The Bride Diaries. Amy’s Hair, Make Up & Beauty Regime

WWW resident real bride Amy is back. And this week it’s great to catch up on what she has been up to. I love her thoughts and decisions on her hair, make up and beauty regime too :-) Thanks Amy XOXO Lou



Hello there you lovely lot ☺ I bring you this instalment of Bride Diaries from an office which feels like it’s located somewhere in the Antarctic, seriously freezin’ hell! Autumn has well and truly set in now, bust out the hot water bottles and stock up on the hot chocolate. I personally love this time of year, I think it’s probably my favourite, what with the gorgeous colours, and not having to arm yourself with deodorant every time you leave the house – for me summer = sweaty mess (yeah I went there).

As much as I enjoy the cooler months I still get the urge for some winter sun, or rather a break away from work where sunshine is massively involved, no real requirement for winter. So when Ashley suggested a little trip to Majorca for the end of October, I was very much on board! It was very lovely indeed, sometimes all you want/need is to lay in the sunshine, letting go of all of your stresses, relaxing completely. And that is exactly what we did, literally. We were at the beach every day soaking up the glorious sun (it was only 25°c so no sweaty mess over here), eating a ridiculous amount of food, and guzzling all the wine. I feel no shame for being so lazy, it was just what we needed.


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I’ve also been spending time with my momma, since moving out and up to Wakefield I don’t really have any quality mother/daughter time with her. We went to see the utterly fabulous Paolo Nutini when he came to Sheffield, he really was incredible that man is so talented, and ladies, oh so sexy! I don’t think I’ve ever referred to a man as being ‘sexy’, always seemed a bit naff and crude to me, but there really is no other word to adequately describe how easy on the eye Mr Paolo is. Sorry Ash!


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It was while watching Paolo Nutini that I remembered how much I love going to gigs, seeing my favourite bands/artists. I’ve been so caught up with planning the wedding that I haven’t really thought about doing things that aren’t directly wedding related. So when Ashley and I were laid on the beach, discussing all of our plans for the upcoming year, I ensured we made space for lots of gigs that are coming up – we booked tickets for The Black Keys, John Legend, McBusted (ok so Ash won’t be going with me to this one, but I had so much fun when I saw them earlier this year, I felt it noteworthy) and Dynamo, who’s performing in December so by the time that comes around we’ll be Mr and Mrs, which is exciting in itself!

Something I’ve been musing over recently is how I’m going to beautify myself on our wedding day. There’s a lot you need to take into account if you want to look like a bridal goddess – hair, make up, skin (you’ll want your skin to look all glowy and radiant), and nails. I think I’ve pretty much got how I’m going to have my hair sorted, I went to a little event a couple of months ago at the most fabulous bridal boutique, where they were showcasing new collections from some of their designers. While I was there I turned into an absolute magpie, and was instantly drawn towards all of the sparkles over in the accessories corner. Every single piece was exquisite in its own unique way, I only tried on the one item, because as soon as I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror my eyes just lit up. And I tell you what I was so surprised, I really didn’t think I’d be so taken with something so glamorous, because that’s not the look I ever intended. But there I was talking to the designer, getting my order in, and discussing how best to wear it. I decided right from the beginning that I want my hair to be in loose waves, but until this point I wasn’t sure if I wanted a soft updo or left alone. There is of course still time to change my mind!

Makeup is probably what I’m most torn with, see I’m massively into makeup, the majority of my disposable income goes into buying various products to hide all the imperfections on my face. I’ve tried going bare, I really have, mum’s given me the whole speech of ‘you’re beautiful just as you are, you don’t need all that stuff’ but I just feel better when I have it on, it’s like an injection of confidence. My mum is totally right though, I don’t NEED makeup, and neither do any of you if it’s not who you are, at the end of the day on your wedding day you want to look the best version of YOU, not the overdone woman on the Illamasqua counter! So I would say I’m pretty well up on beauty products, and I obviously know how I like to do my makeup. What I’m struggling with is, do I entrust my face with someone else, to get that true pampering experience on our special day? Or do I stick with what I know and do it myself? Any advice would be much appreciated!

I’m not too worried about my skin, I’ve always had generally really good skin, the only thing is I’m super lazy. I know it’s really important to take good care of your skin, making sure you cleanse and moisturise regularly, I just can’t be bothered a lot of the time! When I get in from work on a night I’m cream crackered, it’s bad enough that I have to cook tea and maybe do some ironing. I just want to go straight to bed and collapse in the land of nod. Spending 10-15 minutes taking my makeup off properly, and then cleansing and moisturising just ruins that whole plan. That’s the thing with makeup, it’s a lot of fun to put on in the morning, but an evil nemesis at the end of the day. I also really don’t drink enough water, I would say I’m probably dehydrated 90% of the time, so I definitely need to make more effort in that department. I guess really I just need to come up with a super simple beauty regime and stick to it, do any of you guys have any useful tips, or must have products?

My nails are the easiest part, I’ve been going to the same beauty salon to have my fortnightly dose of Shellac for a couple of years now, the ladies there are fantastic I’ve built up a really good relationship with them. So I haven’t even had to think about that, the hardest part will be deciding how to have them!

I guess there’s something else that can’t really go unsaid, as it’s an issue I feel most brides encounter in the lead up to their wedding day, certainly my married friends have anyway…… I will NOT be actively seeking to lose weight. The way I see it is I am not a nutritionist nor am I a gym bunny. I like to think I eat reasonably healthily, but I’d be lying if I said that I don’t eat pizza on a Saturday night, or that I only restrict myself to one slice of cake (my main hobby is baking, it’s amazing I’m still the size that I am with the amount of butter and sugar I go through in a week). Drinking green smoothies and working out 3 hours a day just isn’t me, Ashley is marrying me because he loves me for who I am. I don’t see the point in depriving myself of all the things I love for the next 10 months in order to look different for just one day, because all I will do is look at our wedding photos and say ‘I’ll never look like that again’. Pretty depressing! Don’t get me wrong, I completely respect the decision of other brides to go down that road, all power to you sister, just pick up a Big Mac for me on your way home from the gym ☺


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