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outdoor wedding ideas uk

Image by Rachel Hudson, full wedding here.


I am seeing more and more couples in the UK choosing to hold their wedding in the Great British outdoors. And why not? With beautiful diverse scenery and settings there are so many beautiful spots where couples would like to commit to one another.

It has become my dream to marry G in our local woods, we spend a lot of time there as a family and it would mean so much. So i have been looking at options for us as i have been day dreaming of late.

Sadly though here in the UK (not including Scotland) you cannot legally marry anywhere you may wish. There are certain laws and regulations in place and you can only legally marry in registered venues or religious places of worship.

There are options though. Plus you can make them look super pretty :-)


outdoor wedding

Image by Kitchener Photography, full wedding here.



Find a Venue with an Outdoor Location


Many venues are starting to register options to marry outdoors. Many options are in a gazebo type structure in gardens however this can be a lovely option for a relaxed ceremony. Take a look at your local council’s website for local registered ceremony venues.


outdoor wedding ceremony uk

Image by Babb Photo, full wedding here.



Hold a Legal Ceremony First


If you have a place which is close to your heart, then why not have a blessing or non religious humanist ceremony there. Make this your main wedding celebration and have a low key legal ceremony in advance. This way you it makes it more meaningful and you can have the perfect ceremony spot you dream of.


outdoor weddings ideas

Image by Hannah Millard Photography, full wedding here.




In the US and even in Scotland you can marry pretty much anywhere you like. Make sure you go through the legal process to make sure your wedding is legal and proper. But you can essentially marry wherever you set your heart, from beach to mountain.


Scotland outdoor wedding

Image by Matt Bowen Photography, full wedding here.


Hold your Reception Outdoors


If you can’t have your ceremony outside, why not have your party there instead? It may be a little risky in terms of weather and organisation but it could be just wonderful. Find the person that owns the land, and ask them if you could hire it for the day. You could always put up a marquee or tipi too. Think through all of the supplies you may need if it’s a remote location.


uk outdoor wedding

Image by Simon J Coulson, full wedding here.



Enhance your outdoor setting with pretty decorations. Go for pom poms in trees, floral arches, ribbon back drops, benches, hay bales, an open sided marquee or even hanging lampshades like the couples below.


outdoor wedding tree outdoor wedding flower arch

Images by Jenna Carpenter, full wedding here.

outdoor wedding backdrop outdoor wedding decor

Images by Assassynation, full wedding here.

outdoor marquee wedding

Images by Kristy Field, full wedding here.

uk outdoor wedding ceremony

Image by HBA Photography, full wedding here.

outdoor wedding decor

Image by Sara Reeve Photography, full wedding here.


Make the Most of It


Think of entertaining your guests in ways you just couldn’t indoors. Have a picnic on blankets, play outside games or have a camp fire…


outdoor picnic wedding

Images by Jay Rowden Photography, full wedding here.

outdoor wedding games

Image by Eliza Boo, full wedding here.

wedding campfire outside

Image by Kate Gray, full wedding here.


To see many more real outdoor weddings in the UK and beyond click on the outdoor weddings category here. I have featured many couples who made their outdoor wedding dreams a reality. I am holding out hope that here in the UK someday the laws will be relaxed a little so couples can marry in the beautiful outdoors.

Are you planning an outdoor wedding? How are you achieving it? Where would your dream outdoor wedding be held? Do you have any fun ideas for making your outside wedding super? XOXO Lou

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