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When it comes to your wedding budget, you want a plan of action. Keeping your wedding budget in control is only possible with proper planning. Don’t hide from those pesky numbers but face them head-on and be organised. This is where my wedding budget planner spreadsheet comes into play folks. I have it up for grabs, for free!

I know what wedding overwhelm can feel like, I don’t want this for you. I want you to take control of your wedding, your finances and feel on top of your wedding to-dos. This is why I am here, giving away all my top planning tips and tools.

Wedding Budget Spreadsheet Download Planner UK

Wedding Budget Planner Spreadsheet

Before you start your wedding planning, I always recommend starting with your wedding budget. In fact, you can find my ultimate wedding planning checklist on the blog which has so much info you’re going to want to bookmark it!

Download The Wedding Budget Planner Spreadsheet

But why start with your wedding budget?

Well, your wedding budget will help you to suss out what you can and can’t afford right at the beginning. Hopefully, this avoids any disappointment or any expectations which are not realistic.

Sit down together, whether it be the two of you or other loved ones who are kindly offering to contribute to your wedding budget. You can then decide on that number.

Also, add a contingency. This will cover any unexpected costs that arise or any amendments you make. My wedding budget planner spreadsheet covers every little detail so you won’t forget those teeny tiny little things, that all together can really add up.

How To Use The Wedding Budget Spreadsheet

To use the spreadsheet all you need to do is download it once it’s arrived safely in your inbox. Once downloaded, simply upload it to your software of choice, I recommend Excel or Google Sheets.

Think about setting up your wedding budget spreadsheet in the cloud. Personally I love Google Sheets as I can access it in real-time from any device and I can share it with others. That means as soon as anyone updates it, everyone can see it. Just so awesome! If only I had this feature when I started planning my wedding in 2010.

Wedding Budget Spreadsheet Planner Download UKMy husband and I! Image by Alexa Loy

Included In The Wedding Budget Spreadsheet

In the spreadsheet I have included are as many of the possible wedding suppliers and details you may need to book in and buy. A place for multiple quotes and estimates, plus deposits and final balances. It also has auto-sums already set up so you can see all the totals instantly.

I really thought the wedding budget spreadsheet through in detail so it really saves you time. Wedding planning can take up so many hours each and every week, I know this first hand. Therefore, hopefully this nifty spreadsheet will ease one element of your wedding planning tasks.

What wedding suppliers do I need to book? is a great place to look if you are thinking about what wedding suppliers you may need to think about. Don’t worry, they are all included in the budget planner I will be sending you. Hoorah!

Also, check out how to never go over your wedding budget if this is something you are worried about happening. Some great advice there from a top UK wedding planner!

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  • Avatar for Photographer Doncaster

    Photographer Doncaster

    great idea! wish I’d had something like that when we planned our wedding, instead I ended up creating endless spreadsheets and did less planning! Will definitely point my brides in this direction!

  • Avatar for Cath


    How useful! I love planning and planners (a friend once suggested we become events planners together… sadly not to be as I love my day job BUT it’s VERY full-time).

  • Avatar for Lou


    Ah thank you! I hope newly engaged couple fin this resource useful in their planning 😉 xx

  • Avatar for Christie O. {Hindsight Bride}

    Christie O. {Hindsight Bride}

    You ARE amazingly organized. Best wishes to you on this newest endeavor. I know couples will find it useful!

  • Avatar for Lou {www}

    Lou {www}

    Awww thanks Christie 🙂 xoxo

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