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Wedding Guest Books norma&dorothy

You’ve planned your wedding for what feels like forever; spreadsheets, wedmin, supplier research and wedding fairs to name a just few. And all the preparations are finished, your wedding day has arrived and passed in a blur, but what keepsakes do you have from your beautiful wedding day, aside from your photography and film? I have a few keepsakes from my own wedding and one of the keepsakes that means the most to me and my husband are the messages left in our wedding guest book. It’s such a touching way to capture the essence of your day from your guests. As you read back the meaningful messages, you will be left laughing and crying and more than anything, quite frankly touched by all the love and advice that pour into these heartfelt notes.

Weddings are filled with strong emotions, and so it’s a chance for you, together with your family and friends to reflect on the people and relationships that surround you. It really is the perfect time to capture words and notes about you both as a couple and to really let that moment be recorded just beautifully you are going to want to find a wedding guest book that becomes an heirloom. A book that you want to proudly display, return to every anniversary and share with those you hold dear. norma&dorothy create the most stylish wedding guest books around, which are also personalised to ensure that your wedding guest book is unique to you.

Wedding Guest Books

norma&dorothy have a plethora of design and fabric choices, not to mention colour options, to ensure your wedding guest books fits your style just so. A stylish yet classic design that will stand the test of time. With wooden covers, foil lettering and pretty graphics available, all adding a luxe touch.

Wedding Guest Books norma&dorothy

How To Display Your Wedding Guest Book

Displaying your wedding guest book is the perfect excuse to go all out. Firstly think about the messages within, perhaps you’d like to provide an instant camera for your guests to take snaps and sticky tape for them to stick into the book? You can also think about the pen you choose, or choose a range of fun colours. How about including some cute stickers or suggesting guests draw a portrait or include their favourite moment from the day in their message too? You can also display your suggestions on a pretty sign. Add décor and flowers to the table and think about including a card box or photo display in the same area. It will attract your guests attention to ensure they leave a message in  your wedding guest book. Plus of course, it’ll all look just gorgeous.

Wedding Guest Books norma&dorothy

Wedding Guest Book Top Tips

Think about assigning someone to hand out your wedding guest book and encourage guests to write a message in there. It means hopefully everyone will leave a note and you can enjoy the celebrations. As I mentioned before, giving guests suggestions for things to write will always help. You could ask your guests to write about how they met you, or their favourite memory of you as a couple. It will give more space for your guests to write a really meaningful message. Don’t forget the little ones! You could ask them to add a drawing of you both from the wedding day in there for a sweet touch.

Wedding Guest Books norma&dorothyWedding Guest Books norma&dorothy

Most importantly remember there are no rules and anything goes. You can also add other mementos from your day to your wedding guest book, perhaps your vows or the order of service and menu. Little touches that you never ever want to forget.

norma&dorothy not only produce the most exquisite wedding guest books, but they also have a vast range of wedding stationery and gifts. What’s more, choosing your stationery and guest book through them will ensure a wonderful flow through your day. A cohesiveness which will convey both style and thoughtfulness.

Wedding Guest Books norma&dorothy


What a perfect memento from what will be one of the most memorable and special days ever. Do take a look at the norma&dorothy wedding guest book range, you will be spoilt for choice and the perfect personalised book is there ready and waiting for you xo Lou

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Wedding Guest Books

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