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stratford upon avon wedding

Cassie and Aston married in March at The Welcombe Hotel, Stratford Upon Avon. For their wedding it was important to them that they had the things they loved without a set colour scheme.

Cassie looked incredible in her Ronald Joyce wedding dress and pretty veil, while Aston wore a blue suit with gingham bow tie and spotty hankie, super cool.

I adore the pom poms, the birdcage wedding cake and the huge smiles throughout.

Thanks so much to the lovely Daffodil Waves Photography for sharing her images with us today.


brooch bouquet Daffodil-Waves-Photography-Cassie-&-Aston-Welcombe-Hotel-Wedding017 Daffodil-Waves-Photography-Cassie-&-Aston-Welcombe-Hotel-Wedding024 Daffodil-Waves-Photography-Cassie-&-Aston-Welcombe-Hotel-Wedding053 wedding ceremony pom poms Daffodil-Waves-Photography-Cassie-&-Aston-Welcombe-Hotel-Wedding069 Daffodil-Waves-Photography-Cassie-&-Aston-Welcombe-Hotel-Wedding076 Daffodil-Waves-Photography-Cassie-&-Aston-Welcombe-Hotel-Wedding095 Daffodil-Waves-Photography-Cassie-&-Aston-Welcombe-Hotel-Wedding103 Daffodil-Waves-Photography-Cassie-&-Aston-Welcombe-Hotel-Wedding111 page boy wedding ceremony Daffodil-Waves-Photography-Cassie-&-Aston-Welcombe-Hotel-Wedding135 Daffodil-Waves-Photography-Cassie-&-Aston-Welcombe-Hotel-Wedding142 Daffodil-Waves-Photography-Cassie-&-Aston-Welcombe-Hotel-Wedding150 Daffodil-Waves-Photography-Cassie-&-Aston-Welcombe-Hotel-Wedding178 Daffodil-Waves-Photography-Cassie-&-Aston-Welcombe-Hotel-Wedding197 Daffodil-Waves-Photography-Cassie-&-Aston-Welcombe-Hotel-Wedding225 Daffodil-Waves-Photography-Cassie-&-Aston-Welcombe-Hotel-Wedding231 Daffodil-Waves-Photography-Cassie-&-Aston-Welcombe-Hotel-Wedding233 Daffodil-Waves-Photography-Cassie-&-Aston-Welcombe-Hotel-Wedding236 Daffodil-Waves-Photography-Cassie-&-Aston-Welcombe-Hotel-Wedding245 Daffodil-Waves-Photography-Cassie-&-Aston-Welcombe-Hotel-Wedding248 birdcage wedding cake birdcage shabby chic wedding cake sweet table Daffodil-Waves-Photography-Cassie-&-Aston-Welcombe-Hotel-Wedding275 birdcage centrepieces wedding Daffodil-Waves-Photography-Cassie-&-Aston-Welcombe-Hotel-Wedding281 Daffodil-Waves-Photography-Cassie-&-Aston-Welcombe-Hotel-Wedding294 Daffodil-Waves-Photography-Cassie-&-Aston-Welcombe-Hotel-Wedding353 Daffodil-Waves-Photography-Cassie-&-Aston-Welcombe-Hotel-Wedding400 bow tie groom Daffodil-Waves-Photography-Cassie-&-Aston-Welcombe-Hotel-Wedding451

The Proposal… Aston proposed in March 2011, a couple of days after my birthday he took me to a gorgeous Tapas bar. I had no idea about the night that was about to unfold and how monumental it would be for us. A few days before my birthday, we found out we were expecting our second child and all the excitement that came with expecting, I was in a great mood and I thought he was just so happy for that reason too. Aston was quite insistent that we would go for a walk after the meal down by the river in Stratford Upon Avon. I didn’t really want to, it was absolutely freezing and I hadn’t come dressed for a stroll but Aston persuaded me by the end of the meal it would be nice. In hindsight, he was actually acting quite desperate to get me down to that river, I suppose if we hadn’t gone his plans for that evening would have been scarpered but fortunately I didn’t suspect a thing. So, as you may have guessed, my uber romantic boyfriend became my fiancé that evening down alongside the River Avon. He got down on one knee, and of course I said YES! Then we rushed back to the car to get warm.

The Vision for the day… I’ll be honest, I am a very indecisive person. I had many visions and ideas for our wedding along the way and one vision led to another. At the time of proposal I’d have gone for a very simple wedding, with Crisp whites and a touch of light green but when it actually came to planning I was bursting at the seams with ideas. We chose a barn to get married in and our ideas started to form around the barn, with a rustic vintage feel. Just 3 months before the wedding disaster struck when we run into altercations with our barn venue, which meant we weren’t able to continue with our wedding there. We were devastated but sort quickly to find a resolution. Just around the corner we found a venue that had our date free. This put a few spanners into the style of decoration we were planning, but in the end it worked out really well. In the end our theme was ‘what we like’ We didn’t have a colour scheme as such and whilst our vintage feel remained intact, it really married the venue style too.

The Planning process… The planning process was a joy to be honest, even with its downfalls I embraced every minute. Planning is my middle name. I’m told when life hands you lemons make lemonade, and that’s just what we did and our wedding was more amazing than we could have ever hoped it to be.

The Venue… Remember when I said about life giving you Lemons? This is one of those times. We’d originally booked our wedding at a barn in Stratford Upon avon but it hadn’t worked out and just 3 months before the wedding we found ourselves looking for an alternative venue.

We found The Welcombe Hotel Stratford Upon Avon. This gorgeous Jacobean style house captured us as soon as we saw it in real life, I’d seen it in the brochures but daren’t look further at the time as it wasn’t financially possible. The hotel and grounds are beautiful and I could have only have dreamed to get married there. However, having been thrown back into venue finding again just 3 months before the date, we decided it was worth a look and after finding out they had our date free things started to look up. The wedding co-ordinators at the Welcombe are fabulous, And because of our late booking we were able to make some great savings.

The Dress + Accessories… Her name is Drew and she was made by Ronald Joyce. I decided it would be best to have a hooped petticoat underneath her fish tail so I could walk in too. I had  a custom made head piece by Andrea at West Lake but in true fashion, I changed my mind on my custom piece and decided to dismantle Andrea’s hard work to something better suited for my ever changing choice of hair. My parents brought me a lovely pearl and silver Bracelet, earrings and necklace set.

My Blue gorgeous shoes took me a while to find, they are sold out Kurt Geigers in January Blue and very hard to find new. I found them eventually, and adore them. They are Satin with a satin sole! Gorgeous but HIGH

Finding the dress… Before dress shopping, I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to wear on my wedding day; my ideal dress was a Grecian style dress, floaty and elegant. This plan was smashed to smithereens when I actually tried a couple on and realised I didn’t look quite the goddess I wanted. Grecian dresses do not suit me for the record. This is one of the greatest things about going dress shopping, you get to know what suits you.

I visited 8 shops in total, a few here in Warwickshire and a several in Kent. The kent visit was by far the most fun as I was able to share the experience with my mum.  I found THE dress in Kent, never thought THE one would happen by that point but it did. We managed to make a dress shop at 10 minutes before closing time and just as I walked in I saw my dress in the window. I’d been searching all day for a fishtail dress or like but no where seemed to cater for what I was after. It was the first dress I tried on in that bridal shop and the last wedding dress I ever tried. I had a great time dress shopping, I started a year before the big day giving myself plenty of time to really have a good mooch about. I didn’t find it stressful at all, although I did wonder at one point if I was giving myself too many ideas.

Groom’s attire… Mr Brace was always sure on the style of suit he wanted. He wore a bright blue ‘shiny’ suit, Bow tie, round collar shirt, Gingham bow tie and ‘mid shiny’ leather shoes. His look wasn’t complete without his spotty hankie and boy did he look gorgeous!

The Readings + Music… I walked down the aisle to Canon in D played live by a local band ‘Retro Evolution’ I hadn’t heard them play Canon in D before, and it was also something they learnt for my wedding so it was a first for everyone. It was beautiful, and so emotional.

After the ceremony we walked back down the aisle to the instrumental of Jack Jones ‘Better together’.

Beautiful bridesmaids… I had 5 beautiful Bridesmaids, ages 11- 28. All wore Karen Millen Champange Dresses. I had to have the two younger bridesmaid dresses altered to fit but they looked gorgeous in the end, the seamstress did such a wonderful job.
Our little girl was a flower girl and wore a beautiful crochet lace and tulle dress with a hand knitted mohair cardigan in ivory

The Flowers… My flowers, unfortunately did not live up to my expectations or colours and I currently have an on-going dispute with the supplier.

The Cake… My gorgeously delicious cake was made by a friend of mine, Cathy Read, and if you can believe it was her first ever wedding cake. She is just amazing and when I gave her the challenge just several months before the wedding she took it all her stride and created this not only incredibly beautiful and detailed but scrummy delicious cake!

Your Photographer… We were lucky enough to have Daffodil Waves photograph our wedding day. It will be hard to keep the subject of our Nicolas work short, there is so much to say and thank her for too. found Nicolas website by chance one day. Her work spoke to me and I covered every bit of her website I possibly could in awe. We wanted a reportage style photography, and for all the moments that we missed to be captured. I saw a lot of that in Nicolas work and even looking at someone else’s wedding pictures made me feel emotional

Anyway, in what seemed to be whirlwind fate Nicola had our date available and we booked with her for our wedding day.
Nicola is a wonderful person too and I would now call her a good friend. She isn’t just an average photographer but she takes the time to get to know you and your wedding so that she can be the best possible photographer for you. I got together with Nicola a few weeks before the wedding for an alternative boudoir shoot, it was to be a wedding present for Mr Brace. The shots are amazing, Nicola is a very clever photographer and we treasure all the pictures she captured for us. I cannot thank her enough

The Details + Decor… Pom Poms, the bane of my life before the wedding but they looked so beautiful. Our ceremony was decorated with pink, cream and white pom poms and lanterns. We had our chairs covered in white covers with single lace sashes, we were supposed to have a double sash though. The same room was converted around for our wedding breakfast. Our tables were decorated with decorated Birdcages with lit candles inside, empty bottles with flowers in and all the wine bottles had homemade tags on them.

We had a table with the guest book on, and a large birdcage for cards. The table also had handmade colouring/activity books for the children and individual packets of crayons. We also had a sweet table with a vintage theme, the sweets were all pinks and whites.

I made our table plan by writing free-hand on a gorgeous mirror we had at home with white chalk pen. We named our tables what seemed like random words ‘Biscuit’ ‘Ducky’ ‘Bike’ ‘Big bird’. When the guests got to their tables they realised their table name was actually a term of disbelief for example ‘Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit’ or ‘well push my peddles and call me a bike’

The Honeymoon… We have two young children and so decided to book a holiday for us all to enjoy together. We haven’t actually been on our holiday yet but we jet off next week to Crete for two weeks all inclusive family fun in the sun! Its given us something else to focus on after the wedding and to look forwards too! Its been great organising our first family holiday together.

Memorable moments… Everything still feels like yesterday, but some particular things stand out. My most memorable moment would be just as I came into the ceremony, I could barely hold back the tears and we now joke about how I looked like I had been stung by a bee… never gonna be able to shake that joke its well amongst friends now and a moment that will go down in history and possibly not for the reasons I would have liked- it is funny though in hindsight. I couldn’t help it I was just so happy.
Our first dance was probably the best bit of the day for me, we danced to Jason Mraz’s ‘Lucky’. It was the first time we properly got to talk throughout the whole day and felt like it was just me and my new husband in the whole room.

Advice for other couples… Make sure your suppliers/ florist know exactly what you want, don’t just confirm once but twice, three or four times. Check that you receive everything you paid for and ordered.

Enjoy your big day, it goes so fast.  You often spend a lot of time apart on your day so make the most of having your pictures taken and take a few minutes for yourselves after the ceremony to be together.

Credit where credit is due…

Daffodil Waves-http://www.daffodilwaves.co.uk/

Menzies Welcome Hotel- http://www.menzieshotels.co.uk/hotels/midlands/stratford-upon-avon-welcombe-hotel-spa-and-golf-club

Retro Evolution- http://retroevolutionband.co.uk/

Westlake- http://www.themodernvintagebride.co.uk/


Just gorgeous. It is a terrible shame that Cassie and Aston ran into issues with their wedding suppliers, and Cassie’s advice above is invaluable.

Thanks so much to Cassie and Aston for sharing their beautiful wedding with us today XOXO Lou

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