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The wedding guest book is a great way to get a lasting message and memory of your wedding by your guests. Traditionally books are used for guests to leave messages and there are hundreds of cool designs to purchase out there.

But how about an alternative guest book idea to incorporate into your wedding?

Wedding Guest Book Ideas Tora Baker Photography

Photo: Tora Baker Photography via Celestial Cowshed Wedding


Fun & Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas

I have rounded up some of my favourite memory capturers from real weddings featured on Whimsical Wonderland Weddings. From pebble to surfboard guest books to wishing trees, benches and envelope wedding guest books, there will be something you will fall for today.

Let’s get your creative juices flowing.

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1. Quilt

For the sewers or the snugglers, how about a quilt guest book? You could ask guests to sign a quilt patch and then embroider the message to ensure it lasts forever. It would also look amazing on your sofa or bed, pride of place.

Wedding Guest Book Alternative Quilt Wyldbee Photography

Photo: Wyldbee Photography via Homemade Wedding


2. Typewriter

The typewriter guest book is a fun and retro way for guests to leave messages. Try looking in charity shops, car boot sales, online marketplaces or Etsy for second-hand typewriters. Simply add paper and a sign to instruct guests. Viola.

Typewriter Wedding Guest Book Gemma Giorgio Photography

Photo: Gemma Giorgio via Cream Blush Wedding


3. Pebble

Buy some pebbles and ask guests to write their well wishes on them. Pop in your guest book jar, before taking home to keep, or scattering on the beach. Such a perfection guest book idea for beach lovers.

Pebble Jar Guest Book Sopley Lake Wedding One Thousand Words

Photo: One Thousand Words via Sopley Lake Wedding


4. Luggage Tags

How many uses does the humble luggage tag have? Well, one more idea, couples are using them as sweet note cards for their luggage tag guest book. Peg on a line or make into collages to keep forever.

Luggage Tag Wedding Guest Book Idea Kate Gray Photography

Photo: Kate Gray Photography via Rainy Summer Barn Wedding


5. Record Player

Music lover? Then this record player guest book is for you where guests sign their names on a vinyl record. You can then frame and enjoy in your home.

Wedding Guest Book Record Player Crazy Happy Love

Photo: Crazy Happy Love via Kilmore Country House Wedding


6. Jenga

Incorporating entertainment into your guest book is a sure-fire winner. You could use a Jenga wedding guest book like the couple below. We chose Jenga for our wedding guest book and loved it!

Or even think about using your own favourite games? Monopoly or Scrabble anyone?

Wedding Guest Book Idea Jenga Jade Maguire Photography

Photo: Jade Maguire Photography via DIY Boho Wedding


7. Envelopes

Another simple and ingenious idea. Stick guest book envelopes onto a board, let guests write secret messages and spend the next morning opening them together. Perfect.

Guest Book Wedding Ideas Envelope Will Patrick Photography

Photo: Will Patrick from Bonhams Barn Wedding


8. Globe

Love travelling? This globe wedding guest book will really look the part on your wedding day but also displayed in your home afterwards.

Wedding Guest Book Globe The Kindred Collective

Photo: The Kindred Collective via Kindred Barn Wedding


9. Plate

A simple but retro idea of a display plate guest book, which will sit pride of place on your wall post-wedding. Just lovely.

Wedding Guest Book Plate Siobhan Beales Photography

Photo: Siobhan Beales Photography via Barn Upcote Wedding


10. Message In A Bottle

Secret messages to be stashed in a bottle guest book, which you could open on your anniversary. Really sentimental and something to look forward to too.

Wedding Guest Book Message Bottle Aden Priest Photography

Photo: Aden Priest Photography via Navy Winter Wedding


11. Fingerprint Tree

Fingerprint trees are really popular at weddings. You can buy kits or create your own. How about tree alternatives, such as balloons or planets in the sky? Grab a free fingerprint tree download here to create your own guest book.

Wedding Guest Book Fingerprint Sarah-Jane Ethan Photography

Photo: Sarah-Jane Ethan via Newton Hall Wedding


12. Photo Frame

This photo frame guest book is a perfect way to display your beautiful wedding photographs when they arrive.

Wedding Guest Book Frame Simon Murray Images

Photo: Simon Murray Images via Crug Glas Country House Wedding


13. Bucket List

A bucket list guest book is a fun way for adventurous couples to enjoy their first years as a married couple. Not for the faint-hearted, will you do all the suggestions?

Bucket List Wedding Guest Book Stevie Jay Photography

Photo: Stevie Jay Photography from Arches Dean Clough Wedding


14. Tea Towel

A school day classic, the tea towel guest book. Don’t just ask guests to sign, ask them for a portrait for the full experience.

Wedding Guest Book Tea Towel Kate McCarthy Photography

Photo: Kate McCarthy Photography via Victoria Warehouse Wedding


15. Bench

A bench guest book is perfect to use for years and years. Place in a pretty spot and read the messages each and every time.

Wedding Guest Book Bench Kirsty Mackenzie Photography

Photo: Kirsty Mackenzie Photography via Summer Wedding with Pet Pug


16. Travel Map

Ask guests to add messages to a map guest book. A fun a striking alternative idea to brighten up your home too.

Travel Wedding Guest Book Map Emily + Katy Photography

Photo: Emily + Katy Photography via Creative Village Hall Wedding


17. Table

Instead of a coffee table book, why not turn your coffee table into a guest book? Such a lovely statement piece for your lounge.

Wedding Guest Book Ideas Nicola Casey Photography

Photo: Nicola Casey Photography via Mismatched Marquee Wedding


18. Wooden Heart Jar

A pretty jar guest book complete with wooden hearts, the cutest idea!

Wedding Guest Book Jar Mark OBrien

Photo: Mark O’Brien via Morden Hall Wedding


19. Artwork

Instead of a framed photo, how about a framed artwork where guests could then sign the border?

Wedding Guest Book Art Shutter Go Click Photography

Photo: Shutter Go Click Photography via North Yorkshire Pub Wedding


20. Wooden Box Cards

A beautiful keepsake wooden box guest book to store on a special shelf or in your memory box.

Wedding Guest Book Wooden Box Him and Her Wedding Photography

Photo: Lisa and Neil via Haughley Park Barn Wedding


21. Jigsaw

The idea of a jigsaw guest book is lovely. Seeing the tapestry of all your loved ones joining as one.

Jigsaw Puzzle Wedding Guest Book Jessica Reeve Photography

Photo: Jessica Reeve Photography via Llanrhaeadr Springs Wedding


22. Shelf

Grab a plank of wood, some sharpies and you have a shelf guest book ready to display in your home.

Wedding Guest Book Ideas Tied Photography

Photo: Tied Photo & Films via Farm Wedding Ontario


23. Postcards

Find postcards for a guest book that is personal to you. You could choose a hobby, locations or even vintage style cards.

Wedding Guest Book Idea Postcards Holly Driver Photography

Photo: Holly Driver Photography via Fairy Wedding


24. Hammer Nails

A unique idea I’ve only ever seen once. Ask guests to hammer a nail into a log, it’s certainly interactive and a great talking point on the day.

Wedding Guest Book Idea Stott and Atkinson

Photo: Stott and Atkinson via Industrial Glam Wedding


25. Surfboard

If you love catching waves then a surfboard guest book will be a really fun idea for your wedding.

Wedding Guest-Book Surfboard Claudia Noelle Photography

Photo: Claudia Noelle Photography via Washington Lakeside Wedding


26. Wishing Tree

Leaving wishes on a wishing tree guest book not only is a lovely way to relive memories but makes for a gorgeous display.

Wedding Guest Book Wish Tree Irene Yap Photography

Photo: Irene Yap Photography via Romantic Rainy Wedding


27. Snowboard

Perhaps you are a fan of the slopes? A snowboard guest book would really make a splash.

Wedding Guest Book Snowboard Bridgwood Wedding Photography

Photo: Bridgwood Wedding Photography via Individual Tipi Wedding


28. Guitar

This guitar guest book idea is perfect if you are a dab hand on the strings. How about using another instrument or instrument case that you use?

Wedding Guest Book Guitar Photography34

Photo: Photography34 via Wiltshire Barn Wedding


29. Sign A Teabag

What a fantastic idea! A tea bag guest book for every time you make a brew.

Wedding Guest Book Tea Bag Lisa-Marie Halliday Photography

Photo: Lisa-Marie Halliday Photography via Damerham Village Hall Wedding


30. Initial

Grab yourself a wooden letter guest book and ask guests to make their mark.

Wedding Guest Book Wooden Letter Oobaloos Photography

Photo: Oobaloos Photography via Kingscote Barn Wedding


31. Pick a Word

Lovers of literature will adore this wedding guest book idea. Ask guests to pick a word from a book on display that gives meaning to their message.

Wedding Guest Book Alternative pottersinstinctphotography

Photo Potters Instinct Photography via Homemade Country Tipi Wedding


32. Social Media

It’s always great to think about things that reflect you both. Obsessed with social media? Well, why not have a Facebook or Instagram theme guest book table?

Guest Book Wedding HBA Photography

Photo: HBA Photography via Fun Tipi Wedding


33. Colouring In

Having guests make your own wedding artwork is the best idea. I love this colouring in poster guest book idea. How about a graffiti wall or paint by numbers? Let’s hope your guests stay inside the lines.

Wedding Guest Book Colouring Paul Joseph Photography

Photo: Paul Joseph Photography via Music City Wedding


34. Wishing Well

A wedding wishing well guest book is the loveliest idea. So sweet.

Wedding Guest Book Idea Rebecca Wedding Photography

Photo: Rebecca Wedding Photography via Whimsical Woodland Autumn Wedding


35. Instant Photos

Have a photo booth using an Instax or Polaroid camera and get our guests to stick or pin-up their photos beside a message as a guest book. It keeps your guests entertained and looks cute.

Wedding Guest Book Photo Sally T Photography

Photos: Sally T Photography via York Maze Wedding


36. Race Registration

Do you love to race? How about this alternative race registration wedding guest book idea?

Wedding Guest Book Alternative Damian Wills

Photo: Damian Wills via French Theme Wedding


37. Replace Your Face

A fun and interactive guest book game, replace your face! Make sure you snag a guest book sign for instructions.

Wedding Guest Book Alternative Melissa Beattie

Photo: Melissa Beattie via Beautiful Barn Wedding


38. Drop Heart Frame

Rustic and beautiful, a drop heart guest book frame is such a beautiful memento.

Wedding Guest Book idea Albert Palmer Photography

Photo: Albert Palmer Photography via Floral Vineyard Wedding


39. Wooden Pallet

Wooden pallets for the win. Is there anything that they can’t be upcycled into?

Wedding Guest Book Idea Naomi Jane Photography

Photo: Naomi Jane Photography via Rustic Spring Wedding


40. Dual Purpose

Think of ways to have a 2 in 1 decor option. The couple below asked guests to sign their wedding seating plan. Brilliant. Saves money and DIY time as well as good for the planet.

Wedding Guest Book Ideas Jay Mountford Photography

Photo: Jay Mountford via Farm Marquee Wedding


41. Books

And of course! The wedding guest book itself. A pure classic which you just can’t go wrong with if nothing else floats your boat.

Wedding Guest Book miss gen

Photo: Miss Gen Photography via Yellow Navy Wedding


Wedding Guest Book FAQ

✨ What is the point of a guest book?

A wedding guest book is a way of recording your guests’ attendance of your day. It’s also a great opportunity to ask them for their well wishes or advice messages to read back and enjoy after your wedding.

📖 What is inside a wedding guest book?

Inside a wedding guest book, usually are blank pages. These are for guests to sign their name, add an instant photo or write a meaningful message to the happy couple.

💡 Do we need a guest book at our wedding?

There are no rules when it comes to having a wedding guest book. It’s purely personal preference if you would like a guest book. It’s a great way to relive your wedding, but if you don’t want one, skip it.

👉 Where should the guest book be at a wedding?

The wedding guest book should be placed at the reception, ideally at an entrance or by the bar. A place with ample room for guests to write messages, but ideally in a place where guests will see it.

⚡️ What do you do with a guest book after the wedding?

After the wedding, you can keep your guest book. Depending on the type of gust book you choose, you can display it or store it safely away to bring out on anniversaries or special occasions.

❤️ What can you do instead of a guest book?

There are so many different wedding guest book alternatives. Incorporate interests and hobbies and ask guests to sign objects. Guests could do a drawing, have fun colouring in, leave marriage advice or ideas for adventures. The way you display them is really up to you, from jars and bottles to frames and jigsaws, the ideas are endless.


Now you should have all the ideas and know-how to create your dream wedding guest book. It's time to get planning, buying or making your guest book idea ready for your big day. Hooray!


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