Utterly Adorable Fairies + A Pink Atmospheric Wedding

For me children at a wedding truly makes it a happy, family joyous affair…. which is one of the reasons i adore this afternoons real wedding feature on the blog.

This family wanted a day to be remembered as fun and easy going as well as very family friendly. These beautiful flower girls just sing to my heart, how utterly adorable are they!!??

Bride Rachel looks simply glowing and i just adore her stunning bouquet. The images captured by UK based wedding photographer, David J Perkins Photography are beautifully atmospheric.

Thanks so much to David for sharing his images today, here is what he had to say about the day….

“Rachel and Ian have a lovely family and are loads of fun to be around. Having 4 kids of my own gave me a head start when photographing their little people :)

There oldest daughter was calling the day her wedding which was really sweet and the girls were all really excited.

They started by getting ready at home Rachel parents and some family friends were all helping getting everyone ready it resembled a production line for little bridesmaids at one point.

The civil ceremony took place at Himley Hall which is really beautiful, unfortunately the air had turned really cold by the time came to take the formal photos but we managed to squeeze everyone outside for 10mins…. they stayed for drinks before moving on to the evening reception in Wombourne… They had some fun airplanes for the guests to play with as wedding favors, the type I used to play with at school & Half way through the reception the waiters started acting strangely the ‘Spanner in the works waiters’ were really funny and when a handyman turned up drilling down table legs and fixing the pictures on the walls some guests didn’t now where to put themselves! Latter Ian and his friends were singing with a borrowed guitar and everyone had a great evening.

It was a lovely day to be a small part of, big thanks to Rachel & Ian :) their are some more photographs from the day on my blog at www.davidjperkins.com

Beautiful Bridesmaids…

We had two adult Bridesmaid, my moms best friend Diane Swan who I have known all my life and my best friend Lisa Clewlow who I met in Turkey 10 years ago. They both looked stunning in their hot pink cocktail dresses, a perfect contrast to our 4 flower girls, our two daughters Beth and Izabella, our niece Naomi and best friends daughter Bobbi-Lee, who wore pale green fairy dresses complete with wings and marabou feather capes.

We all had an amazing and entertaining time getting ready together.

The Proposal…

Ian proposed on 16th February 2010 on my birthday. At the end of the day just before I went to sleep, he asked me if I had had a good day which I had, he then asked me if I would promise him something, I kept saying no unless he told we what it was, thought he was messing around. He finally asked if I would promise to be his wife, I of course said yes! It was lovely telling our children the next morning.

The Vision for the day…

We wanted to have a fun, easy going, memorable day for children, friends and family. We have been to many wonderful weddings but it is hard going with young children and as we have 3 children, Beth aged 5, Izabella aged 3 and Samuel 18 months it had to something that would keep them entertained with no long gaps. Most of our friends have children under 5 too and we wanted them all to be part of our special day.

The Planning Process…

Our youngest child, Samuel was only 6 months old when we began planning our big day, so we worked on plans during his nap times and evenings when the children were in bed. Don’t know how we could have done it without the internet and ebay! We had no time to trawl round venues and wedding fairs and didn’t want to that anyway as we didn’t want to become obsessed with minor details and colour swatches for our big day. I got one wedding magazine and got all my ideas from that. Over 15 years ago we attended a corporate event and the entertainment was ‘Spanner in the Works’, they are comedy waiters and also a band and DJ and we decided this was what we wanted for our big day and we managed to track them down on the internet.

Dress & Accessories….

Ivory mermaid style strapless dress.

I went to one bridal shop to decide if I wanted a white or ivory dress. I tried four dresses on, and fell in love with one but decided I couldn’t spend that much on a dress. I sent a picture of a similar style dress to yourbridalwear.com and asked if they could make one for me. They confirmed they could for £168, so I was delighted at this and ordered it from them. I did have to get it altered but was so impressed with the quality and workmanship, I am so glad I didn’t spend £1000 getting something of the same quality.

I spent a lot of time on internet looking at hairbands but decided this was something I needed to go into a shop and try on before buying.

The sandals I wore were a pair I had worn once to a wedding 5 years ago and knew they would be perfect and had a big brooch style flower on them.

I had originally said I would not be wearing a veil but was talked into it and so glad I did. I brought the veil off a friend, she did offer to loan it to me but I was so worried about damaging it as it was Cathedral length and covered in crystals, pearls and sequins and had never been worn so I insisted on buying it.

The Venue…

We both decided straight away we wanted to get married at Himley Hall, South Staffordshire and this was the only venue we went to look at. It was so beautiful we were almost swayed to hold our reception there but too decided it was too formal for the all the children that would be attending (20 to the day and 40 to the evening reception) and we would have been unable to have the live band we wanted., so we held our reception at Wombourne Civic Centre.

Himley Hall is really special place to us, it’s about a 10 minute drive from our home and we spend at lot of free time there with our children and friends in the grounds having picnics. We liked the idea of guests not having to travel a long distance to attend our wedding and being able to have taxi’s home and baby sitters coming to collect the younger children later in the day.

We travelled to Himley in a stretch Hummer which was so much fun! The Groom, Best Men and Ushers and various friends were picked up first and then it cam back for the Bridal party. It was so big it couldn’t get down our street, so we all had to walk down the street in our wedding gear – quite funny as it was very windy and I had a Cathedral length veil!

After the 3.30pm service, Pimms & Lemonade was served on the terrace, we managed to stay outside for the photos but it was quite chilly so the guests mingled in the beautiful rooms of the hall.

The wedding party then went back into the Stretch Hummer to travel to Wombourne Civic Centre, we gained a few extra children for the journey as everyone wanted to be in the Hummer dancing to Black Eyed Peas!

An afternoon tea complete with scones and clotted cream plus other delights was waiting for us on arrival, but unknown to our guests the comedy waiters were assisting the catering team! The only people that knew beside myself and Ian were the 2 bestmen, so it was great watching events unfold!

There was a waiter with a dirty bandage on his hand going round touching peoples food, other waiters generally being quite rude to guest and doing strange things like taking guests knives & forks off them whilst they were using them, taking bites of guests food, sitting in guests seats if they moved. At one point a waiter had a while table of guests on the floor looking for his contact lense! Guests started to realise something fishy was going on when a ‘maintenance man’ started drilling on the stage right behind the top table, it was great to see everyone’s faces when they realised it was all a wind up. The waiters then went on to entertain the guests with magic tricks and drawing caricatures and they even came out with instruments and had a jamming session with the groom and our friends.

When the evening guests had arrived and after the first dance had taken place, the band came on and the party began!

A hot buffet was served, which was amazing with all our favourite things like Chilli con Carne, Beef Bourguignon to mention a few and finished off with our wedding cake.

The Readings & Music….

The mood was set for the guests with Norah Jones songs. The Bridal party walked into to Whitney Houston – I Have Nothing.

The service was opened by a reading from my favourite book Captin Corelli’s Mandonlin and delivered beautifully by our close friend Rachel Matthews. The words are so true, especially to us as we have been together for 19 years and understand what it means by ‘love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away’.

We walked out as husband and wife to Bruno Mars – Just the Way You Are.

Grooms Attire…

Ian looked stunning in a modern pale grey suit with raspberry cravat, silver waistcoat and a button hole of pink roses. The raspberry matched our adult bridesmaids outfits. The Ushers had pale green cravats to match the flower girls dresses.

Your Photographer…

Davidjperkins.com – David did a fantastic job of capturing the mood of the day. David had photographed two of friend’s weddings, one of which I was unable to attend but really felt from their photos I knew what the day was about, this was our reason for choosing David from the offset. David is also doing a ‘trash the dress’ photo shoot with me this weekend.

The Flowers…

I saw a style of bouquet I liked in the one wedding magazine I purchased which was a country style bouquet, quite informal. My adult Bridesmaid Di is amazing with flowers so I asked her to take over this for me, she did and amazing job. She did all the bouquets, button holes, corsages and venue/ table decorations too and I had no idea of what I was getting till the day and it was the best surprise ever. My mom helped Di do the flowers too and even kinder the flowers, cake and balloons were our wedding gift from Di and my parents.

The Details + Decor….

The reception venue was dressed by Every Occasion based in Wombourne. For favours we had flying fairies for the ladies and fighter planes for the men along with Just Married Love Hearts we also made sure all the children had a party bag to keep them amused with plenty of treats and little toys. The flower table decorations were also made by Bridesmaid Di and my mom and the balloons a gift from them.

The Cake…

My Mom and Bridesmaid Di also made the cake. I gave them and picture from the wedding magazine and told them I liked the style and again we didn’t see it till the day and once again they did an amazing job! There was a fruit tier, one carrot cake and one lemon drizzle cake.

Memorable Moments…

Unfortunately my mom fell down the stairs just before the Hummer arrived, she managed to get through the service but was taken ill at the reception and had to go off in an ambulance. It meant that my parents missed most of the reception, which was devastating for us (and them too!), just so glad we had a DVD made so they can get to see the first dance and other things they missed.

A brilliant moment was seeing my sister-in-law and best friend, both clad in floaty maxi dresses stopping the traffic on the main road so the Hummer could reverse out of our street!

Walking into the room at Himley, seeing Ian holding our little boy Samuel who was waving to me and shouting ‘mama’.

Sitting at the top table watching all the children running and skidding across the floor having lots of fun.

Seeing Ian playing the guitar and having a jamming session with the waiters and his friends.

Having a few moments alone, whilst the David got some shots of us as the cold and wind had drove everyone inside.

Advice for other couples…

Get a DVD, you never know what might happen and the day goes so quickly and you feel like you miss a lot of what’s going on.

If anyone offers to help – take it!

Don’t get bogged down with minor details and worrying about serviettes etc matching your colour scheme, life is too short and we found the laid back approach worked just as well.

The Honeymoon…

Originally we had booked a few days away in Bath but felt uneasy about leaving the children so cancelled that and went to Centre Parcs instead. We have also booked a belated honeymoon in October (with our children) to a five star spa resort in Turkey. We felt it would be too much to organise a wedding and a holiday abroad at the same time and also its something to look forward too after all the wedding excitement has gone.

Thanks so much to Rachel and Ian for sharing their beautiful day with us :-)

Credit where credit’s due….

Himley Hall – www.dudley.gov.uk/leisure-and-culture/parks…/himley-hall
Every Occasion – www.everyocassionvenues.co.uk
David J. Perkins Photographer – www.davidjperkins.com
Dress – www.yourbridalwear.com
Comedy waiters & spoof entertainment – www.spanner.co.uk

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