Sunday Rambling + Sneak Peek ~ 30/10/2011

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So this is what my week has been all about ↑

If you follow me on twitter you are probably fed up of hearing me moan, but i have had an awful cold :-( This is certainly one big fat negative for this time of year, i am red nosed, sleep deprived and feeling pants hehe. It would be the week when G is working 80+ hours, i have A to look after and this little blog to work on wouln’t it hehe!! But i think i am over the worst now… phew!

Generally my week has been pretty boring, i’ve not really left the house!!

So i thought i would share that there are a few exciting projects/news in the pipeline and i cannot wait to share. I will tell you about just a couple of things coming up soon!

There is a charity project coming your way soon, to raise money for Macmillian, and i’m going to need your help guys, so pretty please try and get behind it when it launches.

I have picked the {www} real brides!!! I had so many amazing aplications, i love my {www} readers, and it was sooooooooooooo hard to choose, honestly. But i thought i would be naughty and tell you, there won’t be just one real bride, oh no… but 3!!! :-) yup yup watch this space lovelies.

You may have noticed a  couple of extra buttons on the top right hand corner, i have been on pintrest for a while, but was afraid of sharing my personal pins ;-) but hey why not, go follow me by clicking the button. Also if you have a google account you can click my +1 button. Don’t forget i’m on facebook too :-))

A couple of weeks ago i was munching on these… aren’t they cool!?? As it is Halloween tomorrow i thought i would share…

I have a couple of Halloween appropriate posts tomorrow, with lots of gorgeous imspiration :-) I have soooo many beautiful weddings and engagements to share over the coming weeks… you guys are so bloomin’ lucky hehe!! Here’s a taster of tomorrow’s feature ….

Image by Emma Lucy Photography

Have a wonderful Sunday and i will see you bright and early tomorrow :-) xoxo

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