Sunday Rambling + Sneak Peek ~ 10/04/2011

Morning {www}ers. I hope you have a restful Sunday ahead…. G is at work all weekend, but i am looking forward to spending time as a family during the week. Meanwhile i am working on the blog’s first birthday secret project…. and it is super secret… i hope i can pull it off…. if not then hey ho there will be nothing to show for it hehe!!

I went on a stroll this week with our new camera lens… i hope you like the results. The blossom on this magnolia tree is so gorgeous and the sunshine this week meant i had to get out in it. Anyway our lens is the Canon 50mm 1.8 for anyone interested, a naughty purchase but we treated ourselves… we <3 it ;-) Any professional photographers out there… i’d love to hear your feedback ;-)

The blog is going from strength to strength at the moment, and i am so very proud…. i really do put my heart and soul into my blog and i hope that comes across. There are more sponsors having joined the family this week, do go to the vendor love page or the right hand column and click on their advertisement to have a nosey around their site’s.

This week had two days in a row break the visitor record… so thank you so very much. If you are new… hello and welcome…. please do pass on word of the blog so many more gorgeous couples can come and enjoy too ~ click the tell a friend button below, email, facebook or tweet about the blog. Or join the RSS feed to keep updated regularily.

Anyhoooo….. here is a sneaky peek of this week’s happenings…. much love xoxoxo

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  • do you really want comments or am I digging myself a hole ;)

    nicely composed first image and control of the range of colours is essential to good colour photography….. like it

    the second shot has a touch of Monet at the top three quarters but suffers because DSLRS cannot handle that much contrast in light, take a look at the histogram it will be spiking of the scale at one end… but that might be what you like ??

    The Third shot is nice maybe a touch over exposed, I personally think that photographs with a large amount of green in them are tricky to expose, it’s best to bracket your exposure +1 / -1 …

    keep it up!!

    I am a big photography geek and will now leave…

  • ohhhh thank you so much David, that is very useful! Not sure about the techincal terms – will look into it hehe. But i agree not as happy with the other two pics :-)

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