Beautiful & Personal Wedding Gifts for the Home with Etsy

Etsy Wedding Gifts Home Presents Interiors

I was just thrilled when Etsy reached out to me to say that they would like to profile Whimsical Wonderland Weddings as their publisher of the month for April. Yippee. It really is a pinch me moment. To celebrate they kindly gifted me with a gift card to spend on some lovely products for our home, which would also be perfectly lent to personal and beautiful wedding gifting ideas.

Before I begin though I must firstly sing Etsy’s praises. I have used their marketplace for years now and we’ve been an Etsy affiliate for a long time too. I really love the eclectic and wide ranging sellers, shops and products they feature, and globally too. Items you may never have ever come across will be put to the forefront of your shopping quest and you can guarantee they are always unique. Many of their artisan creative sellers really are trend setters so you really will be spoilt for choice and inspiration every time you pay a visit. It’s such an inspirational marketplace, bursting with talent.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the items I chose and just why I think they would make perfect gifts for a newlywed couple.

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Wedding Gifts For The Home

Art Work

It can be tricky looking for the perfect, personal and thoughtful wedding gift for that special couple in your life. Especially if they don’t have a gift list, perhaps have lived together for a while and really do have everything. Which is where Etsy comes into it’s own. I was on the hunt for a statement print to sit behind our sofa and I was smitten with this watercolour rainbow print by DrawnTogetherArt as soon as I spotted it. Even though I didn’t really know what I was looking for. There are so many incredible artists and designers selling on Etsy that it will be super easy to find the ideal piece of art as a wedding gift. When you know you know right?

Etsy Wedding Gifts Home Presents Interiors


Personalised Presents

Personalised wedding presents always feel extra special. When buying a wedding gift you are looking for something that will stand the test of time, becoming a family heirloom to treasure forever. I just adore the idea of a custom house drawing, which can be proudly displayed by the happy home owner in their hall way or location of choice. I chose a bold and bright design by MadeByMrsM, which suits our eclectic, fun family home.

It’s taking that moment in time of the wedding and marking it proudly in the time line of life. Whether you go for something including names, a date, or location, the options are endless for personalised gifting ideas.

Etsy Wedding Gifts Home Presents Interiors

Outdoor Gifts

You don’t just have to stick to interiors when looking for wedding gifts, why not consider a gift for the front or back garden. It’s been on my to do list for ages to update our house number and this hand painted ceramic sign by GailYerrill is perfect for our Art Deco 1930s home. Imagine gifting such an important piece to a house that each time it’s used or seen the gift giver is thought of. So special!

Etsy Wedding Gifts Home Presents Interiors

Home Décor

There are always those pieces, those finishing touches, which can be so easily overlooked when decorating a home. This is why items such as ornaments, accessories and décor can make an ideal sentimental wedding gift. Touches such as this beautiful drip bowl by MaiaMingDesigns and the unusual cork coasters by RocketandFox are sure to make an impact. Etsy have endless beautiful home decorations which will be sure to inspire and delight in equal measure.

Etsy Wedding Gifts Home Presents Interiors Etsy Wedding Gifts Home Presents Interiors

So there you have it, Etsy really is a wonderful platform to find beautiful wedding presents. From cards and wrap, to furniture and art, the are infinite gift ideas and you really will be brimming with ideas.

Thanks so much to Etsy for picking us to be their affiliate of the month and for allowing me to be able to choose such beautiful items for our own home xo Lou

*This post contains affiliate links*

Etsy Wedding Gifts Home Presents Interiors

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