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Wedding favours can be a really fun wedding detail. Long gone are the days of traditional sugared almonds, the possibilities for wedding favour ideas are endless. All you need is a dose of creativity, a spark of an idea and a way to really show off your personality.

Wedding Favour Ideas Bridgwood Wedding PhotographyPhoto: Bridgwood Wedding Photography

I have rounded up some of my favourite wedding favours featured on WWW from real weddings. From the edible favours to pretty treats. There are DIY favour options and children’s favour ideas too.

When selecting your wedding favours think about the things that you love and enjoy as a couple, and gift a little something you would love to receive.

Or if you don’t want to give wedding favours, then don’t worry about it, there really are no rules.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission if you make a purchase – at no additional cost to yourself.

101 Wedding Favour Ideas

Soap Favours

Soap wedding favours are a really lovely way to treat your guests, you can even personalise the look and scent!

Wedding Favour Ideas Gradisca Portento Fotografica

Image by Gradisca Portento


Coffee Negroni Favours

How about a really unusual drink favour for your guests to have a tipple either at the wedding or later on?

Wedding Favour Ideas Carrie Lavers Photography

Image by Carrie Lavers Photography


Cordial Favours

Cordial is a simple DIY favour idea, buy your own glass bottles and find a recipe to brew up a storm!

Wedding Favour Ideas Jessica Hayman Photography

Image by Jessica Hayman Photography


Honey Favours

Jars of honey for favours have been really popular. Sweet and sure to be eaten – it’s a favourite for guests.

Wedding Favour Ideas Janine Kirkwood Photography

Image by Janine Kirkwood Photography


Bookmark Favours

For the book worms out there, a simple bookmark favour will be sure to remind your guests of your day every time they reach for their newest read. Hoorah!

Wedding Favour Ideas Will Patrick Photography

Image by Will Patrick


Mint Favours

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned mint favour? A sweet and refreshing treat that will leave your guests feeling refreshed.

Wedding Favour Ideas Emily + Katy Photography

Image by Emily + Katy Photography


Bath Salt Favours

If you love a soak in the tub, then why not thank your guests with bath salt favours? An indulgent and pampering token of thanks.

Wedding Favour Ideas Phosart Photography

Image by Phosart Photography Cinematography


Personalised Pottery Favours

You could make your own ceramic creations or buy a pottery favour as the perfect keepsake.

Wedding Favour Ideas Emma and Rich

Image by Emma and Rich


Test Tube Favours

To inject some real personality pick up some test tubes and fill the contents with your DIY filling of choice.

Wedding Favour Ideas Bloom Weddings

Image by Bloom Weddings


Coaster Favours

Coaster favours are a fun, personal idea. Not only will they look great for years to come, but they can double up as place names.

Wedding Favour Ideas Charlotte Razzell Photography

Image by Charlotte Razzell Photography


Mug Favours

Who doesn’t love a new mug? For a really special mug favour, get one printed with your wording of choice.

Wedding Favour Ideas Bridgwood Wedding Photography

Image by Bridgwood Wedding Photography


Fajita Seasoning Favours

Add some spice with some seasoning favours. Grab some spice bottles and decant your chosen seasoning inside.

Wedding Favour Ideas Mark Newton Wedding Photography

Image by Mark Newton Weddings


Illustrated Tea Towel Favours

Tea towel favours are pure genius. Does it take you back to your school days?

Wedding Favour Ideas Lily Bungay and Co

Image by Lily Bungay & Co


Tile Favours

Tile favours are such a lovely idea, guests can use them as coasters or decor in their homes. Or even use them as a unique tile in their house!

Wedding Favour Ideas Everly Studios

Image by Everly Studios


Hangover Kit Favours

If you’re planning a boozy blowout, your guests will certainly thank you for a hangover kit favour.

Wedding Favour Ideas Heather Jackson Photography

Image by Heather Jackson Photography


Flowers In Jars Favours

A wonderfully eco-friendly and inexpensive favour idea that doubles up as wedding decor.

Wedding Favour Ideas Thyme Lane Photography

Image by Thyme Lane Photography


Charity Pin Favours

If you’re hoping to raise some funds for a charity close to your heart, charity pins are a wonderful idea. Find them at:

Also, check your chosen charity to see if they have donation options.

Wedding Favour Ideas Florence Berry Photography

Image by Florence Berry Photography


Bottle of Beer Favours

Get some of your fave beer, perhaps from a local brewer, for a fun favour idea.

Wedding Favour Ideas Kat Antos-Lewis Photography

Image by Kat Antos-Lewis Photography


Personalised Booklet Favours

This is a great DIY favour idea, get creative and design a notebook. Then print out to display and share some fun memories or messages.

Wedding Favour Ideas Shutter Go Click Photography

Image by Shutter Go Click Photography


Fudge Favours

Fudge may just be the ideal favours for those with a sweet tooth. Yummy.

Wedding Favour Ideas Hayley Baxter Photography

Image by Hayley Baxter Photography


Blanket Favours

Keep your guests cosy and gift them a blanket favour. What a wonderful idea for winter weddings!

Wedding Favour Ideas Pear and Bear Photography

Image by Pear & Bear Photography


Fan Favours

Alternatively, if you’re planning a wedding in the heat a personalised fan will go down a storm.

Wedding Favour Ideas Katherine Dalton Photography

Image by Katherine Dalton Photography


Hot Chocolate Favours

Surely it doesn’t get much better than a hot chocolate favour?!

Wedding Favour Ideas Wild Tide Creative

Image by Wild Tide Weddings


Kids Activity Favours

Keep kids entertained with a cute activity mat or booklet favour. You can find free kids wedding colouring sheets here too!

Wedding Favour Ideas Wild Tide Creative

Image by Wild Tide Weddings


Drink Cover Favours

Keep hands from getting the chill with cute drink insulator covers that’ll be reused time and time again.

Wedding Favour Ideas Anna Gomes Photo

Image by Anna Gomes Photo


Pyramid Box Favours

How about a gorgeous pyramid box favour? Perfect for stashing a special treat in style.

Wedding Favour Ideas Melissa Beattie Photography

Image by Melissa Beattie Photography


Macaron Favours

Who doesn’t love a macaron? Sweet, decadent and delicious, macarons make for lovely favours.

Wedding Favour Ideas Eleanor Jane Photography

Image by Eleanor Jane Photography


Temporary Tattoo Favours

Temporary tattoo wedding favours are not only unique but fun for guests on the day too.

Wedding Favour Ideas My Beautiful Bride Photography

Image by My Beautiful Bride


Welsh Wooden Love Spoon Favours

Symbolic and sweet, a Welsh love spoon favour may be perfect for your celebration.

Wedding Favour Ideas Eva Photography

Image by Eva Photography


Cupcake Favours

For a little after-dinner treat, gift your guests a cupcake favour, yum!

Cupcake Favour Springtime Bridal Shower Ideas Hen Party Laura Jane Photography

Image by Laura Jane Photography


Tea Favours

A good old cup of tea is a firm favourite, so how about a tea leaf wedding favour treat?

Wedding Favour Ideas Sasha Weddings

Image by Sasha Weddings


Luggage Tag Favours

For a really special memento, you could opt for a luggage tag favour with personalisation.

Wedding Favour Ideas Kristen Joy Photography

Image by Kristen Joy Photography


Shot Favours

For a party vibe and a simple idea, shot favours may go down really well.

Wedding Favour Ideas Brook Rose Photography

Image by Brook Rose Photography


Sweet Cone Favours

A really sweet present idea is a sweetie cone favour, sure to be loved no matter the age of the recipient.

Wedding Favour Ideas Marianne Chua Photography

Image by Marianne Chua


Doughnut Favours

Instead of a doughnut wall, bring the doughnuts to your favours. Delicious.

Wedding Favour Ideas Carn Patrick Photography

Image by Carn Patrick


Horseshoe Favours

For a little bit of luck, give out horseshoe wedding favours.

Wedding Favour Ideas Kerry Ann Duffy PhotographyImage by Kerry Ann Duffy


Lego Favours

A great alternative favour idea for Lego fans are customised mini figures. So cute!

Wedding Favour Ideas Casey Avenue PhotographyImage by Casey Avenue Photography


Candle Favours

A classic, but a goodie. Let your guests relight the memory of your wedding with a candle favour.

Quirky Afternoon Tea Wedding http://laurarhianphotography.co.uk/Image by Laura Rhian Photography


Lottery Ticket Favours

Give your guests the chance to win a prize with lottery ticket favours.

Wedding Favour Ideas Jen MarinoImage by Jen Marino


Flip Flop Favours

Allow guests the chance to kick off their shoes and hit the dancefloor all night with flip flop favours.

Wedding Favour Ideas Georgi MabeeImage by Georgi Mabee


Herb Favours

Do you love to cook? Add in a nod to your cuisine with herb wedding favours.

Wedding Favour Ideas Twig and Vine PhotographyImage by Twig and Vine Photography


Tote Bag Favours

A good tote bag will last for years, so they make for the ideal wedding favour.

Wedding Favour Ideas Sarah Beth PhotoImage by Sarah Beth Photo


Glass Favours

I love this glass favour idea, a gift that’s useful on the wedding day and beyond.

Wedding Favour Ideas Emily & Steve PhotographyImage by Emily & Steve Photography


Sunglasses Favours

If your day is set to be sunny, sunglasses favours will not only look cool but be a great keepsake for guests.

Wedding Favour Ideas Jen MarinoImage by Jen Marino


Matches Favours

A little useful moment, a simple and sweet personalised matchbox favour.

Wedding Favour Ideas Jessica Hunt PhotographyImage by Jessica Hunt Photography


Gingerbread Favours

An old school classic, a personalised gingerbread favour. Delish! A great favour idea for kids too.

Wedding Favour Ideas Binky NixonImage by Binky Nixon


CD Favours

Put together a classic mixtape or CD favour with your fave tunes. Perfect for music lovers.

Wedding Favour Ideas Sue Slique PhotographyImage by Sue Slique Photography


Bottle Opener Favours

Crack open a beer and gift some personalised bottle openers to your guests.

Wedding Favour Ideas French Connection PhotographyImage by French Connection Photography


Glitter Make Up Favours

Add some sparkle for your after-party with glitter make-up favours. Great entertainment for the evening too.

Wedding Favour Ideas Photography by ClareImage by Photography by Clare


Pinwheel Favours

Really cute, eco-friendly and fun for all with pinwheel favours.

pinwheel wedding favourImage by On Love and Photography


Handkerchief Favours

Dry eyes with handkerchief favours. Perfect for emotional speeches (or sneezes post-wedding) a lovely and pretty keepsake.

Favour Ideas Wedding Alexandra Szigeti PhotographyImage by Alexandra Szigeti


Seed Favours

Seeds have been a really popular favour choice, full of hope and a great sustainable choice.

seed wedding favoursImage by Kristy Field


Sweet Dispenser Favours

For a quirky kitsch favour idea, how about sweet dispensers?

child wedding favour sweetsPhoto: Helen Russell Photography


Goodie Bag Favours

Pack up some treats in cute goodie bags for a gorgeous favour experience.

Wedding Favour Idea My Beautiful Bride

Image by My Beautiful Bride


Fridge Magnet Favours

Fridge magnets are a really lovely idea for a sweet favour don’t you think?

fridge magnet wedding favour diy Image by Marshal Gray


Fortune Cookie Favours

How about a sweet message in a fortune cookie favour?

Favour Ideas Wedding Freya Raby

Image by Freya Raby


Wooden Heart Favours

Wedding Favour Ideas Sam Bennett Photography

Image by Sam Bennett Photography and Film


Tea Cake Favours

For a traditional sweet treat, how about a tea cake favour?

Wedding Favour Idea LJM PhotographyImage by LJM Photography


Drink Token Favours

Gift a free drink at the bar with drink token favours.

Favour Ideas White Stag Wedding PhotographyImage by White Stag Wedding Photography


Mini Eggs Favours

Perhaps you are having a Spring wedding? How about mini egg nest favours?

Wedding Favour Idea HBA PhotographyImage by HBA Photography


Jam Favours

Jam has been a classic favour idea and it’s a great way to spread a little love.

Wedding Favour Idea Katherine-Ashdown-PhotographyImage by Katherine Ashdown


Love Potion Favours

Have some fun with love potion wedding favours.

wedding favour idea sallytphotoImage by Sally T Photography


Paper Flowers Favours

Paper flowers not only look pretty on tables but are a lovely keepsake.

favour ideas wedding-photographer-rebecca-douglas-photographyImage by Rebecca Douglas


Lavender Favours

lavender wedding favoursImage by Rebecca Wedding Photography


Book Favours

If you are a literary fan, gift your favourite books as favours.

Favour Ideas Wedding Lina-and-Tom-PhotographyImage by Lina and Tom


Gin Favours

Gin has become super popular for wedding favours and it’s easy to see why.

Favour Ideas Wedding Charlotte-Hu-Photography

Image by Charlotte Hu Photography


Socks Favours

Keep guests feet warm with sock favours, they’ll thank you for their snuggly treat when it turns cold.

Favour Ideas Wedding Sophie-Oldhamstead-PhotographyImage by Sophie Oldhamstead Photography


Badge Favours

Create your own custom badge favours for guests to rock during the reception.

Wedding Favour Idea Katherine-Ashdown-PhotographyImage by Katherine Ashdown


Love Hearts Favours

Love hearts are the cutest wedding sweet favour idea, right?!

Favour Ideas Wedding Alexa-Poppe-Photography

Image by Alexa Poppe Photography


Marshmallow Toasting Favours

Here’s a photo of my actual wedding favours, complete with s’mores favour tutorial. You’re welcome.

Wedding Favour Ideas Alexa LoyPhoto: Alexa Loy


Record Favours

For a touch of retro, how about vinyl record favours?

Wedding Favour Idea Lola-Rose-PhotographyImage by Lola Rose Photography


Mask Favours

Keep guests safe if there are any safety regulations in place with their own personalised face mask.

Favour Ideas Wedding Kate-Gray-Photography

Image by Kate Gray Photography


Photo Booth Prop Favours

Give your guests photo booth props for fun selfies on their table.

Wedding Favour Idea Camilla Arnhold PhotographyImage by Camilla Arnhold Photography


Hand Sanitiser Favours

How about hand sanitiser wedding favours? A great takeaway item that’s sure to be useful.

Favour Ideas Wedding Danielle Leslie Photography

Image by Danielle Leslie Photography


Cracker Favours

Not just for Christmas a cracker favour will ensure plenty of fun at tables.

Favour Ideas Wedding Jennifer Jane Photography

Image by Jennifer Jane Photography


Wooden Placemat Favours

How about a DIY wooden placemat or activity mat favour?

wood place mat wedding favourImage by Cassie Craner Photography


Potted Plant Favours

Grow plants, pot them up and there you have pretty and eco-conscious favours!

Wedding Favour Ideas He Capture

Image by Hé! Capture


Pet Treat Favours

If you and your guests are pet lovers, how about pet treat wedding favours?

Favour Ideas Wedding Tasmin-May-Photography

Image by Tasmin May Photography


Biscuit Favours

You just can’t go far wrong with a biscuit favour in my opinion.

Favour Idea Wedding Eleanor-Jane-Photography

Image by Eleanor Jane


Who’s Who Favours

A cute wedding quiz or info booklet as a sweet keepsake.

wedding whos who favour

Image by Clair Estelle Photography


Bauble or Bell Favours

Such a cute idea for a Christmas wedding or any wedding season, a super cute bell bauble favour.

Wedding Favour Ideas Kerry Ann DuffyImage by Kerry Ann Duffy


Succulent Favours

Succulents have seen a surge in popularity for favours, it’s a really beautiful option.

succulent wedding favourImage by Chris Giles Photography


Pebble Favours

Get your craft on and decorate pebbles as favours, which double up as place names.

Wedding Favour Idea Kate Gray PhotographyImage by Kate Gray Photography


Teacup Favours

Collect vintage teacups to gift as favours, tea bag optional!

Wedding Favours SLR PhotographyImage by SLR Photography


Box Package Favours

Packaging is everything, so think about stylish box favours.

Favour Ideas Wedding Caterina-Neri

Image by Caterina Neri Fotografie


Rubber Duck Favours

Do you and your guests like a laugh? Rubber duck favours may just be perfect.

rubber duck wedding favour

Image by David J Perkins


Lollipop Favours

A cute treat, loved by all are definitely lollypop favours.

Favour Wedding Ideas Pierra-G-Photography

Image by Pierra G Photography


Paper Aeroplane Favours

A sweet nod to a travel theme, or a fun entertainment idea are paper aeroplane favours.

kids wedding favours

Image by Devlin Photos


Camera Favours

If you’re hoping for extra photos gift your guests’ cameras. Try to choose reusable options to be kinder to the planet.

camera wedding favour

Image by Sophie Booth Photography


Chocolate Tower Favours

Create a tower of choccies as a favour, great to look at, scrummy to eat.

Wedding Favour Ideas Kerry Ann DuffyImage by Kerry Ann Duffy


Lemonade Favours

The perfect summery drink to DIY or buy yourself. Don’t forget the labels!

Wedding Favour Idea Georgi Mabee

Image by Georgi Mabee


Popcorn Favours

For a hunt of the movies, popcorn favours are ideal.

Wedding Favour Idea Martha & George Image by Martha & George


Sand Favours

Take sand from a special spot as a really sentimental favour idea.

Wedding Favours Anna HardyImage by Anna Hardy


Wristband Favours

Get in the festival vibe with wristband favours for your guests.

Wedding Favour Ideas Alexa Poppe Photography

Image by Alexa Poppe Photography


Teddy Favours

You could choose a cuddly teddy favour, just adorable.

teddy wedding favourImage by Steve Gerrard Photography


Pom Pom Favours

Or how about pom-poms as favours, a perfect craft too.

pom pom wedding favour

Image by Steve Gerrard Photography


Rubiks Cube Favours

Get some personalised rubiks cubes as favours and have a contest with prize.

rubix cube wedding favour

Image by Chris Barber Photography


Stick Of Rock Favours

Take inspiration from the seaside with stick of rock favours.

stick of rock wedding favour

Image by Jamie Bott Wedding Photography


Origami Favours

Origami is a lovely way to thank your guests, paper crane favours always look amazing too.

Favour Ideas Wedding Kate-Gray-PhotographyImage by Kate Gray Photography


Toys Favours

One for the kids, sweet toys and games as favours.

Favour Idea Wedding John-Wellings

Image by John Wellings


Egg Cup Favours

A useful favour idea are egg cups, sure to be used over and over again.

diy egg cup wedding favour

DIY Egg Cup Wedding Favours Tutorial

Wedding Favours FAQ

What Is The Meaning Behind Wedding Favours?

Wedding favours are a lovely way to thank your guests for being present at your wedding. For being by your side as you reach this epic milestone in your life and relationship together. It’s a small, simple token, a gesture to say thank you.

Five sugared almonds are traditionally given, to represent luck and happiness. However, wedding favours now compromise of an assortment of personal ideas and options for modern couples.

Wedding Favours Ideas Stephanie Butt PhotographyPhoto: Stephanie Butt


How Much Should You Spend Per Wedding Favour?

What you spend on your wedding favours is totally up to you. In fact, you could even skip wedding favours altogether if your budget is tight. Aiming for around £1 per favour is a good benchmark for a budget-friendly, personal token. For more personalised, extravagant favours the costs can really skyrocket, so it’s important to really think about what’s important to you.

Do You Need Wedding Favours?

No, you do not need wedding favours. It’s traditional to have wedding favours and can be seen as good etiquette. But, today there is no requirement to gift favours. You could think of other ways to thank your guests. For example, a card with a personal message costs pennies and may mean more to your guest than a sugared almond.

It’s really down to personal choice and what feels right for you and your wedding. You may feel putting your budget into entertainment for your guests for example is more important than a favour. Or you may feel favours are really important to you both.

Wedding Favours Ideas Camilla Andrea PhotographyPhoto: Camilla Andrea Photography


Where Do Wedding Favours Go?

Usually, wedding favours are placed on each place setting at your wedding tables. Alternatively you could have a table set up, with a basket and sign inviting guests to take a favour.

What Can I Give As Wedding Favours?

There really is no set rule when it comes to which wedding favours to give. It’s really down to personal choice, budget and preference. But below is a list of 101, real wedding favour ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Wedding Favours Ideas ThymeLane PhotographyPhoto: Thyme Lane Photography


I hope these lovely wedding favours have helped to inspire your favour choices.

What are you planning for your wedding favours? Or if you are already married what did you have for favours? Please do share below to help inspire even more favour ideas.

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    My plan is to have different love poems, printed on card with our stationary design, as favours, for people to take away and keep as a memento. My fiance is Iranian, so we are trying to combine as many Persian traditions as possible – Iranian ceremony, Persian sweets and music – alongside English traditions – church wedding ceremony, English country garden theme, etc. So we would have a selection of English and Persian love poems to extend this theme and represent the joining of our two cultures and families through our wedding, and the universal theme of love!

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