Wedding Gift List Etiquette with Prezola

Wedding Gift List Etiquette Prezola Bombay Duck Doormat

We’re chatting to WWW faves Prezola today on all things wedding gift list. It’s a great time to start thinking and planning your gift list to go out with your wedding invitations. Prezola are showing us the ropes when it comes to wedding gift list etiquette. How to be polite and get it right in asking for a wedding gifts and what are acceptable? They have rounded up all the options for us and are making it oh so simple and of course super stylish!


How standard are wedding gift lists?


We’ve all seen the movies where couples are happily adding items to their wedding gift list in department stores but times have changed since then. Until recently, wedding gift list options hadn’t changed for a generation and there was a strong possibility that you’d end up using the same department store as your parents did for their wedding! So how is it done nowadays? Debrett’s (The Official Guide to British Etiquette) states that it’s expected for couples to have a wedding gift list, and it’s completely standard in American culture – like expecting presents for your birthday. However, given our ‘British’ nature, we find it oh-so-hard to ask for anything, fearing that we might look too greedy or presumptuous. To be completely honest, if you flip it around, most wedding guests wouldn’t dream of attending a wedding without having purchased a gift as they fear it appears rude. So it’s a good plan to make the first move and create a gift list.


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How is it done?


You can avoid looking ‘presumptuous’ by adding items of varying price ranges so there’s something for every wedding guest budget, and guests can always join together to pay for a large item that you’ve always wanted. It’s best to simply add whatever gifts you want and then check over them to make sure there’s something for everyone’s budget.


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What should I add?


With many couples already living together before they marry, today’s wedding gift list is much less about “setting up home” and more about guests commemorating your marriage with a gift that you’ll keep forever – your own heirlooms if you like! It’s also still a popular theme for couples to think about entertaining house guests with dinnerware, music and outside accessories such as string lights and barbecues. However, gift lists are a lot more modern now – think a little less wedding china and more of vinyl players, quirky wall art and fun barware.


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What to do next?


Couples should create lists that are a true reflection of their personalities and style, choosing gorgeous gifts from all of their favourite shops on one list. With Prezola, you can choose from over 30,000 gifts by 300 of your favourite brands such as The White Company, Habitat, Sonos and KitchenAid. It’s also far more acceptable to ask guests to make a contribution to bigger things such as the perfect honeymoon or a deposit for your first home. You can also mix gifts with a honeymoon fund and cash contributions all on one list with Prezola so you have everything you could possibly want! If it’s personal, important to you and helps set you on your way then guests are more than happy to help.


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Here’s a few tips on how to create the perfect gift list while keeping acceptable etiquette:


  1. Have a gift list. It’s frustrating for guests when you don’t because they’ll almost certainly buy a gift anyway.
  2. Think less about what you ‘need’ and more about what you’d ‘love’. Wedding gifts should be a luxury that you might not buy yourself.
  3. Show your personal style with choices that reflect the two of you as a couple. Guests will love getting a present that is “so them!”
  4. Money towards something important is perfectly acceptable, as long as guests know what they’re helping you to achieve. Even if it is a honeymoon to die for!
  5. Use a gift list service that keeps track of who gave what so it’s easy when it comes to those very important thank you notes! We recommend Prezola which keeps everything you need in one place so it’s all accessible online, wherever you are!


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Create a gift list for free with Prezola today!


Wedding Gift List Etiquette Prezola

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