Table & Seating Plan Ideas. Escort Cards to Luggage Tags

table plan ideas inspiration

Image |On Love and Photography, full wedding here. |


A couple of weeks ago i rounded up some table name ideas, which went down a storm. So today i am looking at the styling of your table plan.

If you are opting for an organised table plan, you can go all out and get totally creative. Enlisting a fabulous stationer to design a bold graphic design, or DIYing your own. Think about the theme or ideas behind your wedding day or table names. Use colours or items you love, or why not go for an escort card table.

All of the below table plans are from real weddings, by real couples featured on WWW, just click on the links below the image to see their whole wedding feature.




Who doesn’t love a pretty table plan? Go floral, use bunting, fabric or tissue paper to create the prettiest display.


pretty table plan ideas floralfloral print fabric table plan pretty wedding table plans

Images | Marshal Gray, full wedding here. | Chris Giles Photography, full wedding here.Kari Bellamy Photography, full wedding here. | The Image Garden Photography, full wedding here. | Rebecca Wedding Photography, full wedding here. | S6 Photography, full wedding here. | Dasha Caffrey, full wedding here. |




Go for a graphic design, using clean lines, a great designer and a brilliant idea.


clean design table plan inspiration graphic table plan ideas

Images | Jamie Bott Wedding Photography, full wedding here. | Assassynation, full wedding here. |Haywood Jones Photography, full wedding here. | Milkbottle Photography, full wedding here. | Rhys Wheatley, full wedding here. |




I so love a quirky table plan, use objects like keys, pebbles or buttons like the couples below.


key button pebble table plan ideas quirky table plan inspiration

Images | Andrea Ellison Photography, full wedding here. | Brighton Photo, full wedding here. | Haywood Jones Photography , full wedding here. | Ellie Gillard, full wedding here. | Cassie Craner Photography, full wedding here. |Martins Kikulis, full wedding here. |




You cannot go wrong with a good old blackboard. Go stylish and paint up a piece of furniture using blackboard paint, or go for all out Hollywood glamour.


blackboard furniture table plan blackboard table plan ideas

Images | HBA Photography, full wedding here. | Alex Davies Photography, full wedding here. | S6 Photography, full wedding here. |


Luggage Tag


Luggage tags have to be one of the most popular go to items to use for a table plan right now, decorate a vintage suitcase and always use mini pegs.


luggage tag table plans ideas

Images | Craig + Kate Photography, full wedding here. | Samantha Jane Photography, full wedding here | Kat Hill, full wedding here. | CG Weddings, full wedding here. |


Escort Cards


Escort cards are a tradition hitting the UK from the US. Go for sweet colourful cards or displays of fun items such as chocolate eggs in boxes.


escort cards ideas table plan wedding

Images |On Love and Photography, full wedding here. | Anna Clarke Photography, full shoot here. | Steve Gerrard Photography, full wedding here. |




You can easily DIY many of the above table plans, but i have one DIY tutorial i did a little while back now using clipboards. It’s so fun to come up with something unique to you.


diy table plan clipboard

| Full shoot here. | DIY tutorial here. |

Are you having a table plan? What are you hoping to create? Are you going down the traditional route? DIYing or getting in a pro? I’d love to hear from you XOXO Lou

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  • I found some great ideas in this post! I especially like the painted furniture one. This could even be a centerpiece of a room instead of been relegated to some dark corner against the wall…

  • ahh fantastic, i am so pleased it has helped you LadyG :-) xx

  • Hi, this luggage tags designs are absolutely superb. Keep on posting!

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