The Bride Diaries: Introducing New Real Bride Kate

I am over the moon to be introducing you to four lovely new girls who will be blogging for WWW all about their wedding plans. Today i am thrilled to welcome the lovely Kate to WWW. Kate is a girl after my own heart, with a love for crafting and art deco, i am super excited to see their wedding plans unfold, please do give Kate a warm welcome in the comment box below XOXO Lou


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AAAhhhhh I am so excited to have the privilege of having my wedding musings posted on the lovely digital pages of WWW – Thanks Lou.

Well I think that it would be best to start with introducing you all to Whitlam’s World and telling you a little bit about myself. My twitter profile @whitterzrofl describes me as being an International Air Hostess, Traveller, Adventure Seeker, Harry Potter Enthusiast & Cat Lover. This summary is pretty accurate although I would like to include wedding fanatic, Great British Bake Off fan and Pinterest addict to that list if only it wasn’t for the character restrictions ;). I have also inherited a love of all things art deco from my mum as well as a healthy interest in sewing which I would love to do more of so I am hoping that the wedding will provide the perfect excuse to release “Robson” my sewing machine from the spare room cupboard and get my craft on as I have a stash of vintage and kitsch patterned fabrics that are crying out to be made into bunting and cushions amongst other things.


So about our tale of love; myself and Mr. C have been together for almost 6 years now, we were both living in Birmingham and met in a pretty trendy bar on a Thursday night, we still don’t know why we were both out on a student night when neither of us were students but there we go, I guess fate had a bit of an input there ;) . It is not the most romantic of tales but basically after a few drinks my group of girls and his trio of guys ended up throwing some shapes next to one another on the dance floor. We somehow found ourselves in a group photo situation and I became aware that a cold drink was being poured down my back by accident, eek. Being the pro poser that I am (I am a firm believer in the dolly mantra of T+T – tits and teeth) I managed to smile my way through this encounter and then struck up conversation with Mr. C. He wasn’t the drink spilling culprit but he seemed a likeable fellow, we ended up chatting and despite me introducing him to my theory that ready salted crisps and vanilla ice cream were pointless (random I know) we ended up getting on like a house on fire, exchanged digits and now several flats, 2 cats and a move to London later, here we are planning out wedding, woop.


uk wedding blog

I’m not going to lie or pretend to be cool, I am not one of those girls that is nonchalant about getting married, so I was thrilled when we went away in July for the weekend to Hastings and he popped the question. I had been dropping a few hints for a while but I was convinced that they were falling on deaf ears. However, the proposal could not have been more perfect and it was most definitely worth waiting for. It happened next to the campfire outside the beautiful tipi that we were staying in. It was just us so we really got to savour and enjoy the moment without the any distractions. The ring is absolutely wonderful, he took inspiration from my pinterest board that is not so subtly called “rings” which is full of art deco inspired rings and I have to say that I could not have picked anything better myself. It was my board only better.  We celebrated by having a bottle of fizz that night and then having a flake 99 on the beach the next day followed by wine, fish and chips outside our tipi. Some of my friends have said that they don’t feel any different being engaged but I can honestly say that I absolutely love it and I do feel different as I feel so happy all the time, we both keep stealing glances at my left hand and I swear he does it more than I do! I have got 3 lots of bridesmaid duties coming up, the first of which is in just over 2 weeks so it is really exciting to be planning our wedding alongside friends that are going through the same thing even if all the conversations are wedding, wedding, wedding, hehe.

uk wedding blog


Our wedding plans are in the early stages of development but I am pleased to say that we have a venue and therefore a date, September 21st 2014 so only a year away! Woop and yes that is a Sunday a decision that has made a significant financial reduction to the venue hire. I work for an airline in a twenty four seven environment and both sets of parents are self-employed so days of the week aren’t too significant and choosing a Sunday hasn’t been a compromise, well apart from my poor Dad not being able to play golf that day bless. Our venue is Swancar Farm Country House in Nottinghamshire which is my home county. It is a beautiful converted farm house set in farmland and we are having a civil service there as well as the reception. Mr. C hasn’t seen the venue yet but says that seeing as I have trusted his judgement on various flats that we have lived in then he in turn trusts me, talk about no pressure?! I am attending an open evening at Swancar Farm next week to see it in its full wedding glory so will be able to write more about that on my next post as I am hoping to glean a fair bit of inspiration from the open evening. I am very excited about seeing Swancar Farm again as it looked stunning when myself and Mother Whitlam viewed it straight after a wedding had been held there and was mid clean up. It has high ceilings, white and brick walls, wood beams and very importantly for me, no carpet or curtains. I suffered from major patterned carpet traumas during the search for venues so I am super pleased about this.


uk wedding blog

Myself and Mr. C need to get our heads together in terms of theme and décor as at the moment we are really torn between “doing a Twilight” and basing it around the ring and therefore going for a 1920’s deco inspired Gatsby-esque wedding or going down the rustic, vintage, floral, burlap route. My Pinterest page is an explosion of the two and I keep finding new things that I love. In an ideal world we will find a way of combining the two into a vintage-Gatsby-fest. I have found some wonderful deco inspired bridesmaid dresses but do I go for all matching or different frocks but tie them together with same shoes and flowers?  Also Mr. C loves cycling so we need to find some way of incorporating bikes into the proceedings. Oh and I have ordered a cute rubber letter stamping set from EBay as I am going to have a play at crafting place settings. Who said that weddings were easy? In fact I don’t recall anyone saying that but I can vouch for the fact that this planning malarkey is a lot of fun.

I think that I had better stop writing or I could go on forever. It has been wonderful penning, or should I say typing my thoughts, I look forward to hearing from anyone that has any input into our not so formulated plans and I anticipate being able to paint a more defined picture of our day as I have got the scissors, Pritt Stick and wedding magazines on standby.  Much love, Whit x x

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