Wedding day perfume….

I started hearing of brides having a special perfume for their big day. Now i didn’t even consider how i would smell on the big day. Aghh…. cue more stress and hunting for the perfect scent! G and i end up scouring John Lewis and other department stores trying to find the perfect one. Somehow i ended up getting a sample of the lovely Daisy by Marc Jacobs and loved it. I decided that it had to be the right perfume, but i put off buying it for now until i knew i had the spare money. But my two best friends to end up buying it for my birthday : ) I couldn’t believe it, not only will the perfume forever be a reminder of our wedding day, but of my two lovely, generous and special friends. P.e.r.f.e.c.t. Not to mention how cute the bottle is going to look on my dressing table.
Some advice i have heard is to layer your scent. I am unsure if i will do this as i have sensitive skin, but using a shower gel/body lotion/deodorant with the same scent helps it too last longer apparently. I’m thinking all of these may be a bit of a ‘Daisy’ overload though, but im looking into one of them.
Obviously i can’t advise you on nice perfumes as everyone has different taste, but i thought i bring to your attention the idea of smelling nice on your big day. I look forward to spraying mine on every year on our wedding anniversary and hoping it lasts forever. Afterall memories are made up of more than images.
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