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Hi again you lovely lot. It’s been a while and so much as happened since my first introduction post.

After Christmas with it being a brand new year and more importantly the year of our wedding (eeekk!), the planning really ramped up. The guest list was at last finalised, so were the bridesmaid dresses and men’s suits, the ceremony content was chosen, the décor picked (including some dreamy cross back chairs), the invitations were designed and then printed… and then sent, I’ve had my hair and make up trial, tried my dress on again (it’s just perfect for me) amongst many other small arrangements.


As I mentioned before I am a wedding planner by trade so people assume this wedding planning malarkey would be a walk in the park for me. I love planning my clients weddings and get so much reward from it, but honestly, planning my own has been, at times, mega stressful. I think it has got to do with the fact that I think my guests will expect a lot from our special day, because I’m in the industry and also because of family politics and trying to keep everyone happy at all times. I’m really lucky as I have such a supportive family and Olly has been there to sort me out on tough days! I turn to the wonderful ladies in my Facebook group – The Wedding Planning Community where everyone helps each other as we’re all going through the same dilemmas!


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Our Wedding DIY Projects & Hacks


I thought that I would touch on the creative elements that we’ve tasked ourselves with to offer inspiration and also to offer accountability so we actually get these things done! I come from a very creative background – my mum is a great artist and interior designer, one sister is a visual stylist and the other is a make up artist and Olly is also very arty. I wouldn’t say art is my strong point (stick people come to mind!), but I have all the ideas and Pinterest is my friend! So between us it was inevitable that we would want to get stuck in to some serious wedding DIY makes. It also, for me, creates a really personal element to the day and sense of achievement, all whilst cutting some of the costs.

So without further ado, here are our hacks:




As were going with a loose Italian theme (think outside in and loads of foliage), the invite design needed to set the tone of the day. I wanted some watercolour olive leaves to feature on the corners of portrait invitation and also have the leaves printed on an envelope liner (I always think these are super pretty). So my mum was tasked with this job and absolutely got it spot on. My designer friend, Lucy, added the leaves to the final design, which also involves a smattering of gold foil which I’m obsessed with and a mix of black serif and sans serif fonts. We included a RSVP card with envelope and double sided “finer details” information card. It was the embellishments that have finished off the suite though. We’ve used gold metallic twine to bind the elements together and a gold edge kraft tag with a personalised natural monogram stamp used in gold ink. The gold stamp has also been used on the reverse of the envelope in the place of a wax seal, which we decided against in the end. My mum also used a white posca pen to write the names and addresses on the kraft envelopes in calligraphy. Unfortunately I can’t show you these as some of my guests may read this post and I want it to be a surprise but here are the list of items if you wanted to do something similar:

Gold foiled kraft tags

Ultra fine white Posca pens

Gold twine

Monogram stamp – The English Stamp Company





Our favours had to be limoncello! We’ve purchased some 50ml mini flask bottles, which we will brand with tags. I love the pop top ones but I’ve had past experience of them leaking and that is NOT an option. We were going to make the limoncello using an authentic Italian recipe but unfortunately we just haven’t got time for that what with a 9 month old baby and the fact I am planning 6 other weddings currently, including my own! We are going to source some really good stuff though from an artisan liquor shop in Bristol.


Stylish Country House Rave Wedding

Inspiration via Stylish Country House Rave Wedding | Image by Marianne Chua Photography




As I mentioned before Olly is artistic and pretty DIY handy so his job is to create the on the day signage. We will use foliage on the corners and use hired easels to set them off. These will include a welcome sign for the church and then used again for the venue, directional signs and information signs.


Classic Romantic Pretty Wedding

Inspiration via Classic Romantic Pretty Wedding | Image by Kerry Ann Duffy Photography


Card Box


We’ve bought a terrarium from Ikea and Olly will spray paint in gold and write on our names and established on our wedding date. It’s something we can then use in our home to house plants or store items. I love this idea as it’s quite unique and reusable!


Colourful Bohemian Barn Wedding Pennsylvania

Inspiration via Colourful Bohemian Barn Wedding in Pennsylvania | Image by Dawn Derbyshire Photography


Table Plan


We will use a gold edged A2 frame and ask Lucy to create table cards, which we will stick on. We are naming the tables so we will also have table names to print and display too. We will then hang our table plan on a wall at home to remind us of our special day and the people that joined us. Here’s an example of what I mean:


Enchanted Magical Snowy Wedding

Inspiration via Enchanted Magical Snowy Wedding | Image by The Gibsons


Photo Opportunity Wall


We wanted somewhere that our guests could go and have a selfie or portrait with their other half or friends. It’s a bit of fun and we will ask guests to take photos, print them and add them to our guest book with a message. We are going to use PVC piping and connectors to make the structure and some flowing fabric with some festoon lights, a sign and some foliage at the top.

We hope that the above projects go to plan and look exactly how we want them to look! I think it’s nice to add an element of personalisation/hand crafted items to make your day feel more personal to you both.


Joyful Homespun Humanist Farm Camping Wedding

Inspiration via Joyful Homespun Humanist Farm Camping Wedding | Image by Ania Ames


Until next time,

Olivia x


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