How To Plan For Your Wedding Confetti Throw

Wedding Confetti Throw Photographer - Johnboy Wilson

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I have a confession to make, confetti is just one of my very favourite things about weddings. It’s a long held tradition and one which is so fun, super pretty and makes for the most gorgeous natural photographs if done just right. So I am here with you today, with a helping hand from the brilliant confetti experts at The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company to share with you just how to plan for your confetti throw. After all it’s all about that confetti moment.

Choosing Your Wedding Confetti

There are just so many options for wedding confetti but I’d totally recommend real petals for their eco credentials and picture perfect pretty flutter. The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company have their very own flower field, which by the way is totally breathtaking and open to public for 10 days every summer. This means you can see your confetti being grown in the fields and you can really make a day of it with purchasing your dream confetti whilst you are there. How amazing is that? It’s always a good idea to consult your wedding ceremony venue regarding your confetti options as they often have policies on confetti, but you can rest assured as real petals are biodegradable. There are lots of different petals available and in all different hues, so there is a lot of choice to personalise your confetti throw.

Choose the petals and colours that you love the most, and to buy as much as you can afford. We get a lot of customers worried about getting it right and matching with things, but confetti is 100% about joy and celebrating the new marriage. There are no rights and wrongs – do whatever you think will look beautiful and enjoy it!

Plan Confetti Throw Wedding

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When & How Much To Order

Now you’ve chosen on beautiful real petal confetti you need to get to the nitty gritty and place your order. But how much to chose and when to make that purchase? The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company can hold your order until nearer the wedding day, which is fantastic when it comes to both storing your confetti and ensuring it’s in tip top condition for the wedding. Depending on the flower petal you choose your confetti should be at it’s best between 4 months – 12 months onwards. Which means it’s a good idea to order with a couple of months to spare, to also allow for postage times too.

Deciding on the quantity of wedding confetti is made easy with The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company as they have designed their confetti to be sold by the handful. So it all depends on the number of guests at your wedding, then the number of guests you want to be involved in the confetti throw. In my opinion the more the better, however you may prefer a more subtle effect than a full on confetti moment.

Plan Confetti Throw Wedding

Displaying & Giving Out Your Confetti

I love seeing more and more couples making the confetti a part of their wedding décor before it’s even thrown. The options really are endless if you get your creative juices flowing. There are beautiful options such as baskets, cones, boxes, bags and envelopes, which you can also personalise with your names and wedding date. Really make a display of your confetti too by choosing a prominent table adorned with other decorative touches. You can then leave your guests to help themselves with a prompt from a designated helper, or ask someone ahead of the wedding day to take the confetti around to your guests. Don’t forget you may wish to also use confetti along your aisle for decoration, on your tables or you can give out confetti to the little ones to scatter petals before walking down the aisle.

We’ve learnt over the years is that the wedding planning couple can tend to forget that on the wedding day the confetti needs to be organised by someone else! There are lots of ways to hand out confetti – the simplest being either giving out petal bags or envelopes with the order of service, or leaving a basket of petals by the venue exit and asking the vicar or registrar to mention it at the end of the ceremony, by asking everyone to take a handful or a confetti cone as they leave. You can use your bridesmaids or family to help with organising people to stand in the right place, especially if you have lots of wedding guests. Guests like to know what’s going on and where they should stand, and having a few people know the plan is always useful!

Getting That Perfect Confetti Shot

It’s also important to liaise with your wedding photographer before the big throw, to ensure they have the correct location and lighting to go for the confetti shot. They can also help to position your guests in the perfect spot for maximum confetti impact. It’s important to feel relaxed and enjoy this moment together, after all you are newly married! Hooray! A natural, happy and fun memory, which should be enjoyed in the moment and not just for the camera is really important here. A brilliant professional photographer will then be sure to capture your confetti throw in all it’s glory!

Plan Confetti Throw Wedding

So there we have our top tips on creating and planning for your perfect confetti throw. We totally recommend The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company for their brilliant service, beautiful real flower petals and stunning bespoke display options. Do head over to their website to discover their confetti for yourself and don’t forget to put their confetti flower field open week in your diary now xo Lou

Wedding Confetti Throw Photographer - Steven Harrison-Lord

Image by Steven Harrison-Lord

Plan Confetti Throw Wedding

Images by The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company

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