The Bride Diaries ~ Unveiling {www} Real Bride #2

Well i am so excited that the introduction of real bride #1, the lovely Laura went down so well, she has fitted in perfectly to the {www} family :-) So i am rather proud to introduce real bride #2 to you today, the gorgeous Adeline, who has the most amazing wedding plans, and i cannot wait to get to know her more. Please do give her a warm welcome guys…. take it away lovely…


What an exciting opportunity it is to write for such a fantastic blog! I was introduced to the Wonderful World of Wedding blogs by my friend Becs. I have so much to thank her for as my vision for my wedding would not be coming together if it were not for the inspiration that these blogs give me.

Let me tell you a little about myself. I’m Adeline, 27 years old and a workaholic. I don’t mean to be but I have this way of trying to please people and I never know how to say no! I am currently kept busy with nannying for twin girls 4 days a week, night nannying for newborn twins two nights a week and if that wasn’t enough I’ve decided to start my own business too! I am just launching A Star Nannies, a London based nanny agency and Childcare service. This is all well and good, but did I mention I live in Edinburgh?! That’s a lot of flying back and forth!

My fiancé Andy is very supportive and tells me over and over how proud he is of me. Although I know I do need to learn how to turn my phone off a few nights a week!


Andy and I have been together for 6 1/2 years. We met one New Years Eve in Val D’Isere, France. Both of us worked there for a ski company. Him as a chalet host and me as a nanny. We became friends very quickly and spent most of our time together. We even exchanged valentines day cards and were rumoured to be a couple before we even knew it was leading down that path! One week Andy had a Childcare booking in his chalet and so requested me as the nanny. He took me out for drinks after my first night (mainly to apologise for dumping 4 children on me!) and things progressed from there!

We became each others support from early on, both moving to London to be together and to pursue our chosen careers. After 6 months we moved in together and have never looked back! When Andy got offered a job in Edinburgh, we knew it would be a huge move. My family is in Bristol, his in Cambridgeshire and neither of us knew anyone in Scotland. We did fall in love with the city, the opportunity to live a much better quality of life outside of London and the architecture (Andy is an interior and architectural photographer) and so made the move 18 months ago.The engagement came last December. Andy wanted to take me away for a weekend so that we could explore the Christmas markets. He chose Berlin and booked us into a wonderful hotel.


I didn’t have any idea that he was going to propose (although the stress at the airport with the 9hour delay should have been enough to make me curious!) I think all our friends and family had given up asking when it was going to happen too!

He chose to propose the day after we arrived. We had spent the day exploring Berlin in the snow and went to a Christmas Market in the evening. We had drunk mulled wine and were relaxed and happy. We arrived back at the hotel room and spent hours chatting about love and life… He slipped the proposal into the conversation so casually that my first response was ‘Are you for real?!’ After him asking again, I couldn’t help but beam at him and say yes. He presented me with a knitted racoon finger puppet ‘to keep my finger warm’ until we could go ring shopping! We celebrated by drinking champagne, making a trip to Barcomi’s Bakery (they have the most amazing cheesecake! and not telling any of our friends. We were anonymous in Berlin so wanted to spend a day just the two of us without anyone knowing our secret!


Even though Andy hadn’t proposed with a ring, he had done his research and had picked out two styles for me. I have tiny fingers so this was the best way he could have done things. I loved the emerald cut he had chosen but it looked ridiculous on me! It was too long and just didn’t sit well. I tried his other choice, the princess cut and it was just perfect! I had the choice of two diamonds, but went for the smaller one (I never thought I would do that!) and had it made up with a 1.5mm White gold band. It’s such a dainty ring that works perfectly for my tiny hand. 

(taken from the Lime Blue Website )

This is the gold version!…

And so the planning started….

We are getting married on 28th April 2012, which only leaves 6 months to complete our planning!


So far we have organised the venue, the photographer, the stationer and the dress!!We didn’t want to rush our engagement but the one thing we plowed on with was the venue as we knew we had a few hurdles we needed to tackle. We both loved the idea of a barn and thought it easiest to find one within an hour of Bristol to make it easier for my mum who is in a wheelchair. Now finding an old barn with disabled access was going to be tough enough let alone trying to view venues in Somerset and Gloucestershire when living in Edinburgh! We decided to start looking two weeks after we got engaged. We were in Bristol for Christmas, had a car and didn’t know when we would get another opportunity! We made appointments and viewed Wick Farm (, Priston Mill and their Tythe Barn ( and The Stone Barn ( Each venue was unique and gave us a good idea of what to expect and helped us worked out what we could afford! After another 2 months of searching the Internet and another trip South to view Thyme and Southrop ( and Winkworth Farm (, we decided on the newly converted Stone Barn in Aldsworth ( This barn and (uh-hum) cowshed is run by the highly successful Cripps Barn team ( The barn has one of the largest barbecues in Europe and uses the in-house Cripps catering team. Andy and I are huge food lovers and this along with the relaxed approach by the staff really set this venue apart from the others.

After finding the venue all our ideas started running together. We were lucky that we had the same vision for the day and came up with a vintage, rustic, country fete theme. This would include bunting, old pharmacy and beer bottles, homemade jams and chutneys and of course a cake competition with rosettes as prizes! I’m even trying to talk Andy into allowing us to have boules and Wellie Wanging! We have chosen to work with navy, yellow and ivory.

Here is a moodboard to show you what we are aiming to do on the wedding day…


Mood board credits:

Cake Table: (via

Moss Letters: (via

Type Writers and Table Decoration: (via

Victoria Sponge Cake: (via Southern Weddings Magazine)

Bridal Party: (via

Flowers: (via

Wellied Bride: (via

Signs: & (via

I’m excited to be asked to write for Whimsical Wonderland Wedding and am looking forward to documenting and sharing my wedding plans with you all.


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