I’m really a perfume person – a wedding scent wasn’t really something I paid too much thought to and it’s certainly not something I set aside any part of the budget for.

In the end I wore a perfume I already owned – Clinique, Happy. It smells fresh and light, and I wear it for special occasions so it just seemed fitting. Plus, Rich has the man’s version too and I quite liked the idea of wearing matching scents.


How To Apply Perfume & Make It Last

When it comes to applying perfume, don’t rub it in, it can cause the smell to fade. Instead, simply spray onto your pulse points.

If you are a sprayer and walker (👋 hello that’s me!) be careful of spraying your wedding outfit. You wouldn’t want to accidentally damage or stain the beautiful fabric.

You can also layer up, with a matching perfumed body lotion or moisturiser for an extra dose of your chosen scent.

When it comes to which type of perfume is longer-wearing, Eau de Parfum has more perfume oil and is stronger. So for a long-lasting scent, it’s your best bet, but it’s likely to cost more.


So there we have it, the ultimate guide to wedding perfume! You now have all you need to decide on whether a new scent is for you. Your different buying time options, places to purchase perfume, wedding room scent ideas and real-life perfume examples.

Plus, how to apply perfume and ensure it lasts. Hope this was helpful!


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    I’m definitely going all out on the fragrance stakes! For our engagement, my fiancé threw a surprise party the day afterwards so we could tell everyone. That morning I’d used a sample body creme & cologne I had of Jo Malone’s classic, Pomegranate Noir. I love that scent and every time I smelt it afterwards it took me back to that amazing day – I knew then that I had to wear it for our wedding day.

    For every birthday & Christmas since I’ve been bought another product of the fragrance to add to my wedding-day collection; I now have the bath oil, body créme, cologne and even a candle to use on the day! There’s no doubt that fragrance will always take me back to the most memorable day of our lives!

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    Oh Mel, that sounds amazing, you are going to smell gorgeous 🙂 xx

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