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This is another website launch post… O.K so i have made so many discoveries since starting {www} back in April. One of those finds was Stumble Upon. It’s a site which you can sign up to where you can discover new things on the web you may never have come across before. You input your interests and click the button and some fantastic site appear before your eyes, that you may  never have found otherwise. For example ‘weddings’ or ‘photography’  is one interest, and you can click that stumble button to your hearts content and find some really unique content.

Click here ~

Not only that but you can recommend others to sites you like, so they can ‘stumble’ across them too. So all in all it’s just a big old internet bag of love :-) Click on any new blog post or feature you find and ‘like’ it :-)

If you’d like to click the stumble button for {www} of course i would love that and recommend your site to me and i shall do the same :-) Lets spread the stumble love hehe!!

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