Cameras + Sparklers Engagement

Morning :-) I hope you have a weekend filled to the brim with excitement :-))

Today is the 5th of November, bonfire night!! And i have the most perfect engagement shoot to share, complete with sparklers…. to get you in the mood for the weekend festivities.

Thanks so much to  Kolongnisme Stories for sharing their images today, here is what they had to say about the shoot;


“I have divided the photos into 5 categories; Black Cat Firework, Engagement Ring, Decoration, Invitation Card & The Couple.
The Couple (Aidie <3 Fafa) 3rd of December 2011 is the date they will be united ..yeah the wedding ceremony..they have been together for 5 years…
Decoration In this photo session, I used the picnic theme. Most of the props are vintage and old school materials;

Nikon FM10 & Polaroid 645CL cameras give some vintage look in this picnic theme.
Two Coca-Cola Bottles produced in our own country..Malaysia..the drinks has practically passed the expired date… but it’s just for prop purpose.. =P

Invitation Card: This A5 sized wedding invitation was designed by Chapit..

Engagement Ring: This is their engagement ring. They have been engaged for a year now. The ring symbolizes their true love..

The Black Cat Firework: I like this shot because when the firework sparkles, it produce some nice bokeh…hehehe..”

Happy bonfire night!! :-) xoxo

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