The 2018 CocoMelody Wedding & Bridesmaid Dress Collection


CocoMelody Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses Gowns Bridal

If you are set to get married, are busy wedding planning and are on the hunt for the perfect wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses to boot, then let me introduce you to CocoMelody. This international brand boasts 19 years of experience in the wedding fashion industry with boutiques in LA, Villach, Rosenheim, Tokyo and Durban to name a few.

Today we are taking a look at their stunning 2018 wedding dress and bridesmaid dress collections, which will really blow you away. From bohemian cool style to effortless glamour and sophistication, they really have wedding style nailed.

CocoMelody Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses Gowns Bridal

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The Wedding Dress Collection

The Bohemian Collection

CocoMelody Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses Gowns Bridal

I am head over heels for their bohemian collection of wedding dresses, fringing, tulle, lace and crochet all feature for intricate and beautifully detailed dresses. So on trend.

The 2018 Collection

CocoMelody Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses Gowns Bridal

Their 2018 bridal collection has a real timeless feel, with traditional long trains, lace for days and elegant silhouettes. So perfect for stylish and classic bridal style.

The Autumn Collection

The delicate detailing in the above gown, oh my! Their Autumn collection really is so opulent and romantic, think sheer fabrics and full skirts, just dreamy.

The Bridesmaid Dress Collection

Sassy, sexy and confident bridesmaids here you come, with CocoMelody‘s incredible collection of bridesmaid dresses. They have a vast range of beautiful fabrics, styles and colours to really make a statement. I have to say I just love the mix and match pastel bridesmaid look below and the floral print dresses, really unique and pretty too.

CocoMelody Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses Gowns Bridal

Meet The Designer

We are just thrilled to have the opportunity to speak to CocoMelody Chief Designer Puey Quinones today, who is sharing all about what goes on behind the scenes, his top tips for choosing the perfect bridal and bridesmaid dresses along with what’s coming next for CocoMelody.

CocoMelody Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses Gowns Bridal

Tell WWW readers a little bit about CocoMelody?

CocoMelody is a bridal brand providing high quality wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, accessories and occasion dresses at affordable prices!

We are proud of our part in making wedding dreams come true for over 19 years. We always believe that every bride deserves a gorgeous dress to wear on her big day, no matter how much her budget is, no matter what’s her size! We look forward to helping more and more brides find their Dream Dresses without breaking the bank!

What is the best part about designing and creating wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses?

The best part is creating timeless moments for a bride’s special day.

CocoMelody Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses Gowns Bridal

Could you give us an insight into what happens behind the scenes at CocoMelody?

Keeping up with our brides and scheduling are the main factors in our process.

What do you aim to achieve for your clients?

We aim to help every Bride find “THE DRESS” for the Big Day at affordable price.

CocoMelody Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses Gowns Bridal

How would you describe the CocoMelody bride?

CocoMelody brides are sophisticated, modern day woman who indulge in classic style.

Could you tell us about the process of shopping for a dress with you?

Our boutiques are by appointment only and we usually recommend coming in about 6-8 months before your wedding to try dresses on. In store, we have a wonderful team of bridal stylists that do their very best to find the perfect gown for you.

CocoMelody Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses Gowns Bridal

Do you have any tips for choosing bridesmaid dresses?

Take in mind the different body shapes of your bridesmaids. You want something that’s flattering. One word to take note of is cohesive; you don’t necessarily have to be the same colours or the same styles. The new trend is different shades of colour and different styles but as long as they go together.

One more thing, order colour swatches to confirm colours in person if you are going to order your bridesmaid dresses from our online store.

Can you share your top wedding dress shopping tips?

Choose a dress that makes you feel special. A dress that moves you but always remember to choose comfort especially if this is something you’re wearing all night. You want to both look good and feel good. Also, consider the location and weather of your venue.

And be well-planned to order your dress, we’ve seen too many brides come to us at the last minute, which will cause great pressure worrying about whether the dress can come in time or not.

CocoMelody Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses Gowns Bridal

Are you seeing any trends for the year ahead in wedding dress design?

Minimalism. Millennials are really into minimalism. Simple and clean lines really give a new meaning to less is more.

Can you give us a teaser about what you are working on now?

My team and I are preparing for the New Collection Shooting Campaign, and the new collection will be available in both the online store and physical stores soon.

CocoMelody Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses Gowns Bridal

How can we get in touch with you?


Email: [email protected]






Thanks so much to CocoMelody and their Chief Designer Puey Quinones for sharing all about their incredible collections xo Lou

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