The Value Of Wedding Photography

Value Wedding Photography Price Cost Why JLM Wedding Photography

We are so passionate about brilliant photography here at Whimsical Wonderland Weddings. We love to champion wonderful engagement, wedding and lifestyle photography and we’re proud to feature some of the very best wedding photographs around. But why? Well, when it comes to special days and moments, you want the perfect moment captured for all time. This is why we are proud to support and promote some of the best wedding photographers in the UK. Today one of our brilliant members and all round incredible photographer James from JLM Wedding Photography is here to share all about the value of wedding photography. He is busting those myths surrounding the cost of wedding photography and just why you should be booking a pro to capture your wedding day.

Value Wedding Photography Price Cost Why JLM Wedding Photography

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Wedding photographers cost the Earth, right? Why do you even need a wedding photographer anyway? Surely your guests could take decent enough photos. For some, there is no question in their mind, they will have the very best wedding photographer that money can buy. Everyone else, keep reading. 

Value Wedding Photography Price Cost Why JLM Wedding Photography

Why should you book a wedding photographer?

Not booking a wedding photographer is pretty high on the list of biggest regrets for people reflecting on their wedding day. It has become a bit of a cliché at this point, though it is still worth repeating here. Once the cake has been eaten and the confetti has blown away, all that is left are the photos. Even if you are one of the lucky ones who’s wedding party happened to include someone with a ‘good camera’, you are still not guaranteed amazing photos. Even people who don’t like having their photos taken want something to show for all their hard work. Think of all the attention and effort you put into the tiny details to make it a special day. You want those captured and remembered. Your wedding day will be a whirlwind of emotions and will be over before you know it. Your photos are all that will be left. 

Value Wedding Photography Price Cost Why JLM Wedding Photography

First Class Wedding Photographers

Why should you pay extra for a premium wedding photographer? Think of it as the difference between flying first class and economy. Artistic differences aside, you pay for the experience. A first class photographer does more than just take amazing photos. They provide you with peace of mind. One less thing to worry about on a day that you know will be stressful enough. One should never underestimate the reassurance that, no matter what else happens on the wedding day, you’re going to have some amazing photos to look back on. 

Value Wedding Photography Price Cost Why JLM Wedding PhotographyValue Wedding Photography Price Cost Why JLM Wedding Photography

Diamonds in the Rough

Of course, it’s all well and good telling you how great first class is. Sometimes you just can’t stretch the budget, so you need to fly economy. That’s fine though, there are plenty of great photographers in the economy market. Learning how to spot a trustworthy photographer is a topic for another day though. To give you a head start, look for someone with a strong portfolio, glowing reviews and a personality that matches yours. If you can, try to find out why they charge as much or as little as they do. If their reason sits well with you then go ahead and grab a bargain. 

Value Wedding Photography Price Cost Why JLM Wedding Photography Value Wedding Photography Price Cost Why JLM Wedding Photography

Why DO wedding photographers charge so much?

The average UK wedding photographer charges around £1,213* per wedding. You may be thinking that is an awful lot of money for a day’s work. What you need to keep in mind is just how much extra work goes into making sure you have the best possible wedding photos. It all begins when you first make your enquiry with a potential wedding photographer. You will probably want to meet with a few before you decide which photographer to book. Remember that each of those photographers is incurring travel expenses in order to attend these meetings. When you book with your wedding photographer you may want to meet with them again nearer the time, thus more time and expenses before a single photograph has been taken. On your big day they will be putting in on average 10 hours of work taking thousands of photos. Then the work really begins. Those thousands of photos then need to be culled, colour corrected and made to be as amazing as they possibly can be, it takes me an average of 12 hours to edit a wedding from start to finish. Other expenses for wedding photographers can include equipment, insurance, travel, office expenses and advertising to name a few. Then there is the time spent on album design…. Hopefully you get the point. The wedding photographer’s workload goes well beyond just the wedding day. 

*figure from the Bridebook wedding report 2018.

Value Wedding Photography Price Cost Why JLM Wedding Photography Value Wedding Photography Price Cost Why JLM Wedding Photography

THIS IS A GUEST FEATURE WRITTEN BY // James Morgan // Wedding Photographer at JLM Wedding Photography

They say I’m the ideal photographer for people who don’t like having their photos taken. My speciality is beautiful, natural photos of things that really happen. The most important thing to me is that your photos tell the story of your day. That’s why I let people get on with their wedding without interfering too much. Basically, you get on with having a great wedding day, create loads of amazing memories and I’ll make sure you never forget them.

Value Wedding Photography Price Cost Why JLM Wedding Photography

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  • Very interesting article and informative for the couples. It good that you explain why it cost so much with 10 of thousands of pounds invested in photography business and that it takes days to finish weddings its not just that day im working

  • You’re exactly right, at the end of the day, the photos are one of the only tangible things left from a wedding day. Having an experienced wedding photographer by your side ensures that your beautiful memories will be readily available forever!

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