The Bride Diaries. Introducing Millie and Winston

Hi Whimsical Wonderland Weddings, its lovely to meet you! I feel like I’m on a weird tinder couples date where I have stalked every photo of you and you don’t even know my name! Well, if we hit it off, we can just say we met in the library….

So here’s the down low on Millie and Winston from Birmingham, married-couple-to-be on 7th April 2018.


About Us


UK Wedding Blog Real Bride Groom Diary Journal UK Wedding Blog Real Bride Groom Diary Journal

We met at school. I know what you’re thinking: how sweet! They knew each other when they had growing pains. Well, no not quite. We met each other whilst Winston was completing his teacher training as an Art Teacher and I was working as the Art Technician, within a school. So the only pains we shared at that stage were over pesky school kids, marking and the end of the summer holidays.

Now a days we are both teachers which is a hugely rewarding career, sharing our knowledge of art and design with new generations. We are also practising artists and find time to work on our own independent projects. Winston’s work focuses on installation art and he has fantastic building and 3D skills which we hope to utilize in our wedding somehow, maybe building some kind of archway for our ceremony. I am also a freelance illustrator and love drawing every day. I find being creative and planning new projects a kind of therapy that I turn to whenever I have a spare 5 minutes.


UK Wedding Blog Real Bride Groom Diary Journal

The Proposal


Planning our wedding has, so far, been the most enjoyable and exciting project I have ever worked on. And for the first time, I have a partner to talk all things colour, florals and photographers with! Winston and I are truly planning our big day together and are collaborating on creating our invitations ourselves.  We took a collaborative approach to getting engaged too. 2016 was a leap year and I took the opportunity to tell the best human being I have every met (or even seen on TV) exactly what I thought of him in a gated garden in Moseley, Birmingham. I made a small ring box in the shape of a little house where the roof lifted up to reveal a small paper ring. On the ring said the words ‘Will you marry me’. It was a magical evening, late on a Friday after work and one I cherish. That was the successful part of the day. Less so was the picnic I had hidden in a near by bush a few hours previous. The local dog walkers had been in and our beautiful vintage champagne flutes had a cloudy, suspiciously dog licked tinge as we poured the bubbly… A few months later in early summer, Winston proposed to me at Compton Verney, a near by art gallery where we spend a lot of time together. This time he had packed a perfect picnic (with not a dog lick in sight) and as I walked back from the gallery to our spot in front of the lake, he was waiting down on one knee holding a beautiful ring.


UK Wedding Blog Real Bride Groom Diary Journal

Wedding Plans


Our day is shaping up to be a really exciting day for all of our guests and family. I am half Serbian and have a large extended family of aunts and uncles who all individually come with their own personalities and quirks! For me, my bridal experience is hugely influenced by the wonderful, strong and independent women in my life. I have a great bunch of close friends from different periods of my life. They are my support when things get a little sticky, my best friends and also my fairest critics. Fortunately, a few of them are also engaged so I am permitted to chat the occasional wedding cake drama, debate chiffon or satin and spam pinterest finds at 1am in the morning.




Our venue is the beautiful Walcot Hall in Shropshire. We visited it back in October and fell completely in love with the relaxed atmosphere of the grand estate. We love that all of our family and friends can stay on site and there’s quite a few of them to fit in! My anglo-serbian family now all live in Canada, including my mum, dad, brother, sister and brother in law. They will be flying over along with aunts and uncles, so it was really important to us that there was room for everyone to stay close by as it will be a big journey for them to attend. Winston’s family are also as flung about as mine, although they are a little closer and have remained in the British Isles. Our guest list has also extended to four legged friends as the venue is pet friendly – although I’m not sure my dress is!


UK Wedding Blog Real Bride Groom Diary JournalUK Wedding Blog Real Bride Groom Diary Journal UK Wedding Blog Real Bride Groom Diary Journal

We found our photographer through Walcot hall too. Olivia Moon is a fantastically talented photographer that has captured a few weddings at the venue already. We think that her excellent knowledge of the venue, beautiful style and joint love of Wes Anderson makes us the perfect match! My all-time favourite photograph of hers is from the venue late at night around a campfire. You can see all of the yurts and landscape, the embers spitting from the fire, party goers winding down and the night’s sky with stars a plenty. We also have booked an amazing florist called Jordan Isherwood who is, by coincidence, a baker by day at the bakery I will be having my hen do at (it’s called Loaf and is a warm and friendly independent bakery).

Reading about other WWW couple’s weddings and the lovely personal touches they put to their own day has made Winston and I really think about what we want to show to ourselves, each other and our families on our big day. Sharing that day with others is not only fun, but continuing to celebrate the amazing event that getting married can be. For us, a wedding is about two people joining together to build a life together and at the heart of that is family. We intend to fully integrate both families into the day and our celebrations (although we haven’t exactly planned how to go about this part fully…yet). Blogging for WWW would be a great pleasure. I think that planning a wedding will truly be a wonderful experience, as it has so far, and the opportunity to share that with other bride and grooms around the world would be brill (that’s Brummie for brilliant, but you have to say it with the accent even though as a native I still haven’t got one myself). Hopefully, along the way, I might make a friend or two and really that’s all any experience is worth doing it for.


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