Skin Trouble Sunday Rambling + Sneak Peek ~ 26/02/2012

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Hey lovelies :-) I am hoping you have had a great week this week? I have been feeling out of sorts. After the colds/flu we all caught at {www} HQ i have been totally and utterly shattered this week. After working super hard on something last Sunday, it really took it out of me. I think my body just released the stresses of the past few months, as i have been so busy with everything {www}… it’s all good though :-)

Then i had a hospital check up appointment for my coeliac disease this week, and they tell me my iron levels are seriously low…. no wonder i am struggling!! Hehe… but the tablets don’t agree with me… i hope i find a remedy that helps me a little. Sorry i know that’s a little boring but hey that’s what’s been going on this week, thank goodness G has been off this week to help me with A. I don’t know how i would have managed. I have spent about 99% of this week reading the Vampire Academy series in the bath hehe… i am so addicted to vampries it’s no wonder i haven’t turned into one. What with True Blood back on our screens and The Vampire Diaries back this week, i may jsut die and go to heaven hell.

I am hoping today to head to a localish wedding fair to meet some lovely wedding industry colleugues, i shall update you next week.

My skin is being super naughty at the moment, and i am desperate for advice!

I am not a good girl with looking after my skin particularily, it doesnt help that i have so little time to myself, and a budget too short to splurge. But i think i may have to. I have eczema see, i have done since i was a little bab, but its so bad on my face and at the moment. It really affects my confidence, plus it’s so sore. Then i get the odd breakout of spottage here and there possibly thanks to the super greasy e45 i slap on all the time.

I tried a couple of dermatologica products before Christmas but i don’t think they suited me…. are there any eczema/dry skin peeps out there that  can assist? I am at the end of my tether with red, flaky gross skin… booooo. I just want to have nice skin pretty please :-)

I am dying to go shopping with all the LFW updates and trend reports, i think i may splash out on a handbag, i have never spent over £40 on a handbag before, so i may treat myself ;-) perhaps as an early mothers day present to myself hehe! Any excuse… i will share some of the things i am lusting over fashion wise soon, i pinky promise… is there anything you are coveting this spring? Basically i need a huge pamper/make over session hehe!! I am such a slummy mummy it is rediculous :-)

Help me lovelies.

Let me change the subject a tad and share a sneak peek of something beautiful heading your way this week…

Image by CTI Photography

Have a gorgeous Sunday {www}ers xoxo Lou

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  • I know this is probably an obvious one but have you tried the Simple range? I have amazingly sensitive skin and it’s a range that really works for me, especially their moisturiser, my skin usually goes bright red but a bit of Simple moisturiser and it really calms my face down. I will find out which one it is (toddles downstairs to look in gym bag) Replenishing Rich Moisturiser! I sound like an advert for Simple now!
    I hope you feel better, that broach bouquet is divine!

  • I use Aveeno on Elanas excema and Lush Dream Cream is amaze! If fact I used a Lush Shhh Bath Bomb I think it was in her bath yesterday and all her dry patches have gone! Def recommend a lush trip and have a chat with them. Me and Fashion are having an off moment until I’ve lost my weight but I love all of what I’ve seen so far.
    Can’t wait to see what you were working on last Sunday sounds super exciting!! ;-) xxx

  • Hi Lou. I suffer from dry skin and eczema, as well as hormonal acne. When I get a bad breakout of eczema on my face, I use trilogy rosehip oil. My skin drinks it up, it is super moisturising and doesn’t irritate at all. In the past I have had chronic eczema on my face and the only thing that will sort it out is hydrocortisone. I hate using it, but it’s got to be better than scratching my face off! My skin is pretty good at the moment, and i’m using Ren products. Recommend, but they’re quite pricey.

  • Hey lovely. You should look at your diet. We discovered that the little un was hyper senstive to cows milk when she was about 2. Stopped the cows milk and now her skin is fabulous – she has little eczema flare ups on her fingers and her legs but nothing like it used to be. Can’t recommend finding out your food triggers enough. Really works, and much better than slapping on tons of nasty cream – especially if it’s steroids! x

  • Second the suggestions for Aveeno lotion and avoiding cow’s milk products to see if that helps you. Goat’s milk, goat butter, goat and sheep cheeses, and goat yogurt are pretty easy to find these days, if you still want dairy (and there are lots of completely nondairy options too). My husband hated — and still does hate — giving up the Cheddar, but the improvement is so great that he hasn’t been tempted to go back to eating the cow’s milk dairy products.

  • Hello lady, I too would recommend aveeno it is my moisturiser of choice when my skin really dries out. There is also a really good goats milk moisturiser you can get online that is really good for using on your face. I would also recommend going to your doctors to check your skin isnt infected, mine wasnt healing at all with lotions and potions and turned out it was infected so i needed antibiotics. Hope it gets better for you soon, I know how miserable it makes you when your skin in causing you pain. x

  • Hi Lou, I suffer from seasonal eczema around my eyes and mouth which was at it’s worst last Summer. The annoying thing was the more upset I seemed to get about it, the worse it got, and eventually subsided in the Winter months. My wedding is at the end of August this year and I am petrified it will come back :( I also had some serious breakouts at the start of this year, and decided to overhaul my beauty regime with some Liz Earle products. My skin is feeling super-soft, more balanced and the horrible spots seem to be disappearing. I’d highly recommend the Liz Earle range for sensitive/extremely dry skin. Best of luck with finding something that will work for you xx

  • My ex boyfriend had really awful eczema, the worst I’ve ever seen. After trying everything under the sun ultimately the things that worked best for him were aqueous cream (super cheap and better than e45 apparently) and drinking lots of water, hydrating from the inside. (as yours is worse after just being ill you probably really need to drinks lots, I just had flu and it ruined my skin and I don’t tend to have many problems) rosehip oil did help sooth. I agree to check that it isn’t infected though too.

  • I get eczema on my forehead and brake out all the time, get the balance between moisturising my skin and making it too greasy is not fun. I used to slap eumovate on my forehead (naughty). I use Clinique’s anti-blemish range it is not for everyone some people find it harsh, but it helps me. On my forehead however I use Clinique’s ‘Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief’ I love it its not greasy and has sorted it out.

    Oh also I use this crazy oil my friend brought back from South America, no idea what is in it, but it works on my body :)

  • thanks so so much everyone, really blown away by your help :-))

    @Jenny Lane Oh i think thats the one G wanted me to try, i am trying out one of them at the moment, really want to try this one now.. thank you!!

    thanks girls for the avenoo suggestion, i dont think ive tried that one before, its on my list hehe!!

    @Shelly, i would try that, but having no gluten as it is tricky enough, not sure i could cope with no diary too hehe, thanks lovely.

    @Lara… aww you sound like me, except i get it on my hands too :-( i hope your skin is perfect for August.

    thanks so so much girls, will be adding most of these to try :-) xoxo

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