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About Me


Hello gorgeous followers of Whimsical Wonderland Weddings and may I say how delighted I am to be here! I’ll let you into a little secret – this isn’t my first time being featured on Louise’s beautiful blog.  I’m a professional wedding planner you see, and one of my styled shoots was kindly featured a few years ago– thanks Louise!

I’m Olivia and for my fiancé, Olly and I, this year has been one of the most life changing and memorable yet.  Kicking off with me turning 30 back in May (why is it that 30 seems to be this real milestone for many women?). For me the big 3 – 0 meant that officially I was an adult and everything I ever wanted in life needed to happen, immediately! I guess 2016 started the ball rolling really with us buying our first home, which we feel so incredibly lucky to have done.  It wasn’t easy but it’s such an achievement.  We are very glad that we were able to settle down in our home sweet home because in October 2016 we found out that we were expecting! Fast forward to June 2017 and we welcomed our precious first born son, Jacob Oliver, 4.5 weeks earlier than expected.  So when I say this year has been life changing, it really, really has been! I feel that I have everything that I’ve ever wanted and I feel so blessed to be in this position.  The three of us live in South Gloucestershire in a pretty market town and love nothing more than to go for a family walk on a Sunday or watch a good Disney movie!

UK Wedding Blog Journal Diary Bride Planner


How We Met


I initially met my hubby to be (eeeek!) on a night out about 8 years ago and was introduced by my sister who met Olly at school.  We got on really well and became friends from that point onwards.  Olly is very easy to talk to and has a cheeky sense of humour so I never felt awkward around him.  At that point though my life was going in a slightly different direction and I was very focused on my career in the events industry and ended up living away for a year or so.  Anyway to cut a long story short I ended up back with my parents for a while (who live in the same town) and Olly and I found ourselves talking to each other more frequently.  He was so kind and generous (and still is may I add!).  I remember in the early days he took me to watch “Blood Brothers” in London as I’d mentioned that I always wanted to see the show as I love a good musical (I actually perform on the amateur stage).  He booked us up a cute boutique hotel too and it was that weekend that we decided that we decided to become an “item”.  We moved in to a rented house very soon after and I guess the rest is history!


UK Wedding Blog Journal Diary Bride Planner


The Proposal


Even just thinking of this day makes me very teary! Olly’s proposal happened in what was quite honestly the most perfect way for me.  We’d always talked about marriage being something we both wanted but as each holiday, birthday and valentine’s day rolled by I was starting to wonder whether it was ever going to happen. I think lots of us feel this way – don’t we ladies!  It was 5 days before Christmas 2016 and little known to me Olly had picked a ring and had asked my dad’s permission to marry his daughter.  Christmas morning arrived full of natural excitement and anticipation.  Now, I’ve always been a child at heart on Christmas morning, getting up at some crazy hour to open presents and trying to wake Olly up!  Every year, Olly works about 80 hours during the week before the big day, as his family run business is the busiest then.  So you can imagine me trying to wake him up before 9am is a no-no! This year was different though.  Being 3 months pregnant, I felt exhausted and liked the idea of a lie in but Olly was super keen to start the festivities at 7am. We eagerly opened our presents one by one, until I had two left.  Olly preceded to hand me one of them, I ripped off the paper and a red photo album appeared underneath.  Inside was carefully picked photos of our year featuring holidays, day trips, and life achievements with each one containing a hand written caption.  He must have spent hours putting this thoughtful gift together and as I carefully turned each page in my Christmas PJ’s, I felt the tears streaming down my face, remembering all the fun times we had experienced that year.  The last photo was a picture of our baby scan (which we had only attended a few days earlier) with the caption “Shall we make one more memory for 2016? Open your next present”. To be honest, I didn’t see this at all, my eyes were too blurred from the tears that appeared.  Olly gave me a nudge and passed me the gift.  I still at this point didn’t really have a clue what was going on.  I think the pregnancy hormones had a part to play here! The gift was a bag and inside the bag was a rather large box and inside this box was a small box and inside there was a beautiful diamond ring.  I gasped in disbelief and before I knew it Olly was bent down on one knee asking me to be his wife! Overwhelm rushed over me and of course I said yes!

We had always planned to keep the pregnancy a secret and tell our immediate families on Christmas day, so this news was an additional surprise which I couldn’t wait to tell everyone.  We went to visit our family and told them we had got engaged.  My dad, of course, had the champagne ready on ice! Slightly awkward as of course I couldn’t drink it! Everyone was over the moon for us and it was such a special time.  30 minutes later and we handed out personal cards which included a picture of our baby scan.  So we really did hit people with two lots of exciting news! It’s a day I will never, ever forget.  One which gave so many, so much joy. Over the course of the Christmas holiday we gently told friends and family about our double whammy and we were given so much love and support.


UK Wedding Blog Journal Diary Bride Planner


Initial Wedding Plans


Olly and I love all things Italian.  We travelled to Tuscany in 2015 and visited iconic cities such as Pisa, Lucca, Florence and Venice.  It was a gorgeous trip so for us it was natural to want to have an Italian themed wedding. Being a wedding planner by trade and a dreamer… I already had a secret Pinterest board set up (I’m sure I’m not alone here!).  We decided that 2017 was going to be too soon and we wanted to enjoy being parents first so we decided on a date in Summer 2018.  We both have huge families so one of the first tasks was to set the guest list so we knew what numbers we were playing with.  A church wedding was our preference so booked that as soon as possible to secure the date.  I won’t go into too much detail now as we have many months to go into the specifics but suffice to say we are very excited!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our story, I look forward to writing more posts very soon.


Olivia x


UK Wedding Blog Journal Diary Bride Planner


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