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WWW real bride Ruth has been putting her crafty talents to full use this month. She has undertaken hand making button bouquets and buttonholes and their save the dates. I for one think the results are utterly gorgeous and I am now even more excited to see how the rest of their plans unfold xo Lou


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The last month or so I have been drowning in buttons. Literally. Well, not literally.


In my newly engaged haze, some time in January, I made what seemed like a very sensible decision: That I would make a brooch bouquet for myself and button bouquets for my bridesmaids. It made loads of sense,  I’m allergic to most flowers, I love buttons and brooches; I would spend many happy hours as a little girl organising my nan’s button box by colour and size and shape. I’d also seen loads of great pictures of them and I loved the idea that you can keep them forever and ever and ever.


DIY Button Bouquets Bride Bridal Diaries Wedding Blog

What I didn’t anticipate was quite how much time and effort would go into making the bouquets. They’re about three quarters finished now and I’ve really enjoyed the process (overall that is; there has been the occasional cry of “I’m sick of buttons!” and my hands and nails are completely battered from all the wire twisting and hot glue).


DIY Button Bouquets Bride Bridal Diaries Wedding Blog

My own brooch bouquet was the first thing I started making for the wedding once we’d decided on a date. I’m so glad I did. It was probably the most time consuming of the D.I.Y tasks and starting it early on gave me time to source more brooches and floral wire whenever I ran out. I have made my bouquets with a silk hydrangea base, the fullest and cheapest of these blooms I found were on eBay and needed to come from Hong Kong, so it was a good few weeks before they arrived and I could start putting the bouquets together. You will also need so many more buttons than you think. I think each bouquet has ended up using around 180 stacks of buttons.


DIY Button Bouquets Bride Bridal Diaries Wedding Blog DIY Button Bouquets Bride Bridal Diaries Wedding Blog


Part of the reason that this job has been a biggy for me is that I have picked seven bridesmaids. These seven women are my best friends. Their strength, courage and downright sassiness never ceases to amaze me. So crafting them a button bouquet kinda feels like the least I could do. This month my bestest ladies and I have booked up for a low key hen do on an alpaca farm in the lake district. There have been so many “alpaca my bags” puns already I imagine by October we’ll be sick of the idea.


DIY Button Bouquets Bride Bridal Diaries Wedding Blog


This month I also made the buttonholes, I started with origami ninja death stars, some ribbon, and loads of buttons; I stuck them all together with no real plan,  but I’m really happy with how they’ve turned out. We’ve also decided to buck tradition slightly and I’ve made button holes not just for the lads but for the three other wonderful women in my life: my mum and future mother and sister in law.

DIY Button Bouquets Bride Bridal Diaries Wedding Blog

This month we sent out our Save the Dates. They were just photocopies of a little cartoon strip I made about our journey so far. I’m certainly no artist, and although I draw a lot I very rarely show these pictures to anyone but as I only plan on getting married the once I thought ‘why not’ and with some encouragement from Tom I sent them out. I’ve come to accept that home made stuff looks just that, home made; and that’s OK. I know this sounds extremely obvious but it’s important and it’s taken me a little while to put my finger on it. When you spend your evenings scouring pinterest and wedding blogs, you are seeing perfectly polished, usually professionally taken, filtered, edited,  images of people’s D.I.Y wedding efforts. We all love looking at them, but don’t beat yourself up if your own creations don’t quite look the same. My D.I.Y bits and bobs won’t look professional because I’m not a professional! I want to make things for our wedding because it’s fun and because I want the day to feel creative. I feel proud of everything I’ve made so far. No one’s going to come away from our wedding and say “I could see some dried glue on those button holes” or “That button bouquet wasn’t very symmetrical”. You’re wedding will be full of people who love you. Not a load of angry food critics who’ve had no breakfast. People will love the individual touches that make your day, your day.


DIY Button Bouquets Bride Bridal Diaries Wedding Blog DIY Button Bouquets Bride Bridal Diaries Wedding Blog

Ruth x

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