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Want a foot-tapping, riotous and packed dance floor at your wedding? Of course, you do!

Look no further than these awesome wedding DJ songs, compiled by a pro wedding DJ. Plus Gary at Fizz and Groove is sharing his answers to your top wedding song-choosing questions. Yes!

Wedding DJ Songs Playlist Ideas

What Is The Most Played Song At A Wedding?

My most played song of all time is September – Earth, Wind and Fire. It is easily the most requested on all of the playlists submitted to me.

What Are The Most Popular Wedding Songs For 2022/2023?

The most popular new song for 2022 has been Afraid To Feel – LF System. This has been requested on about 30% of this year’s couples’ playlists.

Wedding DJ Songs Playlist Ideas

What Songs Should Not Be Played At A Wedding?

R Kelly and Gary Glitter are definitely on the do-not-play list for every wedding, for obvious reasons. I also always try to avoid songs with lyrics about breakups or cheating.

What Song Gets Guests On The Dance Floor?

I have two go-to songs to fill the dance floor. The first is Freed From Desire – Gala. That one absolutely erupts the dance floor every time. The second is Insomnia by Faithless, it brings so much energy and people just go crazy for it.

Wedding DJ Songs Playlist Ideas

How Can I Compile A Wedding Song Playlist?

First, I would start with a rough timeline for how you imagine the perfect party would go.

Maybe something like this:

Then, once you have a timeline, you can pick a few favourite songs for each period. 4 or 5 for each period should give the DJ enough of an idea of what you want. If you are too prescriptive, it can actually have a negative effect and remove the DJ’s ability to be able to read the room and think on the spot or play requests.

If you have any specific songs that you really dislike as well, make sure you make notes of them.

The key is to remember that although it is your wedding, you aren’t going to be the only ones dancing and you will want everyone else to be enjoying themselves up there on the dance floor with you. A playlist full of obscure music that you love but most people haven’t heard of will probably lead to lots of people staying away from the dance floor.

Wedding DJ Songs Playlist Ideas

So there we have it, all your top song questions are solved so you can go about picking your wedding playlist!

Daytime Wedding DJ Background Songs Playlist

Now it’s time to delve into the top daytime wedding DJ background songs to create the perfect atmosphere as you eat, drink, chatter, play and make memories. Play the songs right here in the article too!

Wedding DJ Songs Playlist Ideas

Wedding DJ Song Dancefloor Bangers Playlist

Once your daytime shenanigans are complete, it’s time to fill your dancefloor. First have your wedding DJ play your first dance song, before launching into these cult classics to pack out your dance floor.


Commercial Dance House Floorfillers

RnB Tracks

Wedding DJ Songs Playlist Idea

Timeless Golden Oldies

Indie End Of The Night Euphoria


The answers and wedding playlist were written by Fizz and Groove, who is a bespoke 5-star London wedding DJ with 16 years of experience in the DJing industry.


That's a wrap! All the wedding DJ song ideas you'll ever need. Plus your top wedding song questions are solved. Yay! Now it's time to find your DJ or wedding entertainment.

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