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Know you want a gorgeous wedding cake, but are unsure which style to plump for? Allow me to help with my ultimate wedding cake ideas guide!

Wedding Cakes Ideas Miracle Moments Photo: Miracle Moments via Tree Cathedral Wedding


Spectacular Wedding Cake Ideas To Make Your Mouth Water

It’s not easy to find the perfect wedding cake which is why I’ve rounded up some of the most beautiful wedding bakes ever.

No matter your wedding style or budget, you’ll be sure to go away with your dream cake idea today.

Firstly, it goes without saying that you don’t need to have a wedding cake at all. Many couples opt out of this tradition and that’s absolutely fine. Secondly, you don’t need to spend a fortune to have a stylish and tasty cake.

As a rule of thumb, the smaller and simpler the design, the less a wedding cake will cost. So keep this in mind before you fall for an expensive beauty that may not be doable for your wedding budget.

Don’t forget that you can always bake your own wedding cake or ask a loved one to help you out too. Alternatively, contact a professional wedding cake designer to achieve your cake of dreams.

Right, are you ready for all the cake inspiration? Let’s go.

1. Naked Cake

Naked cakes are so popular and it’s easy to see why. This glitter drip bare sponge with flowers and berries is by Danielle Jones.

Wedding Cake Ideas Naked Sponge Jarek Lepak Photo: Jarek Lepak via Burgundy Barn Wedding


2. Pressed Flowers

Real edible pressed flowers such as this treat by The Boho Bakery can look spectacular.

Wedding Cake Ideas Pressed Flowers Emily & Steve Photography Photo: Emily & Steve Photography via Floral Barn Wedding


3. Pearl

Opt for homemade cake with pretty pearls for a very trendy style. Add a personalised wedding cake stand too for an extra flourish.

Wedding Cake Ideas Pearl Matt Horan Photography Photo: Matt Horan Photography via Willow Marsh Farm Wedding


4. Retro Icing

Vintage fans will love this rerto iced delight by Lily Vanilli.

Wedding Cake Ideas Retro Icing Lauren Marchant Photography Photo: Lauren Marchant Photography via Trafalgar Tavern Wedding


5. Bold Brights

Go bold with your colour choices and use a vibrant palette.

Wedding Cake Ideas Bright Colours Brad Gommon Photography Photo: Brad Gommon Photography via Endeavour Woodland Weddings Cake: The Cake Lab UK


6. Floral & Gold Leaf

Real flowers with gold leaf is a match made in heaven.

Wedding Cake Ideas Flowers Gold Leaf Marianne Chua Photo: Marianne Chua via Tanner Warehouse Wedding Cake: Isobel Bakes


7. Bark Effect

The Cake Witch created this tree cake design with a bark effect.

Wedding Cake Ideas Log Tree Bark Mini and Me Photography Photo: Mini and Me Photography via Christmas Wedding Ideas


8. Painted Flowers

If you are a fan of prints and floral patterns, a painted cake may be for you.

Wedding Cake Ideas Painted Flowers Poppy Carter Portraits. Photo: Poppy Carter Portraits via Stylish Floral Wedding Cake: Cake Design by Holly Miller


9. White & Gold

Add a delicate vibe with metallic gold leaf as shown by One Part Love Bakery.

Wedding Cake Ideas Gold White Emily Tyler Photography Photo: Emily Tyler Photography via Upthorpe Wood Wedding


10. Boho Autumn

Try thinking outside of the box and use natural materials such as cotton wool for boho style.

Wedding Cake Ideas Boho Cotton Finn and the Fox Photography Photo: Finn and the Fox Photography via Wilderness Wedding Ideas Cake: Claire’s Sweet Temptations


11. Cheese Stack

If you are more of a savoury person, why not go for a cheese tower by The Cheese Plate?

Photo: Lola Rose Photography via Bonfires Autumn Wedding Ideas


12. Cupcakes

For the perfect mouthful, and no worries about portion sizes, have you considered wedding cupcakes? Add them to a cute cake stand for a lovely look.

Wedding Cake Ideas Cupcakes Irene Yap Photo: Irene Yap via Spring London Wedding Cake: Katja’s Cakes


13. Gothic

Go gothic with dark moody colours and textures.

Wedding Cake Ideas Black Gold Gothic Ayelle Photography Photo: Ayelle Photography via Modern Gothic Wedding Ideas in the Woods Cake: Meadowsweet Cakes


14. Flower Tiers

Pop flowers in between tiers for a picture-perfect look, complete with wooden decor.

Wedding Cake Ideas Flower Tiers Kerry Diamond Photography Photo: Kerry Diamond Photography via Woodland Boho Wedding Cake: Everydays A Cupcake


15. Invisible Tier

This modern cake is striking thanks to its invisible tier and architectural orchids.

Wedding Cake Ideas Invisible Tier Orchid Henry Lowther Photo: Henry Lowther via Ballet Wedding Ideas Cake: Knot & Bird


16. Artistic

This pastel pretty cake in pinks and blues uses creative brushstrokes for texture.

Wedding Cake Ideas Art Palette Sophie Lake Photography Photo: Sophie Lake Photography via Playful Cool Wedding Ideas Cakes: The Macaroom


17. Marble

Take inspiration from on-trend marble. Ideal for city weddings and paired back colour schemes.

Wedding Cake Ideas Marble Jett Walker Photography Photo: Jett Walker Photography via Marble Greenery Gold Wedding Ideas Cake: The Cakerie


18. Semi-Naked

For a little more coverage than a completely naked cake, a semi-naked cake has a little more buttercream.

Wedding Cake Ideas Semi Naked Sam Bennett Photography and Film Photo: Sam Bennett Photography and Film via Crafty Wedding Cake: Bake My Cake


19. Drips

The Cake Doll added striking drips for a delicious cake idea.

Wedding Cake Ideas Caramel Drip Kate Gray Photography Photo: Kate Gray Photography via Autumn Gaynes Park Wedding


20. Macaron Tower

A feast for the eyes, macarons are delicate, light and very sweet. Macarons are available in many colours and flavours so guests can pick and choose their faves.

Wedding Cake Ideas Macarons Lucy Long Photography Photo: Lucy Long Photography via Hothorpe Hall Woodlands Wedding Cake: Compton and Kennedy


21. Plain Iced

Take a plain cake from M&S and adorn it with sweet treats for a DIY wedding cake idea.

Wedding Cake Ideas Meringue Macarons Holly Collings Photography Photo: Holly Collings Photography via Coombe Lodge Wedding


22. Fruit & Flowers

Fruit and flowers really pop against this luxe black wedding cake design.

Wedding Cake Ideas Black Flowers Fruit Berni Palumbo Photography Photo: Berni Palumbo Photography via Dutch Art Wedding Ideas Cake: Avant Garde Cake Studio


23. Botanical

Nature lovers will adore this leaf press cake effect. Is this the perfect woodland wedding cake idea?

Wedding Cake Ideas Leaf Press Oilvejoy Photography Photo: Oilvejoy Photography via Elopement Wedding Ideas Cake: The Beachside Bakery


24. Doughnut Wall

A firm fave at weddings has been the doughnut. You can totally level-up doughnuts into the ultimate wedding dessert. Indulge in divine flavours, stack them up and allow guests to help themselves.

Wedding Cake Ideas Donuts Rebecca Carpenter Photography Photo: Rebecca Carpenter Photography via Hoop Decor Wedding Ideas


25. A Cake Each

A matching pair of cakes, one for each of you is such a sweet idea.

Wedding Cake Ideas His Hers Single Tier Victoria Baker Weddings Photo: Victoria Baker Weddings via Intimate Garden Wedding Cake: Juniper Cakery


26. Towering Tiers

Go opulent with a super tall cake such as this design by Sarah Carr’s Speciality Cakes.

Wedding Cake Ideas Tall Tiers Hannah Miles Photography Photo: Hannah Miles Photography via llys Meddyg Wedding


27. Copper Geometric

Copper tones and geometric patterns make this cake one that will stand out.

Wedding Cake Ideas Copper Geometric Fox and Bear Photography Photo: Fox and Bear Photography via Trevor Hall Wedding Cake: Handmade


28. Gold & Burgundy

Delicate gold spray added by Oh My Cakery gives a glittering feel to this burgundy bake. The ideal autumn wedding cake.

Wedding Cake Ideas Burgundy Gold Emily Little Photography Photo: Emily Little Photography via Retro Wedding Ideas


29. Black & Gold

For moody glam affairs, a black and gold cake design by Sam’s Sweet Treats may be the perfect fit.

Wedding Cakes Black Gold When Charlie Met Hannah Photo: When Charlie Met Hannah via Giraffe Shed Wedding


30. Fresh Flowers

Choose a plethora of bright blooms to decorate a fresh white cake.

Wedding Cake Ideas Bright Real Flowers Jessica O’Shaughessy Wedding Photography Photo: Jessica O’Shaughessy Wedding Photography via Cheshire Woodland Weddings Cake: The Red Rose Cake Company


31. Feathers

Urban Cakehouse used feathers to create this masterpiece wedding cake.

Wedding Cake Ideas Feathers Helen Rose Photography Photo: Helen Rose Photography via Dusky Pink Taupe Wedding


32. Navy & Gold

Where the Ribbon Ends teamed stylish navy and gold to match this couple’s wedding colours.

Wedding Cake Ideas Navy Gold Photography34 Photo: Photography34 via Carlton Towers Wedding


33. Architectural

A cake design with a geometric shape rather than a traditional round sponge, complete with concrete effect icing.

Wedding Cake Ideas Geometric Concrete Jo Bradbury Photography Photo: Jo Bradbury Photography via Boho Industrial Wedding Ideas Cake: Little Button Bakery


34. Ombre

Using ombre shades Vics Vegan Bakes also added autumn wedding flowers and an acrylic topper.

Wedding Cake Ideas Orange Ombre Photos By Hash Photo: Photos By Hash via Beer Garden Wedding


35. Rainbow Layers

This is my own wedding cake! We had three buttercream beauties, one with rainbow layers for a fun surprise.

Wedding Cake Ideas Rainbow Layers Alexa Loy Photo: Alexa Loy via Our Wedding Reception Cake: Minkiemoo Bakery


36. Celestial

Cake Design By Holly Miller added a pretty moon to this boho wedding cake.

Wedding Cake Ideas Moon Agrestal Visuals Photo: Agrestal Visuals via Waterside Country Barn Wedding


37. Twilight

The Cake Spa made this ethereal celestial cake complete with stars and moons.

Wedding Cake Ideas Blue Gold Star Gina Fernandes Photography Photo: Gina Fernandes Photography via Navy Gold Wedding Ideas


38. Sprinkles

For a twist on a classic, use modern sprinkles teamed with flower decoration.

Wedding Cake Ideas Sprinkles State of Love and Trust Photo: State of Love and Trust via Neon Sign Wedding Ideas Cake: Cherry Blossom Cakes


39. Terracotta Pattern

This modern cake with a terracotta colour palette and dried flowers by Elizabeth Anna Cake Design is so elegant.

Wedding Cake Ideas Terracotta Sam Sparks Photo Photo: Sam Sparks Photo via White Syke Fields Wedding

40. Chic Ribbon

A simple, chic monochrome cake design by hellocake.uk with a decadent black ribbon bow.

Wedding Cake Ideas Chic Monochrome Matt Horan Photography Photo: Matt Horan Photography via Winter Wedding West Mill


41. Paint Strokes

Stunning texture and jewel tones with this brushstroke cake by The Silver Cake.

Wedding Cake Ideas Artistic Brushstroke Katherine Newman Photography Photo: Katherine Newman Photography via Ethereal Romantic Wedding Ideas


42. Rainbow Topper

Have fun with your cake design by adding a rainbow topper!

Wedding Cake Ideas Rainbow Topper Michelle Huggleston Photography Photo: Michelle Huggleston Photography via Rainbow Wedding Ideas Cake: Lily’s Bake Box


43. Rustic Elegance

This cake has a gorgeous rustic feel with the dried flower hoop, created by Cherry Blossom Cakes.

Wedding Cake Ideas Plain Tier Hoop Flowers Holly Rose Stones Photo: Holly Rose Stones via Naked Tipi Wedding Ideas


44. Terrazzo

Terrazzo is the in-thing in interiors, so why not bring it to your wedding?

Wedding Cake Ideas Terrazzo Aurora Grey Photography Photo: Aurora Grey Photography via Modern Pink Wedding Ideas Cake: Sugar Buttons


45. Boho Macrame

This macrame cake design by Cake My Day Bristol oozes boho style.
Wedding Cake Ideas Boho Dream Catcher Maria Madison Photo: Maria Madison via Beach Wedding UK

46. Tropical

Bring tropical vibes to your wedding with tropical flowers and fun icing.

Wedding Cake Ideas Tropical Emily Little Photo: Emily Little via Tropical Wedding Inspiration Cake: Oh My Cakery


47. Sugar Flowers

Sweet Peas Cake Boutique added all the sugar flowers for a statement wedding cake idea.

Wedding Cake Ideas Sugar Flowers Eloise & Mitch Photo: Eloise & Mitch via Park Wedding Ideas


48. Greenery

Timeless, simple and budget-friendly greenery will look ever so gorgeous.

Wedding Cake Ideas Greenery Steven Haddock Photo:  Steven Haddock via The Faversham Wedding Leeds Cake: Amber’s Little Cakery 


49. Three Bakes

Why have one cake when you can have a trio? The Master Cakesmith made these gorgeous cakes styled to perfection.

Wedding Cake Ideas Trio Carn Patrick Photo: Carn Patrick via Marsala Gold Wedding

50. Flamingos

Add your wedding theme, hobbies or loves to your wedding cake. Just like this cute flamingo design.

Wedding Cake Ideas Flamingo When Charlie Met Hannah Photo: When Charlie Met Hannah via Tropical Wedding Ideas Cake: Kates Homemade Cakes


There we have it, all the wedding cake ideas you'll ever need to find the one! Now all you need to do is set your cake budget, work out your portion sizes and book in your cake maker. Hooray!

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