Watercolour Place Name Cards DIY Tutorial

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I am both nervous and excited to bring you the first DIY tutorial of 2012, and i hope to be bringing you at least 11 more of my own creations over the coming year.

This idea hit me when i remembered my love for watercolour, and i wanted to start with something fairly simple yet oh so pretty. You can totally customise this idea, either by using a pen to write your guests names on, or of course by changing the colour scheme or shape of the cards. Try keeping costs down by sourcing second hand art materials over auction sites ;-)

To get a bulk amount done you could always use a large sheet of paper and the cut them up after. Anyway lets get down to it….



Good quality or watercolour paper

Watercolour paints


Masking fluid or wax crayon

Crushed rock salt





1) Lay your card out flat and in pencil write the name of your guest.



2) Using masking fluid or a wax crayon go over the pencil guideline. You could use a paintbrush like me, or if easier the tip of an empty pen to guide you over the lettering.



3) Once the masking fluid is totally dry (you can use a hairdryer to sped things up) soak your paper all over each side to enable the watercolour to blend.



4) Start to add your chosen watercolours, you could go for one colour blending to white or a multi coloured look like i did. Start with a little colour… you can always add more.



5) Tip your card in all directions to help the colour blend.



6) Whilst your card is still wet, sprinkle over the salt,  you will see the salt soak up the colour immediately.



7) Once dry, rub away the salt.



8) You will be left with a beautiful speckle effect. Rub away the masking fluid using your fingers and then erase the pencil marks.



And voila… you are left with this pretty effect, which will adorn your table settings perfectly. Happy crafting lovelies xoxo Lou



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