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If you are bored of standard three-tier iced wedding cakes or naked cakes, I hear you. Looking for an alternative cake idea for your wedding is a great idea. Not only can thinking outside of the box save you money, but your day will be all the more unique.

State Of Love and Trust Photography

Photo: State of Love and Trust via Neon Sign Wedding Ideas Cakes: Cherry Blossom Cakes


However, if you are struggling to find real wedding cake ideas that break the norm, don’t worry. I have you covered. All of these gorgeous treats are from real weddings or editorial shoots I’ve featured. So you can see how gorgeous different ideas can look, despite them being a wedding cake alternative.

Showstopping Iced Sponge Wedding Cake Alternatives

Are you ready to divulge in all the delicious treats? Yep me too.

🧁 But before we begin, allow me to share a quick round-up of all the cake inspo (which you can click to jump down) you are about to see:

Sound good? I know right, I’m hungry already. Let’s take a look at these special treats all decorated and beautiful at weddings.

1. Doughnut Wall or Tower

A firm fave for the past few years has been the humble doughnut. But fret not, because you can totally elevate doughnuts into the ultimate doughnut wedding cake come dessert. Indulge in decadent flavours, stack them high and allow guests to help themselves.

Wedding Cake Alternative Rebecca Carpenter Photography Donut Wall Tower

Photo: Rebecca Carpenter Photography via Hoop Decor Wedding Ideas


2. Brownie Stack

Brownies are always a popular sweet treat, but they also make for a great, cheap wedding cake alternative. Tower them, add dripping sauce, fruits, icing sugar and a cake topper for an extra wow factor. They can also make for the perfect DIY cake and could be made in advance. Win win.

Brownie Tower Stack Wedding Cake Alternative Idea Kirsty Mackenzie Photography

Photo: Kirsty Mackenzie via Rustic Outdoor Summer Wedding


3. Cheese Tower

If you don’t have a sweet tooth, savoury cheese wedding cakes may be for you. They have been growing in popularity, so much so, that many couples go for one sweet, one savoury cake as an alternative. Add fruit, crackers and chutneys for a really special plateful.

Wedding Cake Alternative Cheese Tower Lola Rose Photography

Photo: Lola Rose Photography via Bonfires Autumn Wedding Ideas Cake: The Cheese Plate


4. Pork Pie Cake

Another savoury alternative you may not have considered is a pork pie cake. One for the meat-eaters, this cake is sure to make hungry eyes water. Condiments are a must-have.

Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas Pork Pie Photography34

Photo: Photography34 via Rustic Relaxed Farm Wedding Cake: Glaves Butchers


5. Caterpillar Cake

Lots of couples have enjoyed M&Ss famous Colin and Connie caterpillar cakes. A cute, fun and inexpensive wedding cake option.

Wedding Cake Alternative Ideas Caterpillar Cakes Jonny Barratt Photography

Photo: Jonny Barratt Photography via Fun Joyous Entertaining Wedding Cake: M&S


6. Cupcake Tower

For the perfect mouthful, no need for perfectly cut portions, have you considered cupcakes? You can add them to a cake stand or sit them on trays for a gorgeous look.

Wedding Cake Alternative Ideas Cupcakes Irene Yap Weddings

Photo: Irene Yap via Spring London Wedding Cake: Katja’s Cakes


7. Profiteroles Stack

If you and your guests are fans of dessert, profiteroles will be the perfect, sticky, sweet afters to your meal. A dessert and cake in one, they are the perfect budget wedding idea.

Profiteroles Wedding Alternative Cakes Emily Steve

Photo: Emily and Steve Photography via Hampshire Woodland Wedding


8. Croquembouche

The French delicacy, croquembouches sure to make a statement. For that walk-in-the-room wow factor you may be looking for. No sponge in sight.

Croquembouche Alternative Wedding Cake Inspiration Andrew Brannan Photography

Photo: Andrew Brannan Photography via Fun University Wedding Cake: Le Papillon Patisserie


9. Ferrero Rocher Tower

This is one easy to assemble, cheap to make and can be made in advance alternative cake idea. Watch your loved one’s eyes light up.

 Ferrero Rocher Alternative Wedding Cake Kerry Ann Duffy

Photo Kerry Ann Duffy  via Champagne Luxe Wedding


10. Macaron Stack

Another feast for the eyes, the macaron is delicate, light and oh so sweet. Available in so many colours and flavours, guests can pick and choose their favourites.

Wedding Cake Alternative Ideas Lucy Long Photography

Photo: Lucy Long Photography via Hothorpe Hall Woodlands Wedding Cake: Compton and Kennedy


11. Gingerbread House

If you are planning a festive wedding, or just love ginger. Then how about a beautifully iced gingerbread house?

Wedding Cake Alternative Beans On Toast For Two

Photo: Beans On Toast For Two via Afternoon Tea Wedding


The great thing with cookies is not only the number of flavour combinations available but they can also come super-size. This is ideal for a cookie layer cake, easy to bake (or buy) and squidged between soft gooey buttercream, this is one finger-licking cake alternative.

Cookie Wedding Cake Idea Alternative Tasmin May Photography

Photo: Tasmin May Photography  via Crown Lodge Wedding Cake: @chefdave_82


13. Millefoglie Cake

Light and airy puff pastry layers, sandwiched with Chantilly cream and berries, Millefoglie is a traditional Italian wedding cake which means a thousand layers. Perfect for afters too, yum.

Millefoglie Wedding Cake Ideas Alternative L’Ordine della Giarrettiera

Photo: L’Ordine della Giarrettiera via Villa Del Grumello Wedding Cake:Alfonso Muzzi


14. Rocky Road Traybake

Is there anything easier than whipping up a tray bake? Especially a rocky road recipe that may not actually need baking. Less time, usually equals a cost-saving, plus let’s face it, who doesn’t love rocky road?

Rocky Road Wedding Cake Alternative Emily Katy Photography

Photo: Emily + Katy Photography via Creative Village Hall Wedding


15. Rice Crispy Cake

If you are a fan of the childhood classic rice crispy cake this one is for you. Create a mould, pour in your rice puffs and chocolate before decorating to perfection. Alternative wedding cake, done.

Rice Crispy Alternative Wedding Cake Louise Adby Photo

Photo: Louise Adby Photography via Garden Marquee Wedding


16. Tiers Of Bundt

The bundt cake comes from the meaning of a gathering cake and if a wedding isn’t the perfect time for one, I don’t know when is. Keep decoration simple and let the sponge do all the talking.

Bundt Alternative Wedding Cake Paul and Tim Photographers

Photo: Paul and Tim Photographers via Eclectic Wedding Cake: @bakemydayee


17. Scone Stack

For the afternoon tea lovers out there, how about a scone cake tower? Create sweet or savour scones and don’t forget the cream and jam. But no arguing about which order to put them in, please.

Scones Tower Alternative Wedding Cakes Sally T Photography

Photo: Sally T Photography via Bright Wedding Cake: Boo to a Goose


18. Pancake Tower

Pancakes en mass layered with cream, sauce and fruit will make for a really decadent wedding cake alternative.

pancakes alternative wedding cake carey sheffield

Photo: Carey Sheffield via Ethereal Woodland Wedding Ideas Cake: Delicieux Cakes


19. Chocolate Strawberry Tower

If your wedding is in strawberry season, you are in luck. Hit your local pick-your-own fruit farm, stock up on strawberries and coat them in chocolate. Was there ever a more genius cake idea?

Chocolate Strawberries Tower Alternative Wedding Cakes Sally T Photography

Photo: Sally T Photography  via Wrays Barn Whinstone View Wedding


20. Welsh Cake Tower

Delicious and traditional Welsh cakes can be baked in advance and decorated with icing sugar for a real treat on your wedding day.

Welsh Cakes Wedding Cake Alternatives Sam Gibson Wedding

Photo: Sam Gibson Photography via Outdoorsy Farm Wedding


21. Cake Pops

Cake pops have really been popular over the past few years now and it’s easy to see why. They are easy to hold and nibble, they look fantastic and can be totally personalised too.

Cake Pops Wedding Cake Alternative Ideas Kat Mervyn Photography

Photo: Kat Mervyn via Whimsical Boho Woodland Wedding Cake: Little Treats NI


22. Kransekake

Kransekake is a traditional Norwegian and Danish wedding cake, which is actually flourless and made of almonds. If you are looking for a gluten-free option, this could be just perfect.

Kransekake Wedding Cake Alternative Inspiration Bowtie and Belle Photography

Photo: Bowtie and Belle Photography via Highcliffe Castle Wedding


23. Dessert Table

Why would you have one cake, when you could have lots? If you can’t choose between sponge and cake pops or brownies and cupcakes, have them all! A great alternative to one tiered cake.

Wedding Cake Alternative Dessert AW Wedding Photography

Photo: AW Wedding Photography via Tiki Wedding Dessert: Rhubarb and Cream Catering


24. Meringue Kisses

How pretty do meringue kisses look? All colourful and flavoursome, perfect for a different wedding cake style.

Meringue Wedding Cake Alternative Ideas Charlotte Hu Photography

Photo: Charlotte Hu Photography via Yew Tree Lakes Wedding Meringue: Meringue Girls


25. Cheesecake

For pudding lovers, a sweet cheesecake is an opulent and unique wedding cake idea.

Cheese Cake Alternative Wedding Idea Photos by Zoe

Photo Photos By Zoe via Rainy Personal Barn Wedding


26. Baklava

These layered pastry Baklava bites are sure to delight and look great stacked on a cake stand.

Baklava Alternative Wedding Cake babb photo

Photo: Babb Photo via Wedding One Whitehall Place


27. Sweet Pies

Can’t get enough of pie? How about individual sweet pies for your guests to savour?

Tarts Alternative Wedding Cake bgproonline

Photo: BG Productions Photography and Videography via Chinese Tea Ceremony Wedding Pies: Pie Sisters


28. Jelly

For a super original wedding cake, look no further than jelly. Amazing, intricate designs are sure to be a showstopper.

Jelly Alternative Wedding Cake Oeil Photography

Photo: OEIL via Masked Ball Wedding Jelly: Bompas and Parr http://www.jellymongers.co.uk


29. Pavlova

Goey, sticky and sweet, a pavlova cake is ideal for summer weddings complete with seasonal berries.

Pavlova Alternative Wedding Cake delicious photography

Photo: Delicious Photography via Garden Party Wedding


✨ Do you need a wedding cake at a wedding?

Absolutely not, you don’t need a cake at a wedding. It’s completely up to the couple as to whether they would like a wedding cake.

If you don’t like cake, have a tight budget or just aren’t fussed by tradition you are certainly able to scrap having one. Never feel pressured to have anything you feel you should have at your wedding. It’s your day, so you do you.

So there you have it, all the wedding cake alternatives you need to make your wedding cake choice. Whatever you pick, make sure it's delicious, looks amazing and caters for all your guests dietry requirements. Hooray!


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