10 Wedding Guest Book Ideas

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The guest book is a great way to get a lasting message and memory from your wedding by your guests. Traditionally books are used for guests to leave messages, and there are hundreds of cool designs to purchase out there.

But how about something a little different and fun to incorporate into your wedding? Well i have rounded up some of my favourite memory capturers from real weddings featured on Whimsical Wonderland Weddings…


Type Writer


The typewriter is a fun and retro way for guests to leave you messages. Try looking in charity shops or at car boot sales for second hand type writers, add paper and a sign to instruct guests. Viola.


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Luggage Tags


How many uses does the humble luggage tag have? Well one more as couples are using them as sweet note cards. Peg or make into collages to keep forever.


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Incorporating entertainment into your guest book is a sure fire winner. You could use Jenga blocks like the couple below, or even think about using your own favourite games? Monopoly or Scrabble anyone?


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Another simple and ingenious idea. Stick envelopes onto a board, let guests write secret messages and spend the next morning opening them together :-)


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Finger Print Trees


Finger print trees are really popular at weddings right now. You can buy kits or create your own. How about tree alternatives, such as balloons or planets in the sky?


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It’s always great to think about things that reflect you both. Obsessed with social media? Well why not have a ‘facebook’ theme guest book table. Twitter and instagram are always options too.


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Colouring In


Having guests make your own wedding art work is the best idea. I love this colouring in design below, how about a graffiti wall or paint by numbers? Let’s hope they stay inside the lines :-)


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Have a photo booth using an instax or polariod camera and get our guests to stick or pin up their photos beside a message. It keeps your guests entertained and looks cute.


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Dual Purpose


Think of ways to have a 2 in 1 decor option. The couple below asked guests to sign their wedding seating plan. Brilliant. Saves money and DIY time.


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Or of course you could go for the trusty guest book. There are so many options to buy, make your own or prettify your guest book table.


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And one last tip, be sure to ask your bridesmaids or ushers to remind guests to get involved in your wedding guest book. You won’t want any empty spaces.

I hope this feature has helped you to find the perfect way to remember your wedding guests. What are your guest book plans? I’d love to hear from you below :-) XOXO Lou

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  • Aaahhhh I want a typewriter, so cute.

  • We had the colouring-in poster at our wedding. Our guests loved it, and we love looking at it hanging on our wall! We find something new every time we look at it!

  • thanks so much girls, ahhh Sarah that is so lovely to hear :-) xx

  • I see most of the ideas at weddings I shoot. They always create interest and some make nice mementos for the future.

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