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Are you overwhelmed by where to begin in choosing your wedding table plan idea? Not sure how to pick a seating chart aesthetic, let alone decide on who sits where?

I totally get it. Allow me to help as I share 66 inspirational and unique seating charts. Plus I will answer some table plan FAQs to help you tick off your table chart from your wedding checklist. Hooray!

Wedding Table Plan Ideas stevebridgwoodphotography Photo: Bridgwood Wedding Photography via Crafty Rustic Barn Wedding


Wedding Seating Chart Ideas

1. Photo Table Plan

Get creative by asking guests on your wedding invitation wording, to send back a polaroid photo of themselves. Keep hush and surprise them on the day with your wedding table plan.

Could this be the ultimate visual guide? Guests are sure to spot themselves instantly and have a good old giggle.

Photo Wedding Table Plan Idea When Charlie Met Hannah Photo: When Charlie Met Hannah via St Tewdrics House Wedding


2. Cork Table Plan

Collect corks from fun date nights or ask loved ones to save theirs. Then glue onto a wooden board for a perfect DIY seating plan idea, which is also eco-friendly.

Cork Wedding Table Plan Kim Williams Weddings Photo: Kim Williams Weddings via Rainbow Brights Barn Wedding


3. Wire Hoop Seating Plan

This table plan was hugely popular when I first shared it. Simple, stylish and highly effective. The perfect budget wedding idea!

Wire Hoop Table Plan Idea Darina Stoda Photography Photo: Darina Stoda Photography via Stubton Hall Wedding


4. Room Divider Seating Chart

Reuse something you already own, such as a room divider. Then simply add on your paper wording and voila, you have the perfect visual treat.

Room Divider Seating Chart Wedding Emma Lawson Photography Photo: Emma Lawson via Fife Wedding


5. Nature Inspired Table Plan

Take inspiration from the woods, by choosing adorable woodland creature illustrations. Your guests will be smitten, perfect for woodland weddings.

Nature Table Plan Wedding ThymeLane Photography Photo: Thyme Lane Photography via Eco Garden Wedding


6. Rattan Place Mat Seating Chart

Think outside of the box with materials and shapes you can use. These rattan place mats give a boho wedding look, that can then be reused post-wedding for your dining table. Win-win.

Rattan Place Mat Seating Chart Boho Georgi Mabee By: Inviting Writing Photo: Georgi Mabee via Botanical Tipi Wedding


7. Acrylic Table Chart

Trend-hitting acrylic has been really popular! Add a painted background for added effect.

Acrylic Wedding Table Plan Idea The Shannons Photography By: 2 Flux Photo: The ShannonsBarley Wood House Wedding


8. Mirror Table Plan

Mirrors have been a popular seating chart choice, as not only can they be hung in your home after the big day. But they bounce light, guests can give themselves a quick check-over and they look so pretty. Especially draped in flowers.

Mirror Wedding Table Plan Beth Beresford Photography Photo Beth Beresford Photography via Wantisden Valley Wedding


9. Simple Wooden Seating Plan

Here is a perfect DIY table plan idea. Buy some cheap wooden board, paint gorgeous lettering, add greenery and sweet pegs on twine.

Wooden Table Plan Wedding Only Lovers Photography Photo: Only Lovers via Garden Marquee Wedding


10. Wooden Ladder Seating Plan

Find an old wooden ladder looking for a new home. Then give it a lease of life with cute bottles in flowers complete with table labels.

Wooden Ladder Table Plan Wedding Idea Siobhan Amy Photography Photo: Siobhan Amy Photography via Field Kitchen Wedding


11. Places Table Plan

Planning a travel-themed do, or place table names? Be sure to include on your table chart too.

Places Table Chart Wedding Angela Ward Brown By: Emmy Designs Photo: Angela Ward Brown via Clock Barn Wedding


12. Thread & Pin Seating Chart

To add some texture, think about a fun thread and pin board. Guests will love this idea.

Pin Seating Plan Wedding Livvy Hukins Photography Photo: Livvy Hukins via Travel Theme Wedding


13. Books Table Plan

Literary fans will love this book seating chart idea. Simple and cost-effective, it will be a real crowd-pleaser.

Book Wedding Table Plan Will Patrick Photography Photo: Will Patrick via Bonhams Barn Wedding


14. Copper Frame Table Chart

Rising in popularity is the copper frame seating plan, complete with hanging paper instructions. Chic and stylish, its an ideal DIY project.

Copper Frame Table Plan Idea Katrina Matthews Photography Photo: Katrina Matthews Photography via Countryside Barn Wedding


15. Gold Frame & Fairy Lights Table Plan

Light up your table plan and make it centre-stage with cute fairy lights. Guests won’t miss it.

Gold Frame Seating Chart Hayley Baxter Photography Photo: Hayley Baxter Photography via Wharfedale Grange Wedding


16. Wire Table Plan

Pick up a wire grid, which is perfect for using sweet pegs and embellishing with blooms.

Wire Table Plan Idea EKR Pictures Photo: EKR Pictures via Bohemian Luxe Wedding


17. Tree Table Plan

Use what’s around you, such as a beautiful tree. Be careful not to damage the tree and ask the owner’s permission before assembling.

Tree Wedding Table Plan Thyme Lane Photography Photo: Thyme Lane Photography via Christmas Marquee Wedding


18. Tube Map Table Chart

For train spotters and city dwellers, how about a tube map plan? Quirky and cool.

Tube Map Table Plan Wedding Idea Sasha Weddings Photo: Sasha Weddings via Buckinghamshire Railway Centre Wedding


19. Harry Potter Table Plan

If you are a HP fan like me, the Marauder’s Map chart the perfect option!

Harry Potter Table Plan Wedding Thyme Lane Photography By: Dorothy’s Workshop Photo: Thyme Lane Photography via Harry Potter Wedding Ideas


20. Peg Seating Chart

Cute wooden pegs and twine, modern and easy to achieve. Yes!

Peg Wedding Table Plan Idea Jessica Grace Photography Photo: Jessica Grace Photography via Inkersall Grange Farm Wedding


21. Vintage Suitcase Table Chart

A classic, which I expect to come back on trend sometime soon is the vintage suitcase prop idea.

Photos: Binky Nixon Photography via Yellow Tipi Wedding Helen Russell Photography via Pastel Rustic Barn Wedding


22. Hessian Seating Plan

Natural, sustainable and full of texture, hessian is a great material to choose for your plan.

Hessian Table Plan Wedding emilyhannah Photo: Emily Hannah via Woodland Glade Wedding


23. Movie-Themed Table Plan

Add a headline from your fave film to elegantly add a movie theme to your day.

Movie Table Plan Wedding Mirror sophiecarefull Photo: Sophie Carefull Photography via Beauty and the Beast Wedding Ideas


24. Wooden Pallet Table Plan

Wooden pallets have been a staple in weddings for a while now. If you are lucky you can pick one up for free, for the perfect rustic look.

Wooden Pallet Table Plan Wedding Cat Arwel Photography Photo: Cat Arwel Photography via Fron Farm Yurt Wedding


25. Map Seating Plan

Jet-setters and back-packers, this one is for you. Use a map of the world to seat your guests.

Map Table Plan Wedding Holly Collings Photography Photo: Holly Collings Photography via Canonteign Falls Wedding


26. Music Theme Seating Chart

If you love a tune, especially on vinyl, think about incorporating it into your wedding stationery.

Music Wedding Table Plan Alexandra Jane Photography By: Love Me Do Designs Photo: Alexandra Jane Photography via Notley Abbey Wedding


27. Key Seating Plan

Hunt down vintage keys and gift one to each of your guests. Subtle meaning and history all in one.

Key Wedding Table Plan katherineashdown Photo: Katherine Ashdown Photography via Blush Pink & Gold Wedding


28. Pot Plant Table Chart

Reuse pot plants from home, as a table plan to then gift to guests afterwards. Use herbs for added wedding scent on your day.

Pot Plant Wedding Table Plan scuffinsphotography Photo: Scuffins Photography via Whimsical Floral Blush Grey Wedding


29. Watercolour Table Chart

Go bold and bright with a colourful watercolour background. Then hang in your home after the big day.

Watercolour Table Plan Wedding The Dignums Photo: The Dignums via Birtsmorton Court Wedding


30. Balloon Table Plan

Using balloons in your wedding decor adds a touch of whimsy. Bring a touch of drama to your signage.

Balloon Table Plan Wedding Courtney Dee Photography Photo: Courtney Dee Photography via Coral & Peach Wedding Ideas Balloons: Balloonista Calligraphy: Stacy Oakley Calligraphy


31. Pet Dog Seating Plan

Animal lover or parent of pets? Include your fur-baby in your seating chart and be ready for guests to coo over them.

Pet Dog Table Plan Wedding Bloom Weddings Photo: Bloom Weddings via Animal Lovers Wedding


32. Christmas Advent Calendar Table Plan

Christmas couples, an advent calendar may just be the cutest idea ever.

Christmas Wedding Table Plan lolarosephotography By: Jonathan Rolls Photo: Lola Rose Photography via Traditional Christmas Wedding


33. Uno Table Chart

Love board or card games? Tie in your favourite as a wedding day theme.

Uno Table Plan Wedding Jessica Grace Photography Photo: Jessica Grace Photography via DIY Barn Wedding


34. Horseshoe Table Plan

For a touch of luck, add horseshoes on your wedding day. Then guests can take them away as wedding favours too.

Horseshoe Table Plan Wedding Jess Soper Photography Photo: Jess Soper PhotographyRed Brick Barn Wedding


35. Fabric Table Chart

Opt for a patterned fabric such as old curtains even for a soft, floaty backdrop.

Fabric Table Plan Wedding Alisa Nicholle Co Photo: Alisa Nicholle Co via Modern City Wedding Ideas Calligrapher: Apricity Ink


36. Door Seating Plan

Browse junkyards and reclamation yards for antique doors to repurpose.

Door Table Plan Wedding Richard Skins Photography Photo: Richard Skins Photography via Berkshire Barn Wedding


37. Pantone & Curved Table Chart

Go modern and add a trendy curved board for your chart. Why not add some Pantone to it for extra flare?

Pantone Curved Table Plan Wedding Francesca Francesca Photo: Francesca Francesca via Anthurium Wedding


38. Wheel Table Plan

Enjoy cycling or other transport? Use old wheels to display your guests names.

Wheel Wedding Table Plan thecurries Photo: The Curries via Beach Glamping Wedding


39. Ribbon Wedding Table Plan

Does it get any prettier than a ribbon chart? Use coordinating colours and let them blow in the breeze.

Ribbon Wedding Table Plan jessicaraphaelphotography Photo: Jessica Raphael via Homespun Mint Yurt Wedding


40. Skateboard Table Chart

Calling all skaters. Pimp up your old skateboards and use them at your wedding for a fun touch.

Skateboard Wedding Table Plan Kerry Ann Duffy Photo: Kerry Ann Duffy via House Meadow Wedding


41. Corrugated Iron Seating Plan

Love finding old unwanted items and turning them into something special? Corrugated iron may be just the ticket.

Corrugated Iron Wedding Table Plan natalyjphotography Photo: Nataly J via Fun Autumn Farm Wedding


42. Snowboard Table Plan

After you hit the slopes turn your snowboard, or skis into a unique backdrop.

Snowboard Table Plan Wedding Alexa Poppe Wedding Photography Photo: Alexa Poppe Wedding Photography via Nancarrow Farm Wedding


43. Beer Mat Table Chart

Pub frequenters and beer fanatics, why not use beer mats as table names? Think about using bottles too from your fave tippes.

Wylam Brewery Wedding by Sally T Photography Photo: Sally T Photography via Newcastle Wedding


44. Festival Table Plan

Want to shout about your love of Glasto? Name tables after bands or stages, then create a festival theme backdrop.

Festival Wedding Table Plan Flawless Photography Photo: Flawless Photography via Ash Farm Barns


45. Pressed Flower Table Plan

Achieve a pretty floral style with pressed flowers, which you can then keep or gift post-wedding too.

Pressed Flower Wedding Table Plan Birgitta Zoutman Photography Photo: Birgitta Zoutman Photography via Coral Wedding Ideas


46. Macrame Table Chart

Those looking for a boho style, look no further than a macrame hanging.

Macrame Table Plan Wedding James Powell Photography Photo: James Powell PhotographySecret Garden Wedding


47. Tassel Table Chart

Take inspiration from Morrocco with tassels, calligraphy and paper cutouts.

Tassel Table Plan Wedding Emma Louise Photography Photo: Emma Louise Photography via Moroccan Wedding Ideas


48. Window Frame Seating Chart

A great alternative to doors and mirrors is an old wooden window pane. Add greenery for extra pizazz.

Window Wedding Table Plan L. Hewitt Photography Photo: L. Hewitt Photography via Maryland Wedding


49. Retro Dresser Seating Chart

Retro fans, bring along your favourite piece of furniture to really inject your personality.

Table Plan Dresser Wedding Oxi Photography Photo: Oxi Photography via Pennard House Wedding


50. Letters Table Chart

Posties or fans of the written letter will love this cute post table chart.

Letters Table Plan Wedding Samantha Kay Photography Photo: Samantha Kay Photography via Post Elopement Reception Party


51. Dr Who Table Plan

Do your Saturday nights consist of Dr. Who? Then a Police box seating chart will be ideal.

Table Plan Dr Who Wedding Sanshine Photography Photo: Sanshine Photography via Tortworth Court Wedding


52. Luggage Tag & Scrabble Seating Plan

Bring two trends together into one, luggage tags and scrabble.

Luggage Tag Table Plan Wedding lifephotographic Photo: Life Photographic via Outdoor Beach Wedding Cornwall


53. Paper Scroll Table Plan

Add luxe and style with a marble effect paper scroll. What a showstopper!

Paper Scroll Table Plan Wedding steviejayphotography By: Gray Starling Designs Photo: Stevie Jay Photography via Edison Lighting Wedding Ideas


54. Chalkboard Seating Plan

An oldie but goodie is an old-fashioned chalkboard sign.

Chalk Board Table Plan Wedding livvy-hukins Photo: Livvy Hukins via Rainy Wedding Sea


55. Floral Table Chart

Create wow-factor with a flower arch display.

Flower Arch Table Plan Wedding Jen Owens Images Photo: Jen Owens via The Byre At Inchyra Wedding


56. Button Table Plan

Perhaps you like to sew? Why not incorporate buttons and mismatched fabric?

Button Table Plan Idea Wedding baiandelle Photo: Bai and Elle via City Farm Wedding


57. Dymo Label Table Chart

If you have a Dymo label maker, it’s time to put it into action.

Dymo Label Table Plan Wedding claretamim Photo: Clare Tam Im via Barn Countryside Pretty Wedding


58. Mismatched Frame Table Chart

Collect fun mismatched frames which you can then use to display your wedding photos!

Mismatched Frame Table Plan Wedding jbcreatives Photo: JB Creatives via Soft Floral Meadow Wedding


59. Bunting Seating Chart

Pretty bunting could be used to great effect on your wedding, especially if you are a dab hand with a sewing machine.

Bunting Wedding Table Plan wearetheclarkes Photo: We Are The Clarkes via DIY Coastal Tipi Camping Wedding


60. Wool Pom Pom Seating Plan

Snag yourself a wool pom maker and make up some cute poms.

Pom Pom Wedding Table Plan meliamelia Photo: Melia Melia Photography via Pom Pom Crafty Wedding


61. Wooden Crate Seating Chart

Source a vintage wooden crate, add flowers and print stationery. Viola!

Wooden Crate Wedding Table Plan lovethatsmilephotography Photo: Love That Smile Photography via Rustic Bohemian DIY Barn Wedding


62. Library Card Seating Chart

Book lover? How about this library seating plan idea?

Library Card Table Plan Wedding natashahurley Photo: Natasha Hurley via Yellow Library Wedding


63. Drink Cup Seating Plan

Challenge and treat your guests, to their own glass for the day.

Drink Table Plan Wedding bgproonline Photo: BG Productions via DIY Back Garden Wedding US


64. Doll’s House Seating Chart

Isn’t this doll’s house just adorable? So special. Imagine using a childhood toy to bring a sense of nostalgia.

Dolls House Wedding Table Plan Jordanna Marston Photography Photo: Jordanna Marston Photography via Pretty Pink & Green Wedding


65. Leaf Escort Card

Find pretty leaves and add calligraphy. Be sure to lay out escort cards in alphabetical order to make it easy for guests to find their name.

Leaf Table Plan Wedding somethingbluenj Photo: Something Blue by Susan Elizabeth via Garden Wedding in New Jersey


66. Feather Table Plan

For a light touch, dip feathers in glitter and hang on a wooden board.

Feather Wedding Table Plan annkathrinkoch Photo: Ann Kathrin-Koch via Feather Filled Wedding


Do I Need A Table Plan?

First up, you don’t actually have to have a table plan. The only reason you will require one is if you want to formally sit guests in particular seats at certain tables.

If you are not interested in doing so, that’s absolutely fine, you can actually stop right here and head off to look at wedding sign ideas instead. You will only need to let guests know that they can choose to sit wherever they so wish.

However, if you are opting for a structured and organised wedding seating plan, you can go all and get totally creative. Alternatively, you could keep things really simple. Let’s face it, there are enough wedding details to consider and your signage could be one element to stay low-key.

Where To Source A Table Chart?

When it comes to where to source your table plan. Enlist a fabulous wedding stationer to design a bold graphic design or you could DIY your own chart.

How To Choose A Seating Plan?

A good place to begin when choosing your seating chart style is to think about the wedding theme behind your day.

Or of course, take inspiration from your wedding table names! Use colours or items you love, including hobbies or pets. Why not go for an escort card table for something really unique?

What Is The Purpose Of A Wedding Table Plan?

Let’s get back to basics, it’s easy to get carried away after all. A wedding table plan, is simply an instructional sign to allow guests to quickly, efficiently and easily find where to sit at a wedding.

A seating chart needs to be clear, easy to read and informational. Yes, you want it to be pretty.

But if guests can’t grasp the visual sharpish, you’ll soon have a queue of guests stuck at the seating chart. What’s more, there could be confusion and questions may start being fired at you.

Plus the seating of guests being delayed could well push back your wedding day timeline.

These are not things you want to be happening when you should be sitting down to enjoy your wedding breakfast. So, first things first, always remember the core purpose of the table plan.

Then you can get onto the fun part, the styling and theme!


So there you have it, you have all the table plan ideas you need to choose yours. Plus you now know the answers to your burning seating chart questions. Now it's time to go plan your chart.

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