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Soooo as i admitted earlier in the week, last week’s question in hindsight was pretty pants hehe!! But fear not, it’s an easier one this week, and i want to get to know you guys better… so please please do take part :-) Plus i need your help!! ;-)

Let’s get to know one another, and do click on the question time category to see the previous week’s discussions :-) you can still join in.


What is your favourite book? What are you reading at the moment?


Lou {www} ~ Well….. i am a big reader, but i’m not a deep/intelligent reader hehe!! I adore Harry Potter and Twilight, and also The Morgansville Vampires {very addictive!!}. I also have been making the effort to go to the library rather than keep buying books and just read what takes my fancy. I am awful for not remembering books i have enjoyed! I have just finished reading When God Was a Rabbit by Sarah Winman… which was really really good. Go find it ;-) so there you go i am a book worm hehe… what do you guys read? I need recommendations ;-) xoxo

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  • Hi Lou. My favourite book is actually Bridget Jones’ diary. MUCH better, and funnier than the film… as if often the case I find. Unfortunately I am currently buried under a pile of work so my reading is currently consisting of legal statute, criminal theory and reasearch books! I find it interesting at least :P

  • Hi Lou!
    I am reading Laura’s Handmade Life by Amanda Addison at the moment, although my reading rate is slow at the moment. I used to gobble my way through books when I was a train commuter! Never fear though, I am collecting audio books to keep me company on my drive home. Next up: The Girl Who Played with Fire.

  • My favourite book ever ever ever is The Horse Whisperer by Nicholas Sparks. Anything that combines horses with the most beautiful but tragic love story was pretty much perfect for my 13 year old self! I’ve read it about 4 times since I think… Recently I’m in to thrillers BIG. The Stieg Laarson trilogy was amazing- if you haven’t read them yet, do it!

  • This is such a hard question? Can I provide a list? Good…

    The Time Traveler’s Wife – I can read it again and again and again and it’s so beautiful and melancholy
    Anything by Jasper Fforde
    The His Dark Materials Trilogy

    There are a million others but I’ll spare you a massive list!

  • Well I’m currently re-reading Harry Potter-mainly since seeing the final film and watching/reading them with my 5year old-although I’m on book 2 with him and about to start book 7 so do find myself getting a little confused.

    By far my absolute favourite book of all time is The Time Traveller’s Wife totally love that book, lost count how many times I’ve read it, even persuaded the hubby to read it and he enjoyed too-I think he saw a lot of himself in Henry!

    Ooh and love His Dark Materials too-Laura you’ve reminded me I haven’t read that in a while might have to try Jasper Fforde as we have similar tastes…

  • @LauraC oh may have to try that one thanks chick :-)

    @Grace thank you…. once i start and i get into it i cannot put it down hehe

    @Sama ohhhh thank you… they sound fab!!!

    @Laura and Andri thats so funny you both have the same taste. I loved that film, think i will have to try the book now hehe!!

    Thanks everyone xxx

  • Ooh Lou, I’ve discovered detective novels in the last two years and am working my way through some great reads. I love the Rebus series by Ian Rankin and am currently reading Red Harvest by Dashiell Hammet. Grizzly, but very very good. :)

  • Helloooo – I’m loving this question as I’m a huge book geek and used to work in Waterstones!

    Here’s my top list/recommended reads (which I have to say changes as I discover new things!):

    The Time Traveller’s Wife, Audrey Niffenegger – this is a beautiful book and is undoubtably better than the film. Film cannot capture the beauty of this book.

    The Book Thief, Marcus Zusak – another amazingly good read. This one bought me to tears on the M25 when I was stuck in a traffic jam!

    Harry Potter – don’t think this needs an explanation!

    The Passion, Jeannette Winterson – is strange in a few ways, but is a fantastically good read and has a real fairytale quality to it.

    Alias Grace, Margaret Atwood – I adore Margaret Atwood. Her books aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but this novel is fantastic. It’s historically based on a famous Canadian murder case where a young girl was imprisoned. It uses real snippets from newspapers and reports of the time with fictional prose to tell the story from Grace’s point of view – giving her back her voice that has been lost in history.


  • My friend bought me The Crimson Petal and the White for my birthday (in April) but I’ve only just got around to reading it but I’m loving it!

    Other books that I’ve read lately that seem to be making an appearance on the silver screen are;

    We need to talk about Kevin – Lionel Shriver
    One Day – David Nicholls
    The Help – Kathryn Stockett
    The curious incident of the dog in the nightime – Mark Haddon

    Also love a good crime thriller from Jo Nesbo!

  • Books, eeek! Not my strong area (blushing). I used to read a lot when I lived in London and got the train/bus/tube everywhere and had time to kill but now I live in the crunchyside and don’t read nearly as much as I used too. Think my favourite books of all time though have to be a couple of classics, To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee and Midnights Children by Salman Rushdie.
    Will be putting a few from other peoples lists on my Christmas list though! xxx

  • Great question, this sort always makes me think lots. One of my favourite ever books is To Kill A Mockingbird, I recently re read it after not reading it since I was at school and still loved it.
    At the moment Im reading After the Party by Lisa Jewell. It was one of my holiday books that I never got round to reading. Good stories, well written but easy to read!

    One of the most harrowing but ultimately amazing and life affirming books I have ever read was one called Left To Tell by Immaculée Ilibagiza. Which is the story of how she survived the Rwandan Genocide. Stunning book.

    I read so much there are so many others that I will always forget!

  • @Andri Ooooh, do. Start with The Ayre Affair and work your way through the series. They’re seriously brilliant. Also check out Scarlett Thomas.

    @Jules – The Crimson Petal and The White is brilliant. I also loved We Need to Talk About Kevin.

  • Another big Harry Potter fan, as is my daughter. Currently going through the series again, so on Order of Phoenix. In fact, my OH had a job interview to do with Harry Potter and he told the interviewers that I’m a Harry Potter nut. So least they have a good first impression of me… lol!

    Other books I love to read are the Sookie Stackhouse books (True Blood), Twilight saga, The Time Traveler’s Wife, The Notebook, Sleepers and the Star Wars book “Path of Destruction”. I can’t seem to get into any of the others.

  • I’m always just so busy to have a chance to read… But I’ve just finished reading The Old Man And the Sea (lent to me by my favourite bookworm friend) which I absolutely adored… Now getting stuck into The Rum Diary which was a gift… it’s excellent.

  • Hi Lou.
    I’d recommend anything by Barbara Erskine I’m not a big reader but I love her stuff. Lady of Hay was first book I read of hers, which was fantastic. Its about past life regression etc. And I’ve just read Midnight is a Lonely Place, which James got me for Christmas, and thats about history and romans, and ghosts and stuff. :)

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