Wedding Day Glasses?

Bride Groom Wedding Glasses

Image by Alexa Loy // Our Wedding Ceremony

I am a spectacle wearer. I remember feeling fuzzy in the eye department when I was in lower school, it was cool back then to wear glasses it seemed. To my 8 year old delight I needed a prescription and I excitedly picked out my frames of choice. Fast forward a few years and I hated wearing glasses, so much so I’d often not wear them and squint my way through school. As soon as I was allowed contact lenses I jumped at the chance and didn’t look back.

On those days I’d wear my glasses I just didn’t feel great about myself. But my lenses made my eyes feel tired, I couldn’t swim wearing them and I’d get eye infections every now and then. Then all of a sudden glasses were on trend, many a personality was seen wearing non prescription glasses as an accessory and it boosted my confidence. I switched my almost invisible frames for a clunky large pair. I loved them. I slowly began easing off of the contacts and my postal prescription was slowly building up unused.

I am now onto my second set of large statement specs and I still love them. I feel like me. So when it came to planning our wedding I decided wasn’t going to reach for the contacts. I was going to be proud and don my glasses. I did ask our photographer for a couple of portraits with me without them, just in case I look back and wish I had some spec free. But I wore them throughout our wedding ceremony and reception. I’d LOVE to see more brides and grooms wearing their glasses. It always gets me excited when I see couples rocking their frames, it just screams personality. So I thought it would be lovely to round up some gorgeous brides and grooms wearing theirs today.


Beautiful Bespectacled Brides


There are plenty of options. Wear no glasses and stick to your contacts, wear your glasses throughout or do half and half. Why not treat yourself to a shiny new pair or make a bold statement?

Things to consider when wearing glasses on your wedding day (I really didn’t think about these myself hehe)…

Your wedding make up, be sure to let your make up artist know you are wearing your glasses and take them to your trial. Also take them along to your hair trial to ensure they fit your chosen style. When wedding shopping wear your specs, you want the whole look to be cohesive and you can choose accessories accordingly too.


Bride Groom Wedding Glasses

Image by Red on Blonde // Happy Fun & Games Festival Tipi Wedding

Bride Groom Wedding Glasses

Image by Freckle Photography // Alternative Woodland Farm Camping Weekend Wedding

Bride Groom Wedding Glasses

Image by Daffodil Waves // Geeky Alternative Outdoorsy Woodland Wedding

Bride Groom Wedding Glasses

Image by The Retreat // Eclectic Vintage Feel Red & Blue Music Party Wedding

 Image by Blokes and Dames // Fresh Local & Communal Michigan Wedding

Image by Story & Colour // Eclectic & Relaxed London Pub Wedding with a Sequin Dress

Bride Groom Wedding Glasses

Image by My Beautiful Bride // Eccentric & Outdoorsy Sweet Homemade Wedding with Vintage Style

Bride Groom Wedding Glasses

Image by Rebecca Prigmore Photography // Indie Woodland Animal Inspired Barn Wedding

Bride Groom Wedding Glasses

Image by Lifeline Photography // Village Hall Spring Fete Wedding with a 50’s Twist

Bride Groom Wedding Glasses

Image by Lovato Images // Artistic Post-Apocalyptic Nature Woodland California Wedding


Dapper Grooms in Frames


Gents can look refined and stylish in a well chosen pair of spectacles. If you can’t decide on the glasses consult your beau, try wearing them with your chosen attire and maybe take a photo of you in them. Why not wear them at your engagement shoot to build confidence in your look or buy some new frames in advance to get used to them?


Image by Story and Colour // Stylish Vintage 1940s Inspired London Wedding

Bride Groom Wedding Glasses

Image by Cristina Rossi // Ditsy Floral Pretty Pink Country & Seaside Wedding

Bride Groom Wedding Glasses

Image by I Love Stories Photography // Classic Vintage Street Party DIY Wedding

Bride Groom Wedding Glasses

Image by Pete Cranston // Fun Quirky 1950s Feel Wedding

Bride Groom Wedding Glasses

Image by James and Lianne // Red, White & Blue, Polka Dot & Fun Party Wedding

Bride Groom Wedding Glasses

Image by Marianne Chua // Whimsical & Stylish Small Kid Friendly City Wedding

Bride Groom Wedding Glasses

Image by Marianne Chua // Homespun Retro Colourful Wedding

Bride Groom Wedding Glasses

Image by Kari Bellamy // Fun & Crafty Country Farm Wedding

Bride Groom Wedding Glasses

Image by SD Photography // Quirky Chilled Yellow & Blue Party City Wedding

Bride Groom Wedding Glasses

Image by Rosie Anderson // Whimsical Made With Love Week Long Wedding Holiday


Whatever you choose, you are going to look ace. Be confident in your choice and take your contacts too if you change your mind last minute. Although if planning a speech or reading, be sure to remember those reading glasses.

My thinking when wearing my glasses at my wedding is that I wear my frames every day, that’s how I look, so why not wear them on a special day too? When I look back I will remember that was how dressed and styled myself at that moment in my life.

Are you a glasses wearer? Are you thinking about wearing your glasses at your wedding? I’d love to hear from you below xo Lou

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  • I wore glasses on my wedding day! I wear them all the time, and I spoke to my partner about it, and he said he’d rather see me in my normal glasses then try and force contacts into my eyes and not look like myself. Still have no regrets about this!!

  • Ahh thank you Kari for sharing your choice. YAY for team glasses xo

  • I am definitely wearing my specs! And so will my man. I’ve been wearing them since I was 14 and do t get on with contacts. I’ve never understood why specs are often considered uncool…..nobody thinks that about sunglasses! Plus I want to be able to see all our lovely friends and family that are making the effort to celebrate with us

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