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Planning a wedding means having to make lots and lots of decisions about a whole manner of things. Dresses, suits, rings, honeymoons, cars. The list seems never-ending. But there is one big decision that has to be made, and that is who is walking you down the aisle.

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You see tradition says this is the job for the Father. And for many people, that will be the case. But for many, many people, this isn’t possible. And if you are reading this article, then I’m going to hazard a guess that this rings true to you.

It may be that you are estranged from your Dad. Maybe you have never met him and there is no relationship there whatsoever. Maybe you do have a relationship with your Dad but you have an equally amazing Step-Dad or parent/guardian that has been around for a lot of your life.

Perhaps you feel that it’s a tradition that doesn’t match your beliefs or values. Or it could be that sadly your Dad is no longer alive and you don’t have the option to have him there at all.

Whatever the reason, it makes the whole ‘who is walking you down the aisle’ thing a bit trickier than it is for others.

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Who Should I Walk Down The Aisle With?

So what are your options when you aren’t able to have your Dad walking you down the aisle or don’t feel comfortable doing so?

Who can you go to? Who is allowed to walk you down the aisle? Or should you walk alone?

Well, let me tell you – there are no rules that you have to follow and you can pick whoever you want! But, there are things you may want to think about before you do make your decision.

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Will The Person Be Able To Cope With The Emotions?

Escorting someone down the aisle is an emotional experience, there is no doubting it. If you are thinking of someone walking you down the aisle, will they be able to keep their emotions at bay so you aren’t both blubbering your way towards the front?

A little tear in the eye is one thing, but mascara running down the face is another. If you are thinking along the lines of your Mum walking you down the aisle for instance, would she prefer to be off stage with a tissue dabbing her eyes, rather than fully in the midst of the most emotional part of the wedding?

Walking Down The Aisle Cacie Carroll PhotographyPhoto: Cacie Carroll Photography via Ontario Micro Wedding

Will They Be Happy Being The Centre Of Attention?

Ok, so you as a marrying couple are the centre of attention for the majority of the day, but for that moment, while walking up the aisle arm in arm, the person escorting also has all eyes on them.

For some people, this is too much and they’d rather hide away in the crowd. So you need to make sure that the person will feel comfortable fulfilling the role, walking you proudly up the aisle, and not wanting to hide their face away.

Walking Down The Aisle Andrea FedericaPhoto: Andrea & Federica via Italian Villa Wedding Ideas

Can Children Walk Down The Aisle?

There is no age limit when it comes to escorting someone down the aisle. This means that if you have a child, or children, who you would like to escort you, then you can.

It’s best to check with the officiant or registrar before you do make the decision, just in case they do have their own rules.

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Can You Have More Than One Person?

Absolutely yes. Say for example you have two very close siblings – you could choose them both. You could have both of your parents or a couple of close family or friends if they would both be happy to share the role, they absolutely can.

As long as the individuals are comfortable with these ideas, then there is no reason not to.

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Can You Walk Down The Aisle Alone?

Yes, you totally can. If it was good enough for Meghan hey?! If you simply don’t want anyone walking you down the aisle, then you can go it alone. Own it and be confident.

Walking Down The Aisle Alone Vickey Donaldson PhotographyPhoto: Vickey Donaldson Photography via Jetty Wedding For Two

Can You Walk Down With The Person You Are Marrying?

Yes again! You could throw all the traditions out the window and do your own thing! See your partner beforehand, meet them at the entrance and walk down hand in hand. It is totally up to you.

Walking Down The Aisle Joseph Kinerman PhotographyPhoto: Joseph Kinerman via Colourful Multicultural Wedding

As years go by, weddings become less and less about tradition and more and more about exactly what you both want. There are no longer rulebooks to go by!

And yes, there are people who think that traditions need to be kept, but it is YOUR wedding, YOUR big day – the day that will stay with you forever.

Choose who YOU want by your side and don’t worry about any negativity towards it.

If there is one thing we learn when we are planning weddings, it’s that you can’t please everybody, but as long as your both are happy with it all, that’s all that matters.

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