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The Happy Wedding Club is here for your pre-wed stage, dedicated to bringing you clarity, support, organisation and positivity by the bucket-load ✨

Allow The Happy Wedding Club to empower your pre-wedding experience to be awesome!



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Step-By-Step Guidance To Ensure Your Pre-Wed Is Easy and Fearless


The Happy Wedding Club is designed to take you from any feelings of overwhelm, confusion, stress and lack of time during wedding planning 🤯 to feeling confident, organised, stress-free and freeing up your spare time for fun stuff during your pre-wed 🦄

I help overwhelmed couples enjoy planning their wedding, with ease so that they have the happiest pre-wedding memories ever by providing fun step-by-step guidance and friendly support.

You Only Have One Shot 🎯 To Enjoy Planning Your Wedding (hopefully) So Let’s…

🚀 Supercharge Your Pre-Wed Memories

🥳 Get You The Support You Need

📋 Find You Clarity + Decision Making That Feels GOOD

👆Help you to DO YOU

❤️ Bring More Fun + Excitement

⏰ Save You Time

🤑 Keep You On Budget

🥰 Continue Your Strong Relationships

Treat your pre-wed phase as the precious time it really is (yes, Gollum would be proud of your ring keeping abilities.)

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Hey, Sensitive Kind Soul, I Hear You

You’re disheartened as you’ve been…

  • Worrying about pleasing others and what they think of your wedding ideas
  • Paralysed about making wedding decisions that may not be popular
  • Trying to make sure you don’t offend anyone with your wedding choices
  • Doubting yourself or not feeling confident
  • Struggling to find the time to properly dedicate to wedding planning
  • Wondering if your budget will allow you to have your dream wedding
  • Afraid of messing up
  • Feeling alone without someone or a community to really lean on and talk to impartially about your wedding plans
  • Confused by the myriad of wedding options and styling
  • Wanting to chat all things wedding, but no one else around you wants to


Guess what? I’ve been there too.

I Felt Alone 🥺


When I planned my first wedding it ended up getting cancelled. I was having panic attacks and suffering from anxiety.

I didn’t have…


So I've built something to help you...

  • A community of like-minded couples on the same wedding journey to talk to
  • Expert guidance, advice and support
  • A clear dedicated step-by-step plan of action

I get it! You want ...

  • A wedding that represents you
  • The best pre-wed memories ever of your once-in-a-lifetime milestone
  • Your faves to have a total blast during the pre-wed phase
  • To feel stress-free and excited about your wedding plans

Your Pre-Wedding Stage Deserves The Club Right Away

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Lou’s been great in helping work out what stage I’m at in the plan, which isn’t necessarily the same plan as it is in magazines, in books that you get really work with me on bespoke – I guess project timeline on where things are.

She’s been really fab on our calls, sharing that excitement with me asking where we are, answering questions about suppliers and really easing my mind about all those worries you have as a bride to be. It’s great because no matter what stage you’re at she’s there she’ll help you.


You’ve got the Dream I’ve got the plan 📝

Do YOU! Better Pre-Wed Memories ❤️ A Happier Experience ✨ The Dream Pre-Wedding 🥳

It’s so important you get the pre-wedding experience you deserve. The fun pre-wed celebrations, the exciting wedding excursions, searching for inspiration that’s so you. Feeling surrounded by love and positivity as you experience this once-in-a-lifetime pre-wedding phase.

Before you started wedding planning perhaps you envisaged the excitement, fun moments and ease of planning you see in Hollywood rom-coms. But the reality is somewhat different. Am I right or am I right?

Perhaps you feel guilty that you feel stress or overwhelm, surely you should be feeling on top of the world but it’s not falling into place. Totally normal.

Let’s get real here, wedding planning is hard. If you’re not a project manager or spreadsheet whizz, a wedding industry pro or have an unlimited budget, wedding planning isn’t as simple as perhaps it may seem.

There’s a lot to think about, book in, order and decide. If anything has gone a little skew-whiff so far, take a breather. It’s OK. You are certainly not alone in this, even if other couples hide this side of their wedding planning.

Are you worried about falling out with loved ones or family dramas? Not sure how you’re going to have time to plan? Feel like no-one is going to get your vision? You don’t want your wedding day to be marred by rocky wedding planning. If you’re nodding along, don’t worry this is to be expected.

When you care so much for something it can be all-consuming. But we’re in this together and we’ll work it all out as a team. So lean on into my special support network in The Happy Wedding Club community.

I’ve read thousands of couples real weddings stories in the features on WWW. There is a common pattern among couples that find wedding planning fun vs those who have experienced stressful times.

And I will be sharing all of my insider expert advice and direction exclusively to club members.

We will tackle wedding planning issues and the fun stuff too, head-on to ensure you have the wedding planning experience you deserve.

After all, your pre-wed is a never to be repeated moment in your life, that you want to enjoy. So you have the best wedding planning memories to look back on, forever. Intentionally enjoy your planning process.


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Together, Let's Banish

Without the club, you may be...

  • Waking up in the night worrying you've forgotten to order the favours
  • Feeling like you've wrecked your close relationships with family and friends by only talking about all things wedding or pushing away offers of help
  • Having to live up to others' expectations or feeling like you have to conform so you plan the wedding you don't really want
  • Not knowing what to plan next or when
  • Putting a wedge in your future marriage
  • Worried you haven't got enough time to plan

Now Breathe A Sigh Of Relief

With The Happy Wedding Club you may be...

  • Feeling relaxed that everything is in hand
  • Able to stay true to yourself during decision making
  • Enjoying a great supportive, friendly community to chat about all things wedding to
  • Knowing what's next on your wedding to-do list
  • Taking charge of your budget and maximising it
  • Using time-saving tools and resources to ensure you have plenty of fun in your free time



Your Happy Wedding Expert


Hey 👋 I'm Lou

Yep, that’s right I’m a romantic at heart who loves nothing more than a Nicolas Sparks film whilst munching away on Popchips (other brands are available) under my duvet. Aside from my Popchips addiction (sour cream and chive if you were wondering), I am lit up by helping couples get hitched.

Day in day out for over 11 years I’ve been inspiring thousands if not millions of couples through my leading wedding website and hey, you’ve found me. *Woo*! I’m so pleased as you’re in for a *lot* of fun. Do buckle in as wedding planning can be a wild ride.

But don’t sweat it, I’m here to make your wedding planning experience a happy one. With my insider wedding know-how, lessons learnt from my own wedding planning mistakes and my love for the organisation (as well as colour-coded lists).

I believe that you deserve a positive wedding experience, not just the day itself but from your engagement right through to your first wedding anniversary. Your wedding journey (🤦‍♀️ hate that word!) should be amazing as this all makes up the tapestry of your wedding memories.

So… what are you waiting for? Join this Hufflepuff, colour-loving, caravanning, eclectic and friendly soul (AKA yours truly) and let’s get you wed… in happy style.


Lou xo

Let's Face Facts 👀

Couples regularly spend thousands of pounds on professional wedding planning services.

Not many of us can afford this pro service (me included!) and are left to our own devices to project manage and plan our weddings.

This is one of the reasons I created The Happy Wedding Club.

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What to Expect?

  • Exclusive Members-Only Hub With Your Wedding Action Plan
  • Downloadable Spreadsheets To Manage Your Budget & Planning Projects
  • Downloadable Checklists To Ensure You Nail Everything
  • Exclusive Members-Only Facebook Community For Fun, Kindness & Support
  • Live Monthly Calls With Lou, To Answer Your Burning Planning Questions
  • Your Questions Answered Personally By Lou In The Facebook Group
  • Exclusive Weekly Newsletter For Members To Stay In-The-Know & Get All The New Updates In The Happy Wedding Club


Snag Instant Access To 22 Downloadable & Printable Resources

Bride Groom Wedding Club Membership

How Will It Work For My Wedding Planning?

Exclusive Members Hub - Save Time ⏰

The exclusive member's hub is designed to fit each step of your planning process.

Within those areas, you will find videos, step-by-step guides and your downloads to help ensure you don't need to do those time-consuming Google searches on what to do next or how. Plus advice on planning productively.

Members-Only Private Community 🤗 - Feel Connected

The Happy Wedding Club Facebook community is exclusively for members, which will be a safe space to talk all things wedding related.

Whether you have a question, would like an opinion or want to meet like-minded couples, this is the fun, happy and kind group you've been looking for.

Share your wedding planning wins and excitement, but also lean in for impartial support.

Expert Advice & Guidance - 💰 Save Money

Get advice from me (without the cost of a wedding planner) as well as budget management spreadsheets and guidance. Keeping you to your budget!

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1 Month Free Trial 🎉

I am so confident you will love the club (and BTW I wouldn’t put my name on anything I wasn’t proud of) that I am offering your first month, totally for free.

No catch, you can cancel at any time.

£22 per month

That’s less than a monthly lunch out with your besties ⚡️ Woop. But you get to hang out every day in The Happy Wedding Club.


Why Go It Alone When We Can Do It Together?

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Questions & Answers

Can We Join As A Couple With One Fee?
Yes! You can both access the member’s hub with one login and view the live sessions together with the link you will be sent. To keep things simple I ask that only one of you join the Facebook community. You do not both need to pay a monthly fee.
Are Brides Or Grooms Welcome?
Yes! This is an inclusive space and I am welcoming everyone with welcome arms.
Can I Leave At Any Time?
Absolutely! You are on a rolling monthly subscription, that you can cancel at any time.
Can I Join Before I Start Wedding Planning?
Yes! Join in the community and begin shaping your ideas, every couple’s journey is different. There is no timescale you have to stick to. In fact I recommend joining all the more if you are at the beginning of wedding planning.
Can I Join If I Am Just About To Get Married?
Yes! Let the community guide you in the final weeks/months of your wedding. And then after your wedding, as there are still many things to get sorted and support for post-wedding too!
Do I Need To Be Based In The UK?
Not at all, anyone is welcome from any part of the world. Please bear in mind the club will be prominently based on my knowledge of the UK wedding market (UK traditions/laws). But you can still adapt and make use of so many other parts of the club.
How Will The Club Save Me Time?
It will stop the need for searching endlessly on what to do next and when. But it will also help you to be productive with your time and create a seamless action plan. Plus have fun doing so!
Do I Need To Attend Everything Live?
Absolutely not! Everything will be recorded and saved for you to watch at a time convenient to you.
How Will The Club Save Me Money?
Instead of investing thousands on a wedding planner, the club will enable you to plan your wedding yourselves. But will support and step by step guidance. Plus top tips on how to maximise your budget and get access to exclusive supplier discounts.
Do I Need To Have Facebook?
To really make the most out of the club, having Facebook is ideal. It’s not a must have and you can still sign up without it. But Facebook will be where the community element of the club is, as there will be an exclusive group there for members. You can still access everything else though.
Why Is The First Month Free?
I know that weddings are expensive and can be an overwhelming time. I have so much confidence that you will love and find the club useful that I offer the first month free to all members. I believe in try before you buy to ease any nerves you may have about committing to a monthly fee.
I'm A Wedding Supplier, Can I Join?
Unless you are getting married, I am afraid the club is solely for engaged couples getting hitched, sorry!


Packages & Pricing


The Happy Wedding Club

First 30 Days Free

£22 per month
  • Exclusive Members-Only Hub With Your 5 Step Wedding Action Plan
  • Downloadable Spreadsheets To Manage Your Budget & Planning Projects
  • Downloadable Checklists To Ensure You Nail Everything
  • Exclusive Members-Only Facebook Community For Fun, Kindness & Support
  • Live Monthly Calls With Lou, To Answer Your Burning Planning Questions
  • Your Questions Answered Personally By Lou In The Facebook Group
  • Exclusive Weekly Newsletter For Members To Stay In-The-Know & Get All The New Updates In The Happy Wedding Club

Join Free For 30 Days


The Happy Wedding Club Manifesto

Rave Reviews

Hiya, I just wanted to say thank you so much for creating such an amazing seating plan template – we’re getting married on 16th, and I had the tables all ready in Excel, but putting them in place on a doc was causing so much stress. Thank you so much! Alice

Alice (Freebie User)

Rave Reviews

WWW was one of the first blogs I encountered that really encouraged me to eschew what’s trendy and embrace what feels authentic to us.

Adrian and Ava

Rave Reviews

I saw a wedding in the budget section of WWW where the couple had gotten married in a barn which they had cleaned up themselves and made the venue pretty much from scratch. This really inspired me after initially feeling like we would never find a venue or be able to afford the day of our dreams.

Cat and Lee (WWW Reader)

Rave Reviews

Hi Lou, Thank you so much for this one! I feel like they’re arriving in my inbox at the perfect time. Going to take it all on board as I had my first taste of overwhelm this week.

Email Suscriber The Happy Wedding Letter

Rave Reviews

I read every Instagram and blog post from WWW during the planning process for our wedding. I found it to be massively inspirational and supportive.

Tasha and Tom

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