Clouds in Bloom: Suspended Floral Inspiration

Colourful Mexican Garden Wedding

Jennifer Smith Photography via Colourful Mexican Garden Wedding

Never stop looking up – whether it’s at the stars, or at the airy hanging floral installations that are filling our design moodboards.

Through the use of techniques like drawing focus with clear acrylic plinths, suspending with strategic fishing wire, or clever hidden contraptions, floral artists are creating statements on a whole new level – and we love it! These levitational wedding designs can be used to highlight picture-perfect features of your venue, as backdrops for otherworldly ceremony spaces, or as dynamic elements of your tablescape. This kind of out-of-the-box thinking has enriched the way wedding flowers are being used creatively, and we hope it will continue being reinvented and interpreted in unique ways. In fact, it’s almost like an anti-trend: it’s the idea of changing your perspective, turning things upside down, and giving voice to negative space. In a way, it’s about embracing chaos, and letting these frothy, nebulous arrangements redefine space in unexpected ways. It’s about play – the way we could sit on the floor when we were little and make-believe everything into something new.

In the wedding sphere, the effect is dramatic: we’re seeing suspended top-heavy arches, inverted table centrepieces, hanging floral hoops, blooming curtains, un-chandeliers, artsy garlands of single stems, and even full ceilings of flowers – like impossible floating gardens. Whether you’re looking to freshen a marquee, bring the outside in(to a warehouse), or modernise that English countryside manor, the wow-factor is guaranteed.

We adore the way this gravity-defying trend is evolving across floral design, fashion, and cuisine, and today we’re taking a walk amongst the clouds in bloom.

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Hoops and Chandeliers

Hoops Chandeliers Suspended Hanging Floral Flower Ideas Wedding Inspiration

Images |  Siobhan Stewart Photography via Modern Ethereal Greenhouse Wedding Ideas | HBA Photography via Cosy Autumn Woodland Tipi Wedding Ideas | Scuffins Photography via Whimsical Floral Blush & Grey Wedding |  Benni Carol Photography via Elegant & Luxe Deep Red & Midnight Blue Winter Wedding | Casey Avenue Photography via Flowery Bohemian Secret Garden Wedding |  Paul Underhill via Beautifully Rustic Sperry Tent Farm Wedding | Jo Bradbury via Cripps Barn Cotswolds Wedding with a Hazy Summer Lavender Grey Vibe | Heline Bekker via Wick Bottom Barn Wiltshire Wedding Rustic Country Style with Homemade Touches |

Curtains, Garlands, and Arches

Curtains Garlands Arches Suspended Hanging Floral Flower Ideas Wedding Inspiration

Images | The Shannons Photography via Festival Bohemian Glamping Wedding | Jett Walker Photography via Modern Elegance Marble Greenery & Gold Wedding Ideas | Jen Owens Images via Enchanting Quirky  & Fun Barn Wedding  | HBA Photography via Peonies & Bikes Fun Country House Wedding | Freckle Photography via Minimal Botanical Copper & Greenery Wedding  | Liz Baker Fine Art Photography via Whimsical Summer Chocolat Wedding Ideas |

Table Centrepieces

Table Centrepieces Suspended Hanging Floral Flower Ideas Wedding Inspiration

Images | When Charlie Met Hannah via Colourful Woodland Nature Wedding Ideas | Three Flowers Photography via Celestial Feast Party Wedding Ideas | Miss Gen Photography via Modern & Artistic Colour Pop City Wedding |  Ivory Fayre via Industrial Into The Wild Greenery Wedding Ideas | The Gibsons via Enchanted Magical Snowy Wedding | Two D Photography via Edgy Raw Industrial Barn Wedding Ideas with Greenery & Festoon Lights

Shapes and Props

Suspended Hanging Floral Flower Ideas Wedding Inspiration

Images | Hellen Oliveira via Urban Industrial Luxe Wedding | Carey Sheffield via WWW Photoshoot. Ethereal Woodland Wedding Ideas |  Jay Rowden via Natural & Romantic Château Destination Wedding in the South of France | Foto Memories via Vibrant Tropical Wedding Ideas | Ivory Fayre via Industrial Into The Wild Greenery Wedding Ideas | Angela Ward Brown via Red & Green Winter Wonderland Wedding Ideas | Jessica Davies Fine Art Photography via Lush Botanical City Roof Garden Wedding Ideas | Bloom Weddings via Bohemian Cool Tipi Floral Wedding | Ella Violet Photography via Colourful Boho Festival Wedding IdeasBelle Art Photography via Raw Rustic & Bohemian Farm Wedding

Ambience and Decor

Decor Suspended Hanging Floral Flower Ideas Wedding Inspiration

Images | Kindred Wedding Photography via Dutch Masters Wedding Inspiration | Jennifer Smith Photography via Colourful Mexican Garden Wedding | Foto Memories via Vibrant Tropical Wedding Ideas | Ivory Fayre via Industrial Into The Wild Greenery Wedding Ideas |  Rusted Rose Photography via Eclectic Asylum Chapel Wedding in London |  Jo Bradbury via Botanical Macrame Glass House Wedding Ideas | AD Photography  via Natural Outdoor Tipi Wedding | Story & Colour via Darling Pale Pastels Conservatory Wedding

Some top tips to consider when planning to include hanging floral arrangements at your event:

  • Keep in mind that not all venues will be suited for this: look for high ceilings, beams, chandeliers, and other in-built structures from which to hang the flowers safely.
  • Consider visiting your venue with your wedding planner, photographer, and florist, so that you can find the best options for the arrangements to be built, enjoyed, and photographed.
  • Certain types of installations require more robust flowers (if there’s no chance of giving them access to water, or the temperatures are warm), so keep your mind open when listening to your florist’s recommendations.
  • If the installation is particularly complex, or hanging in a particularly tricky location of a delicate/old/listed building, do make sure you clear everything with your venue manager first. They may have specific policies in place for insurance reasons, which may sometimes involve additional fees (extra staff members, for example).
  • Think about whether you could bring costs down, and impact levels up, by reducing the number of blooms and adding elements like signs (wood, acrylic, or even neon), artificial flowers, or other objects / props (balloons, acrylic, metal, feathers, and so on).
  • Speak to your venue manager about budgeting enough time for construction in the timeline of your wedding day – could the florist be granted early access into the spaces, for example?
  • Hanging floral centrepieces can be a really unique and clever way of saving space on long thin tables, keeping the dining area clear for guests to enjoy.
  • These types of arrangements will typically require more flowers than you expect, so do talk to your florist about local and seasonal options.
  • Designing and building these types of installations safely and beautifully can be really tricky, so make sure you hire a professional florist that has experience in this area.

I hope this article has been inspirational and useful! For any questions, tips, or help with your wedding planning and styling, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at The Stars Inside.

Thank you!



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  • Great post. I just love suspended flowers. It’s the best way to decorate a warehouse or industrial wedding venue.

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