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Unsure where to start with your wedding colour scheme? Let’s face facts, there are so many colour palette options and ideas that it can feel overwhelming.

However, that is what I am here for! To make choosing your colours easy-breezy. Not only will I be sharing 78 wedding colour ideas, but I will share my top tips on how to choose your scheme.

Wedding Colour Ideas In All The Colours Of The Rainbow

To make things really simple, I’ve broken down all the colour palettes into sections. Here is the order in which you will find the inspiration:

Then I will share my advice on how to pair colours and pick your hues.

Red Wedding Colour Scheme

Rich reds are suited perfectly for weddings in Autumn and Winter. That being said, burgundy and rouge can work in Spring and Summer weddings too!

1. Red & Greenery

Team deep red with lashings of greenery for a lush feel.

Colour Red Greenery Wedding Three Flowers Photography Photo: Three Flowers Photography via Red Greenery Wedding


2. Red & Blue

Red and blue work in harmony together for a sophisticated style.

Wedding Colour Ideas Red Blue Becky Weir Photography Photo: Becky Weir Photography via Springhead Trust Wedding


3. Red & Pink

Pink and red are said to clash, but I beg to differ. It looks cool, modern and pretty to boot.

Wedding Colour Ideas Red Pink Lola Rose Photography Photo: Lola Rose Photography via Hale Park Wedding


4. Burgundy & Blush

Use pretty blush with rich burgundy to add a sense of light and contrast.

Wedding Colour Ideas Burgundy Blush Apollo Fotografie Photo: Apollo Fotografie via San Rafael Wedding


5. Burgundy & Gold

Opulent burgundy and gold could be perfect for winter or even Christmas weddings.

Wedding Colour Ideas Burgundy Gold Victoria Crocker Photography Photo: Victoria Crocker Photography via Burgundy Wedding Theme


6. Red Blue & Yellow

Three tones of red, blue and yellow are surprisingly stunning together.

Wedding Colours Idea Red Yellow Blue Holly Driver Photography Photo: Holly Driver Photography via Fairy Wedding


7. Burgundy & Mustard

Autumnal tones of burgundy and mustard really look cosy and warm.

Colour Wedding Ideas Burgundy Mustard Ruby Walker Photography Photo: Ruby Walker Photography via Outdoor Autumn Wedding


8. Red Forest Green & Gold

Add gold to forest green and red for a sumptuous style.

Wedding Colour Ideas Green Red Gold When Charlie Met Hannah Photo: When Charlie Met Hannah via St Tewdrics House Wedding


9. Burgundy & Brass

How about brass to offset deep red?

Wedding Colour Ideas Burgundy Brass Elaine Williams Photography Photo: Elaine Williams Photography via Bodnant Welsh Food Wedding


10. Dark Red

Go bold with a stunning deep red colour palette, from flowers to outfits.

Wedding Colour Scheme Ideas Dark Red Belle Art Photography Photo: Belle Art Photography via Dark Red Burgundy Wedding


11. Burgundy & Rose Gold

Soft rose gold looks ever so pretty with burgundy.

Wedding Colour Palette Burgundy Rose Gold Jake Morley Photography Photo: Jake Morley Photography via Rose Gold Burgundy Wedding


12. Red & Coral

Red and coral are not two colours you’d expect to work. But boy do they!

Wedding Colour Ideas Red Coral Chloe Ely Photography Photo: Chloe Ely Photography via Contemporary Wedding Ideas


Orange Wedding Colour Palette

Energising and glowy orange is a wonderful colour way for weddings no matter the season.

13. Orange & Blue

Vibrant orange and blue together creates a fabulous colour pop.

Orange Blue Wedding Colour Ideas Steph Kiely Photography Photo: Steph Kiely Photography via Orange Blue WeddingWedding Colour Ideas Orange Blue Flashback Images Photo: Flashback Images via Old Cowshed Wedding


14. Black & Orange

Grounding black with colour pop orange looks fantastic. Halloween wedding anyone?

Wedding Colour Ideas Black Orange YTZ Weddings Photo: YTZ Weddings via Dark Bohemian Wedding


15. Burnt Orange

Burnt orange is classic yet glowing especially with rustic wooden elements.

Wedding Colour Ideas Burnt Orange Laura Williams Photography Photo: Laura Williams Photography via Burnt Orange Wedding Ideas


16. Orange & Teal

Teal is a great accent colour against orange.

Wedding Colour Ideas Orange Teal Heather Sham Photo: Heather Sham via Capervan Wedding Ideas


17. Orange & Navy

Classic navy is modernised with bright orange tones.

Wedding Colour Ideas Orange Navy Rachael Connerton Photography Photo: Rachael Connerton Photography via Floral Wedding


18. Orange & Burgundy

Burgundy and orange together create an autumn leaf vibe, ideal for autumnal wedding palettes.

Wedding Colour Ideas Orange Burgundy Emily Little Wedding Photography Photo: Emily Little Photography via Retro Wedding Ideas


19. Orange & Pink

Bold orange and pink look so striking and modern.

Wedding Colour Ideas Pink Orange Michelle Huggleston Photography Photo: Michelle Huggleston Photography via Disco Ball Wedding Inspiration


20. Orange & Yellow

Citrus tones of orange and yellow are fresh and pretty.

Colour Yellow Orange Wedding Bohemian Rose Photography Photo: Bohemian Rose Photography via Yellow Orange Wedding


21. Orange & Blush

Paired back orange and blush create a neutral feel palette.

Wedding Colour Ideas Orange Blush Till Death Do We Adventure Photo: Till Death Do We Adventure  via 70s Elopement


Yellow Wedding Colour Hues

Pretty and delicate yellows add a summery feel. Plus yellow can be found in many flowers which makes for an easy choice.

22. Yellow & Purple

Yes, yellow and purple look absolutely gorgeous together!

Wedding Colour Scheme Purple Yellow Laura Mazzello Photography Photo: Laura Mazzello Photography via Binifadet Wedding


23. Yellow & Pink

Pretty pink and yellow together is a fun, fresh option.

Wedding Colour Ideas Yellow Pink Amy Jordison Photography Photo: Amy Jordison Photography via Yellow Pink Wedding


24. Citrus Lemon & Royal Blue

Mediterranean vibes with lemon and royal blue.

Wedding Colour Ideas Citrus Yellow Royal Blue Paige Mary Photography Photo: Paige Mary Photography via Italian Wedding Ideas


25. Yellow & Cream

Add creams to yellow for a softer, more romantic style.

Wedding Colour Ideas Yellow Cream Jessica Holt Photography Photo: Jessica Holt Photography via Boho Spring Wedding


26. Sunflower Yellow

Use the happiest flower of them all, sunflowers!

Wedding Colours Sunflower Yellow Emily and Steve Photography Photo: Emily and Steve Photography via Hampshire Woodland Wedding


27. Yellow & Blue

Blues and yellows work beautifully for rustic weddings.

Wedding Colours Yellow Blue Mary W-Thomas Photography Photo: Mary W-Thomas Photography via Yellow Blue Wedding


28. Yellow & Terracotta

Trendy terracotta can be accented with soft yellows for a unique style.

Weding Colour Ideas Yellow Terracotta Megan Duffield Photo: Megan Duffield via Meadows Norfolk Wedding


29. Yellow & Grey

Add a neutral grey to yellows to tone down the impact.

Wedding Colour Ideas Yellow Grey Hajley Photo: Hajley via Yellow Grey Wedding


30. Yellow & Navy

Yellow will really sing gorgeously against navy.

Wedding Colours Yellow Navy Nataly Montanari Photo: Nataly Montanari via Yellow Navy Wedding


31. Lemon & Peach

Peach and lemon tones are really delicate and will suit the prettiest of days.

Wedding Colour Ideas Lemon Peach Lucy Dracott Photography Photo: Lucy Dracott Photography via Northbrook Park Wedding


Green Wedding Colour Scheme

Thanks to green predominantly being the colour of foliage, it’s a great accent tone. Plus it means, generally, it matches well with most other colours.

32. Sage Green

Soft and pretty, sage green is super popular at weddings.

Wedding Colour Ideas Sage Green Richard Skins Photography Photo: Richard Skins Photography via Berkshire Barn Wedding


33. Forest Green & Copper

Opt for vibrant forest green and use metallic copper for a modern luxe look.

Wedding Colour Ideas Forest Green Copper Holly Collings Photography Photo: Holly Collings Photography via Greek English Fusion Wedding


34. Sage Green & Taupe

Add neutral taupe to sage green for a tonal effect.

Wedding Colour Ideas Green Taupe Amy Cutliffe Photography Photo: Amy Cutliffe Photography via Sage Green Wedding Ideas


35. Green & White

White is classic and teamed with greenery will look ever so fresh.

Wedding Colour Ideas Green White Captured by Katrina Photo: Captured by Katrina via Cotswold Marquee Wedding


36. Sage Green & Pale Pink

Pink and green are a winning combination.

Wedding Colour Ideas Green Pink Katherine Ashdown Photography Photo: Katherine Ashdown Photography via Holkham Hall Wedding


37. Green & Coral

For a modern style, add coral to green.

Wedding Colours Green Coral Kate Boston Photo: Kate Boston via Tropical Bohemian Wedding


38. Emerald Green

Go for one dominant colour such as emerald green.

Colour Wedding Ideas Forest Green Amy Lou Photography Photo: Amy Lou Photography via Castletown Woodland Weddings


39. Green & Dusky Pink

Dusky pinks with greens is a romantic style for sure.

Wedding Colour Ideas Green Dusky Pink Milkbottle Photography Photo: Milkbottle Photography via Letchworth Wedding


40. Green Black & Gold

Full on glamour with black, gold and green hues.

Wedding Colour Ideas Green Gold Black Gina Fernandes Photography Photo: Gina Fernandes Photography via 1920s Wedding Ideas


41. Peach & Emerald Green

Pretty peach and emerald look elegant as well as high-end.

Wedding Colours Peach Emerald Claire Gutierrez Photography Photo: Claire Gutierrez Photography via Wizard Of Oz Emerald City Wedding Ideas


Blue Wedding Colour Palette

From navy to powder and pastels, blue is a versatile colour. Be warned, the choice for blue flowers is limited so be sure to check with your florist what is in season.

42. Pale Blue & Yellow

Blues with colour pop yellow really look lovely.

Wedding Colour Ideas Blue Yellow Emily Collett Photography Photo: Emily Collett Photography via Blue Yellow Wedding Ideas


43. Pastel Blue & Pink

Pastel tones of pink and blue are so stunning.

Wedding Colour ideas Pastel Pink Blue Caterina Neri Fotografie Photo: Caterina Neri Fotografie via Tuscany Villa Wedding


44. Dusky Blue & Brass

Dusky blue with metallic brass has an antique effect which is also modern in style.

Wedding Colour Ideas Dusky Blue SJP Photography Photo: SJP Photography via Dusky Blue Wedding


45. Blue & White

Fresh blue and white are ideal for winter or spring weddings alike.

Wedding Colour Ideas Blue White Clare Smith Photography Photo: Clare Smith Photography via Blue Spring Wedding


46. Blue & Lilac

How pretty are these blue and lilac tones together?

Wedding Colour Ideas Blue Lilac Cleya Asulon Photo: Cleya Asulon via Bridgerton Wedding Ideas


47. Blue & Grey

Deep blue with a neutral grey is classy and chic.

Wedding Colour Ideas Blue Grey The Backyard Studios Photo: The Backyard Studios via Philippines Wedding


48. Midnight Blue & Gold

Take inspiration from the night sky with midnight blue and gold accents.

Wedding Colour Ideas Midnight Blue Gold Olegs Samsonovs Photography Photo: Olegs Samsonovs Photography via Moon Stars Wedding Ideas


49. Pale Blue & Peach

Pretty peach pops next to pale blues.

Wedding Colour Ideas Blue Peach Yll Weddings Photo: Yll Weddings via Elegant Wedding Ideas


50. Navy & Gold

Navy and gold is always a great combination.

Wedding Colour Ideas Navy Gold Gina Fernandes Photography Photo: Gina Fernandes Photography via Navy Gold Wedding Ideas


51. Blue & Blush

Blush with a pop of blue is a really unusual style.

Wedding Colour Ideas Blue Blush Into The Light Fine Art Photography Photo: Into The Light Fine Art Photography via Blue Wedding Dress


52. Blue & Silver

Silver with blue creates a winter wonderland feel.

Wedding Colour Ideas Blue Silver Laura Coughlan Photo: Laura Coughlan via Silver Blue Wedding


Purple Wedding Colour Tones

Purple has come and gone over the years as a popular wedding colour. But I predict lilac is coming back with a vengeance soon.

53. Lilac & Yellow

Pretty lilac and yellow is a unique and cool colour scheme.

Wedding Colours Inspiration Lilac Yellow Aurora Grey Photography Photo: Aurora Grey Photography via Norfolk Barn Wedding


54. Purple & Gold

Gold with purple has to be the ultimate in luxury.

Wedding Colour Ideas Purple Gold Photography By Petrina Photo: Photography By Petrina via Moon Wedding Ideas


55. Lilac & Cream

Lilac with soft cream is always going to look pretty.

Wedding Colour Ideas Lilac Cream Katherine Ashdown Photography Photo: Katherine Ashdown Photography via Barnston Lodge Wedding


56. Dusty Plum

Rich plum works well with blues and reds for a divine palette.

Wedding Colour Ideas Plum Steph Kiely Photography Photo: Steph Kiely Photography via Purple Winter Wedding Ideas


57. Purple & Grey

Add a foundational colour such as grey to berry purple brights.

Wedding Colour Ideas Purple Grey Love and Life Studio Photo: Love and Life Studio via Lakeside Wild Berry Farm Wedding


58. Deep Purple & Green

Deep purple and jewel-like green are a match made in heaven.

Wedding Colours Deep Purple Green New Forest Studio Photo: New Forest Studio via Pylewell Park Wedding


59. Ultra Violet

Violet is a striking colour that’ll make guests’ heads turn.

Colours Wedding Ideas Violet Captured by Katrina Photo: Captured by Katrina via Ultra Violet Wedding Ideas


Pink Wedding Colours

Pink has been a firm favourite at weddings in forever. It’s no wonder as it’s a really versatile colour, with lots of flower options too.

60. Pink & Gold

Use gold to highlight pretty pinks.

Wedding Colours Pink Gold Becky Wright Photography Photo: Becky Wright Photography via Sunset Wedding Ideas


61. Apricot & Pink

Apricot is an unusual wedding colour and with pink looks glorious.

Colour Wedding Ideas Apricot Pink Gem Hicks Photography Photo: Gem Hicks Photography via Apricot Wedding Ideas


62. Pink & Green

Add green to pink for a fresh take on wedding colours.

Wedding Colours Pink Green L’Ordine della Giarrettiera Photo: L’Ordine della Giarrettiera via Villa Del Grumello Wedding


63. Pink & Lilac

Pink and lilac are made for each other, don’t you think?

Wedding Colours Pink Lilac Hannah Brooke Photography Photo: Hannah Brooke Photography via 90s Wedding Ideas


64. Coral & Peach

Zingy coral with muted peach can look fantastic.

Wedding Colour Ideas Coral Peach Courtney Dee Photography Photo: Courtney Dee Photography via Coral & Peach Wedding Ideas


65. Dusky Pink & Green

Dusky pink is a wedding classic, timeless and elegant.

Wedding Colours Dusky Pinks Wyldbee Photography Photo: Wyldbee Photography via Elford Hall Garden Wedding


66. Teal & Pink

Teal and pink are really complementary. Perfect for quirky and retro style days.

Wedding Colour Scheme Teal Pink Matt Moore Photography Photo: Matt Moore Photography via Bohemian Tipi Wedding


67. Rust & Pink

Rust teamed with pink is a great theme idea.

Wedding Colour Palette Rust Pink Photos By Hash Photo: Photos By Hash via Beer Garden Wedding


68. Blush & White

Does it get any more timeless that blush and white?

Colour Wedding Scheme Pink White Matt Horan Photography Photo: Matt Horan Photography via Willow Marsh Farm Wedding


69. Pink & Black

Dramatic, bold and modern, pink and black is sure to wow.

Wedding Colour Ideas Pink Black Aurora Grey Photography Photo: Aurora Grey Photography via Modern Pink Wedding Ideas


70. Blossom Pink

Take inspiration from Spring blossom with delicate pink.

Wedding Colour Ideas Blossom Pink Sugarbird Photography Photo: Sugarbird Photography via Cherry Blossom Wedding Ideas


71. Pink & Red

Tonal pink and red make for a contemporary feel.

Wedding Colours Pink Red Ideas Heledd Roberts Photo: Heledd Roberts via Garden Picnic Wedding


72. Pink & Plum

Rich plum with soft blush is a surefire way to add style.

Pink Plum Wedding Colour Ideas Camilla Andrea Photography Photo: Camilla Andrea Photography  via Modern Pink Wedding Ideas


73. Dusky Pink & Taupe

Neutralise dusky pink with warm taupe tones.

Colours Wedding Inspiration Pink Taupe Helen Rose Photography Photo: Helen Rose Photography via Dusky Pink Taupe Wedding


Multicolour Wedding Colour Palette

For the colour lover, a multicolour rainbow colour scheme will bring all the fun. For our wedding, we choose a rainbow scheme and am so happy we did. Bright, beautiful and so unique.

For a multicolour scheme, choose multiple tones or all the colours of the rainbow.

74. Rainbow Brights

Bright rainbow hues using paper decorations is a simple and effective approach.

Wedding Colours Rainbow Kim Williams Weddings Photo: Kim Williams Weddings via Rainbow Brights Barn Wedding


75. Pastel Rainbow

Tone down the rainbow touch with pastel hues.

Pastel Rainbow Colour Wedding Ideas Michelle Huggleston Photography Photo: Michelle Huggleston Photography via Rainbow Wedding Ideas


76. Multicolour Forest

Choose one bold primary colour, then use other tones as an accent.

Wedding Colour Ideas Rainbow Forest Holly Smith Photo: Holly Smith via Rainbow Forest Wedding


77. Festival Brights

Use neon and metallics for the ultimate festival rainbow theme.

Wedding Colour Ideas Rainbow Festival Teddy Pig Photography Photo: Teddy Pig Photography via Rainbow Festival Wedding


78. Crafty Rainbow

Make cute decorations in all the colours of the rainbow, keeping other elements simple.

Rainbow Wedding Colour Idea John Wellings Photo: John Wellings via Woodhouse Barn Wedding


Do I Need A Colour Scheme For My Wedding?

No, you don’t actually need to have a wedding colour scheme. Many couples simply pick and choose items they love. They mostly look amazing together as a mismatched palette.

But, if you want a more stylised day, a colour scheme will look more polished. It can also help to make finding and picking elements of your day easier.

How Do I Choose My Wedding Colour Theme?

There are many ways to choose your wedding colours. It all comes down to your personal preference and loves. Here are some ways to get inspired:

Once you have some colours chosen, think about narrowing them down. Or see if they look right by creating a mood board.

How Many Colours Should My Wedding Have?

There are no rules when it comes to weddings. Colour palettes can span all the colours of the rainbow. Which means all seven colours. Or you can opt for one hue. Think about having one colour in many tones for an ombre or tonal look.

Alternatively, choose two or three colours for your scheme. Adding metallics is always a winner as they add texture, as are neutrals teamed with bolder tones.

What Colour Is Best For A Wedding?

When it comes to which colour is best for a wedding, there is no winner. All colours can be beautiful and equally stylish. Trends come and go when it comes to colour, so be sure to stay true to your heart rather than what’s in fashion. That way when you look back at your wedding photos, you’ll always love your decor.


That's a wrap! Not only do you have a plethora of wedding colour ideas, but you have answers to your wedding colour planning questions. YES!

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