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At the beginning of your wedding planning journey, or newly engaged? Then I am sure you are here looking for unique and original wedding ideas to start you off and get your creative juices flowing.

That’s where I come in. Having published in excess of 3,500 real weddings and over 200,000 wedding images as a wedding editor. You could say I’ve seen a wedding idea… or two!

Best Unique Wedding Ideas Flawless Photography Photo: Flawless Photography via Applewood Woodland Wedding


The Best Wedding Ideas EVER

Let’s time to look at some of the most ingenious ideas I’ve seen at weddings I’ve published here at WWW. Not all the ideas are tangible or decor based, but some are concepts and unconventional notions to consider.

As you go through these options, take note of the ones that resonate with you, bookmark this page and share the link with your love.

Then I will share:


1. Create Favours For Pets

Did you ever hear of a cuter idea? So many people now have pets and if your guests do they will be delighted to see you’ve given their fur baby a special treat.

Wedding Ideas Favours Pets Tasmin May Photography Photo: Tasmin May Photography via Crown Lodge Wedding


2. Use Disco Balls

Disco balls are a huge interiors trend right now, so bring them along to decorate your day.

Wedding Ideas Disco Ball Table Michelle Huggleston Photography Photo: Michelle Huggleston Photography via Disco Ball Wedding Inspiration


3. Host A Fish & Chip Supper

Get your local chippie to deliver a fish and chip supper for hungry evening guests. Yum!

Wedding Ideas Fish Chip Dinner Photos By Hash Photo: Photos By Hash via Beer Garden Wedding


4. Create A Custom Guest Guess Who Game

This couple created their very own wedding guest guess-who game. Such a great keepsake for post-wedding memories too.

Wedding Ideas Guess Who Game Livvy Hukins Photo: Livvy Hukins via Travel Theme Wedding


5. Put On A Glitter Station

Allow your guests to cover themselves in glitter as the evening party commences. Try to source biodegradable glitter make-up to keep your day as sustainable as possible.

Wedding Ideas Glitter Bar Station Burfly Photography Photo: Burfly Photography via Tropical Luxe Wedding


6. Find Mismatched Vintage Chairs For Your Ceremony

Guess what? You don’t have to match all your decor, these mismatched wedding ceremony chairs demonstrate that perfectly.

Wedding Ideas Mismatched Ceremony Chairs Babb Photo Photo: Babb Photo via Indie Back Garden Bespoke Party Wedding


7. Hang Streamers In Your Venue

Streamers are just about the coolest wedding decoration around right now, they create a lot of impact too.

Wedding Idea Streamers Decor Louise Barry Photographer Photo: Louise Barry Photographer via Streamers Wedding Decor


8. Tie Greenery To Wedding Chairs

A simple sprig of greenery will add scent and colour to plain chairs.

Wedding Ideas Greenery Chair Aisle HannaMonika Wedding Photography Photo: HannaMonika Wedding Photography via Crete Wedding


9. Put Guest Photos On A Table Plan

Instead of writing names on your table plan, use guest photos for a fun touch.

Wedding Ideas Photo Table Plan When Charlie Met Hannah Photo: When Charlie Met Hannah via St Tewdrics House Wedding


10. Provide Garden Games For Quiet Times

There are always quiet times during weddings, for example, when you are off having your wedding photos taken. To keep guests entertained put out garden games for a spot of entertainment.

Wedding Ideas Fete Game Rebecca Carpenter Photography Photo: Rebecca Carpenter Photography via Hoop Decor Wedding Ideas


11. Swap Dessert For A Sweet Grazing Table

Savoury grazing tables have been huge, but how about a wedding sweet table laden treats for pudding?

Wedding Ideas Sweet Grazing Table Katherine Ashdown Photography Photo: Katherine Ashdown Photography via Holkham Hall Wedding 


12. Display Stars On Your Venue Ceiling

Recreate the night sky in your reception room with twinkling lights and beautiful starry shapes.

Wedding Ideas Star Ceiling Decor Toast of Leeds Photo: Toast of Leeds via Homegrown Community Wedding


13. Dance Under Origami Adorned Trees

What’s more romantic than a first dance, beneath an origami-adorned tree come evening? It’s like something out of a rom-com!

Origami Decor In Trees Janice Yi Photography Photo: Janice Yi Photography via Origami Marquee Wedding


14. Choose A Confetti Person

For those with a sense of humour, why not create a confetti person wedding role?

Wedding Ideas Confetti Man Victoria Mitchell Photography Photo: Victoria Mitchell Photography via Milling Barn Wedding


15. Decorate A Wooden Ladder With Sentimental Items

Wooden ladders are a great versatile decoration display. They don’t need much floor space and can be reused for years to come.

Wooden Ladder Wedding Idea Decor Mia Photography Photo: Mia Photography via Stylish Rustic Wedding


16. Opt For A Wedding Cake Each

What’s better than one wedding cake? Two of course! Have one each and choose your favourite flavour, before cutting your own bake later on.

Wedding Idea Couple Cakes Victoria Baker Weddings Photo: Victoria Baker Weddings via Intimate Garden Wedding


17. Create A Washing Line Inspired Garland

I think this washing line style garland is such a unique idea that’s super easy to recreate. What else could you hang from a line above your table?

Wedding Ideas Washing Line Decor Eneka Stewart Photo: Eneka Stewart via Old English Wedding


18. Send Wedding Invitations That Are Reversible

A great sustainable wedding idea for you! Wedding stationery that can also be used as a print when reversed, framed and hung in your guests’ homes. Genius!

Wedding Ideas Invitation Reverse Print Tom Halliday Photography Photo: Tom Halliday Photography via Art Wedding Ideas


19. Collect Gin Bottles To Use As Vases

There are many different, free and eco-friendly vase alternatives for wedding flowers. If you love a tipple, collect colourful gin bottles to use as your centrepieces.

Wedding Idea Gin Bottle Flowers Emma B Photography Photo: Emma B Photography via Spring Cottage Rivington Wedding


20. Do A First Bounce

If dancing just isn’t your thing and the thought of a first dance has you sweating. Think about an alternative such as a first bounce like this couple.

Wedding Ideas First Dance Alternative Bouncy Castle Marianne Chua Photography Photo: Marianne Chua Photography via Chainstore Wedding


21. Hold Your Wedding At Brunch With A Breakfast Menu

You don’t have to have your wedding at a certain time if you don’t want to. If you love brunch, why not have an early wedding and treat guests to a delicious breakfast meal?

Wedding Ideas Brunch Menu Jeannine Marie Photography Photo: Jeannine Marie Photography via Floral Minneapolis Wedding


22. Give Bridesmaids Wrist Bands Instead Of Flowers

Wedding flowers are gorgeous, but they can work out expensive if you are on a budget. This couple made cute personalised wristbands as a bridesmaid gift that looked amazing too.

Wedding Idea Bridesmaid Wrist Band The Chamberlins Photo: The Chamberlins via Marquee Wedding Home


23. End The Day By Skinny Dipping

Is your wedding by the beach, a river or a swimming pool? Don’t be afraid to jump in at the end of the day for an epic memory-making moment like the couple below.

Wedidng Ideas Skinny Dipping Joshua Patrick Photography Photo: Joshua Patrick Photography via Waxham Great Barn Wedding


24. Give A Photography Workshop For Kids

It’s a good idea to think of ideas to keep the children at your wedding entertained and involved. I love how this couple put on a photography workshop, so sweet!

Wedding Ideas Kids Photography Workshop Emma B Photography Photo: Emma B Photography via Spring Cottage Rivington Wedding


25. Ask Your Guests To Perform

At the wedding below, the couple asked guests to do a song or dance in the evening. Asking guests to get involved brings everyone together and a sense of involvement. I’m sure there were some great laughs as well.

Wedding Idea Guest Performers Lyndsey Goddard Photo: Lyndsey Goddard via Barbican Conservatory Wedding


26. Hang Wallpaper As Your Backdrop

Wedding backdrops don’t have to be expensive. Using fabric or even wallpaper in a gorgeous pattern can be striking.

Wedding Ideas Wallpaper Backdrop Laura Martha Photography Photo: Laura Martha Photography via 1970s Retro Wedding Ideas


27. Make Tea Towels With Guest Faces For Your Favours

Remember those school days when you drew a self-portrait and your whole class was turned into a tea towel? It’s a great keepsake to look back on, so how about creating a memory wedding tea towel?

Wedding Idea Tea Towel Favour Livvy Hukins Photo: Livvy Hukins via Travel Theme Wedding


28. Up The Dancing With A Silent Disco

Silent discos are great for a few reasons:

Wedding Ideas Silent Disco One Thousand Words Photo: One Thousand Words via Sopley Lake Wedding


29. Ask Guests To Sign A Quilt

I’ve featured weddings where guests have been asked to sign quilts, benches, surfboards, records and more. It’s so fun to think of an object to sign for your guest book that’s representative of who you are. Plus it will get used after your wedding day too.

Wedding Ideas Quilt Guest Book Wyldbee Photography Photo: Wyldbee Photography via Homemade Wedding


30. Send Save The Date Boxes

It may not be achievable to send out gift boxes to all your guests, but for your close wedding party, it could be fun to send out special treats.

Wedding Idea Save Date Box Maribel Farina Photography Photo: Maribel Farina Photography via Art Painting Wedding Ideas


31. Put On A Bake Off Competition

If you are a fan of The Great British Bake Off, what better way to celebrate your love of cake than with a bake-off? Here’s how to pull it off:

Wedding Ideas Cake Bake Off Kate McCarthy Photography Photo: Kate McCarthy Photography via Home Manchester Wedding


32. Put Up Festival Letters In Your Name

Festival lover? Recreate the fun, with your very own personalised festival letter decor.

Wedding Idea Festival Letter Decor Oobaloos Photography Photo: Oobaloos Photography via Whimsical Romantic Festival Wedding


33. Swap Glasses For Thrifty Jars

Jars are so easy to collect for free! Why not personalise them and give them to guests to use throughout your wedding day?

Wedding Ideas Jar Glasses Jess Soper Photography Photo: Jess Soper Photography via Red Brick Barn Wedding


34. Do The Speeches Before The Meal

If you or your guests are nervous about giving their wedding speech, why not bring them forward? There are no rules as to when you should host speeches, but having them before the meal means everyone can enjoy the feast without any nerves.

Wedding Ideas Early Speeches Sally T Photography Photo: Sally T Photography via Castle View Wedding


35. Don’t Like Veils? How About A Bridal Cape?

Bridal capes are so beautiful and add something extra to a bridal outfit.

Wedding Ideas Cape Veil Olivia Yuen Photo Photo: Olivia Yuen Photo via New Orleans Micro Wedding


36. Make Wool Pom Poms For Your Decor

Wool pom poms are a great little decor item that can be used in centrepieces, in garlands or even as a chair decoration. They are so easy to make too! I added my own homemade pom pom garland to my bouquet.

Wedding Ideas Pom Pom Centrepiece John Wellings Photo: John Wellings via Woodhouse Barn Wedding


37. Say Your Vows In A Circle Ceremony

Wedding ceremony seating can be more intimate and involved simply by arranging seats in a circle around you.

Wedding Ideas Circle Ceremony Seating Jonny Barratt Photography Photo: Jonny Barratt Photography via Cotswolds Garden Wedding


38. Take Inspiration From Your Career

Any guesses of the couple’s profession from the image below? Think about using your career as a sentimental wedding theme.

Wedding Ideas Career Job Decorations Adam and Grace Photo: Adam and Grace via Tullyveery House Wedding


39. Make A Pick n’ Mix Confetti Bar

Confetti is such a fun part of a wedding, so how about making a pick n’ mix station for guests?

Wedding Idea Confetti Bar Darina Stoda Photography Photo: Darina Stoda Photography  via Stubton Hall Wedding


40. Choose Unique Table Names

Wedding table names can be fun. You don’t need to have numbers and it’s a great way to nod to a hobby without going all-in.

Wedding Ideas Table Names Maureen du Preez Photo: Maureen du Preez via South Ayrshire Wedding


41. Craft A Cut Out Photobooth Frame

Photo booths are great fun, so how about making your own props or a cute cutout frame?

Wedding Ideas Photo Booth Frame Cut Out Amy Chapple Photography Photo: Amy Chapple Photography via Beaconside House Wedding


42. Have A Live Painter Paint Your Day

How amazing would it be to hire an artist to paint your wedding ceremony as the ultimate artwork for your newlywed home?

Wedding Ideas Live Painting Pablo Laguia Photo: Pablo Laguia via Espacio Chechen Wedding


43. Provide Flip Flops For Dancing

Many guests wear heels to weddings. One of the problems though is sore feet by the end of the day. The last thing you want is an empty dance floor. So you could provide flip flops (that guests can keep and reuse) or encourage barefoot dancing if your dancefloor is clear of any drinks.

Wedding Ideas Flip Flops HBA Photography Photo: HBA Photography via Calke Abbey Wedding


44. Consider Bouquet Alternatives

Bouquets don’t have to be floral, try tambourines, hoops, wrist corsages or pin badges for something really original.

Wedding Ideas Alternative Bridesmaid Bouquets Sian Richardson Photo: Sian Richardson via Forest Lodge Weddings


45. Lay Out Tables In A Long Curve

If you have space, think about laying out tables in a unique way such as a long curve.

Wedding Idea Long Curve Table Debs Alexander Photo: Debs Alexander via Boconnoc Wedding


46. Design A Hoop Table Plan

Sometimes the best wedding ideas are the simplest! Such as with this table plan I featured that went crazy on Pinterest.

The couple bought wire hoops and added greenery, lettering and paper tags for a stylish seating chart.

Wedding Ideas Wreath Hoop Table Plan Darina Stoda Photography Photo: Darina Stoda Photography  via Stubton Hall Wedding


47. Allow Guests To Make Their Own Flower Crown Or Buttonhole

If your budget doesn’t stretch for flowers for all, then make a DIY flower crown or buttonhole station for guests.

Wedding Idea Flower Crown Station One Thousand Words Photo: One Thousand Words via Sopley Lake Wedding


48. Put Drinks In A Painted Bath

Want to keep drinks cold and looking stylish? Upcycle an old bath, fill it with ice and add your drinks.

Wedding Ideas Drink Bath Georgia Rachael Photo: Georgia Rachael via Fishley Hall Wedding


49. Bring Your Pet To Your Wedding

Over the years, I’ve seen more and more couples bring along their pet to their wedding. Or have photos with their pet at home before the ceremony. So cute!

Wedding Ideas Pet Dog Olegs & Rita Photography Photo: Olegs & Rita Photography via Old Kent Barn Wedding


50. Hire Surprise Singing Waiters

For an unexpected and fun wedding meal, hire singing waiters for a good old sing-song.

Wedding Ideas Singing Waiter Firewood Film Photo: Firewood Film via Fun Colourful Barn Wedding


51. Choose Meadow Flowers

Bring your wedding flowers to the floor for a magnificent display.

Wedding Ideas Meadow Flowers Katherine Ashdown Photography Photo: Katherine Ashdown Photography via Barnston Lodge Wedding


52. Transform A Wooden Pallet Into A Sign

Wooden pallets are a massively versatile item for wedding decor. For a rustic wedding idea though, they make the perfect wedding sign.

Wedding Ideas Wooden Pallet Sign Livvy Hukins Photography Photo: Livvy Hukins Photography via Moors Valley Country Park Wedding


53. Choose Floating Candles

Floating candles are so pretty and atmospheric when lit in the evening.

Wedding Ideas Floating Candles Danielle Leslie Photography Photo: Danielle Leslie Photography via Netherdale House Wedding 


54. Customise Your Favourite Shoes

When it comes to shoes, you don’t have to have to buy a pair of wedding shoes. You can decorate and personalise a favourite pair a la The Father Of The Bride!

Wedding Ideas Custom Crocs Maddie Farris Photography Photo: Maddie Farris Photography via West Yorkshire Hall Wedding


55. Have A Post Box For Cards

Having a wedding post box for cards is a great idea. Not only does it keep cards secure but guests have no doubt about where to put them.

Wedding Ideas Post Box Lisa-Marie Halliday Photography Photo: Lisa-Marie Halliday Photography via Beauvale Priory Wedding


56. Use Luggage Tags As Place Names

Luggage tags look really cute used as place name cards.

Wedding Ideas Place Tag Luggage Paul Underhill Photo: Paul Underhill from Knighton House Wedding


57. Provide A Relaxing Seating Area

It can be nice to create a peaceful seating area for guests that want to chill rather than get involved in the dance floor shenanigans.

Wedding Ideas Seating Area Golden Vibes Photo Photo: Golden Vibes Photo via Magical Fairytale Wedding Ideas


58. Upcycle Furniture For Displays

Find an old and tired piece of furniture and give it a new lease of life for your wedding day.

Wedding Ideas Upcycled Furniture Emily + Katy Photography Photo: Emily + Katy Photography via Creative Village Hall Wedding


59. Design Your Own Wedding Newspaper

How fun is the idea of having a wedding newspaper? Add your story, fave photos and even quizzes or crosswords.

Wedding Ideas Newspaper Three Flowers Photography Photo: Three Flowers Photography via Modern Pub Wedding Ideas


60. Opt For A Savoury Cheese Cake

Not everyone has a sweet tooth. If you aren’t partial to cake, don’t feel like you have to have one. I’ve seen so many couples have a cheese wedding cake or even a pork pie cake.

Wedding Ideas Cheese Cake Kim Williams Weddings Photo: Kim Williams Weddings via Bright Barn Wedding


61. Decorate Chairs With Ribbons

Adding ribbons to chairs is such a simple yet effective idea to level up your decor.

Wedding Ideas Chair Ribbons Fiona Kelly Photography Photo: Fiona Kelly Photography via DIY Tipi Wedding


62. Put A Secret Sole Message On Your Shoes

Why not write a personalised message on the bottom of your shoes to add a little personality?

Wedding Ideas Sole Message Shoes Bubear Photography Photo: Bubear Photography via Farmhouse Redcoats Wedding


63. Lego Can Be A Fun Wedding Addition

You can add lego to buttonholes, place settings or even as your wedding cake topper.

Wedding Ideas Lego Buttonhole Daniel Lightening Photo: Daniel Lightening via Hush Wedding Venues Norfolk


64. Ditch The Dress

Don’t feel like you have to don a dress. Jumpsuits, trouser suits or skirts can be great attire for brides and bridesmaids.

 Photo: Lauren Marchant Photography via Trafalgar Tavern Wedding


65. Take Guests On A Boat Trip

Travel in style from ceremony to reception via boat or train.

Wedding Ideas Boat Trip Sasha Weddings Photo: Sasha Weddings via Bingham Riverhouse Wedding


66. Have An Owl Ring Bearer

Imagine an owl sweeping down the aisle to deliver your rings. So magic!

Wedding Ideas Owls Electric Blue Photos and Film Photo: Electric Blue Photos and Film via Cider Barn Wedding


67. Give Out Hot Chocolate

If you are having a winter wedding, what’s better than a hot chocolate treat?

Wedding Ideas Hot Chocolate Jars Alexa Frankovitch Photography Photo: Alexa Frankovitch Photography via Pittsburgh Fall Wedding


68. Don’t Follow Traditions That Don’t Suit

Don’t be afraid to ditch traditions that don’t work for you. You can:

Wedding Ideas Walk Aisle Together Fiona Kelly Photography Photo: Fiona Kelly Photography via South London Wedding


69. Have A Budget Wedding

Weddings don’t have to be expensive to be amazing! I’ve featured real budget weddings from just £1000, which were incredible.

Wedding Ideas Small Cheap Budget Photos By Hash Photo: Photos By Hash via Digbeth Wedding


70. Dump Old Patriarchal Traditions

Why not remove patriarchal traditions if they don’t feel right for you? You could change up who walks down the aisle with you, shake up who gives speeches and think about keeping your old surname.

Wedding Ideas Ditch Traditions Sam Bennett Photo: Sam Bennett via Festival Farm Wedding


71. Hire A Ferris Wheel For The Day

What could be more fun than, well, a fun fair wedding?

Wedding Ideas Ferris Wheel Thyme Lane Photography Photo: Thyme Lane Photography via Funfair Festival Wedding


72. Wear A Colourful Wedding Dress

You don’t have to wear white! Choose a colourful gown that makes you feel fantastic.

Wedding Ideas Dip Dye Colour Dress Hollie Carlin Photography Photo: Hollie Carlin Photography via Colourful Alternative Wedding


73. Craft 1000 Paper Cranes

Try the Japanese tradition of crafting 1000 origami cranes to symbolise good luck. They also look stunning!

Wedding Ideas 1000 Origami Paper Cranes Sarah Beth Photo Photo: Sarah Beth Photo via Barff Country House Wedding


74. Host Your Wedding At A Sarafi Park

Animal lover? Why not have a safari park wedding with a tour to entertain everyone?

Wedding Ideas Safari Park Jonny Barratt Photography Photo: Jonny Barratt Photography via Safari Park Wedding


75. Have A Big Top Tent Reception

Want something a little different to a marquee, tipi or wedding tent? Consider a big top circus tent!

Wedding Ideas Big Top Tent Anna Pumer Photography Photo: Anna Pumer Photography via Big Top Wedding


76. Make A Gin Bar

Create a self-serve bar with your favourite tipples for guests to enjoy.

Wedding Ideas Gin Bar Jasmine Andrews Photography Photo: Jasmine Andrews Photography via Dreamy Woodland Wedding Ideas


77. Skate or Cycle To Your Wedding

If your wedding is local, hop on your bike or skateboard for a spot of fun.

Wedding Ideas Skateboard Bike Sophie Duckworth Photography Photo: Sophie Duckworth Photography via Skateboard Bicycles Wedding


78. Try Pizza Cutting

The couple below ditched the traditional wedding cake for a unique idea, pizza cutting!

Wedding Ideas Pizza Cutting Alice Cunliffe Photography Photo: Alice Cunliffe Photography via Happy Velley Wedding


79. New Year’s Eve Wedding

Choosing your wedding date can be tricky, but what could be more fun than a New Year’s Eve wedding?

Wedding Ideas New Year Eve Neil Thomas Douglas Photo: Neil Thomas Douglas via Comrie Croft Wedding


80. Put Out Board Games

Who doesn’t love a good board game? Perfect for entertaining guests of all ages.

Wedding Ideas Board Games Matt Penberthy Photography Photo: Matt Penberthy Photography via Old Greens Barn Wedding


How To Come Up With Your Own Wedding Ideas

I have to say that the best wedding ideas aren’t trend-led, or insta-famous but are ideas that are from the heart.

Yes, that’s right. Couples that stay true to themselves and look within, come up with the most interesting and different ideas for their nuptials.

Look At You & Your Relationship

How do you go about looking within and creating a day that represents you both? Try making a list together using these prompts:

Then take a look at your no-gos so you can rule out what you definitely don’t want in your wedding day style!

Where To Get Wedding Inspiration?

Looking for places to find wedding ideas is so much fun! It can be one of the most enjoyable parts of wedding planning. Where to find wedding ideas:

But, trust me when I say to take wedding ideas with a pinch of salt. It can become overwhelming to find so many ideas for weddings. And, bear in mind that some wedding photos you see, maybe from styled wedding editorials, rather than real-life wedding stories.

Do You Need Lots Of Wedding Details?

If you feel like you can’t have it all, you are could be right. It’s tricky to both stay within budget but also to actually plan lots of different wedding elements without a hitch. I would imagine most couples, don’t have it all and actually, there is no need to have all the wedding decorations out there.

Try to remember that your wedding guests will mainly remember the experience over the visuals such as:


And that's a wrap, some of the most original and fun wedding ideas around! Now you've found some inspiration, why not start looking for your wedding supplier dream team?

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