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Anyway, onto today’s first feature, this one is for you if you are either still hunting for a wedding photographer, or are a photographer looking to feature in a directory, which is clean cut and easy to use…..



{w} Hi Pericles, could you firstly tell {www} readers a little bit about you?


Hello everyone, I’m Pericles Theodorou founder of Specialens | The Wedding Photographer Directory.  I guess I would say I’m all about creating new things and definitely travelling – a lot! Cyprus is my home, I moved to New York for 3 years and I’m currently living in England.



{w} What is Specialens.com?

Specialens.com is a new and fresh wedding photographer directory that hosts a range of skilful wedding photographers for every taste and budget. We built Specialens.com based on the single idea of making the wedding planning as fun and effortless as possible. We are not a simple listing service where each photographer has only a link back to their website. Each photographer has his own profile with wedding pictures, prices, a little bit about themselves and their contact information.

The way it works it’s pretty straight forward: Brides can sort wedding photographers based on their city and spending budget. Following the bride’s criteria, all available photographers appear on the screen and brides get to view their wedding pictures, prices and packages, read a bit about themselves and finally find their contact details.


{w} How did you get into your business and into the wedding industry?

Well, Specialens.com was actually created due to a friend’s need.

During my studies in America, a friend of mine from the university was getting married in Cyprus. Her excitement was nothing like I’ve ever seen before. She found the perfect dress, the church was booked by her mother back in Cyprus… Everything was going great.

One night she informed me that it was very difficult to find her wedding photographer, as there was not a simple directory, efficient enough to properly showcase photographers work. She had to go through endless Google searches, see each one individually, write down their website, see their prices one at a time – it was a hassle.

After months of research I realized that there was a need for a clean, easy to use and most of all a photo-centric directory to help brides find their wedding photographer easy and fun. And that’s how Specialens.com was created.

{w} What do you love about your job?

May I say this: there is nothing more fascinating than being in the wedding industry! If I had to choose two aspects of my job that I love the most, they would be

1. Working and collaborating with amazing photographers that can capture time and emotions in a single click. More than any other business or field, meeting new and talented wedding photographers everyday is absolutely fantastic.

2. There is nothing more fulfilling than receiving emails from brides thanking us for making their planning easier and their wedding day more special.

{w} What do you aim to achieve for newly engaged couples?

Our goal is to help newly engaged couples from every corner of Great Britain, regardless of their spending budget, find the wedding photographer that suits their style and taste. Having the opportunity to compare and contrast numerous wedding photographer and their work, will make their decision much easier without any thoughts of regret. Of course, having to do all these easy, fun and stress-free!


{w} How can wedding photographers join your site?

All passionate wedding photographers can join our website with no requirements. They simply need to click on “Photographers Begin Here” link on our homepage. We offer a free membership to all wedding photographers and for those who really want to stand out from the crowd, we offer a Premium package with upgrades and privileges for only £199.99 per year – that’s about £16.65 per month!

Photographers can find all the details about our packages in the “Photographers Begin Here” page.


{w} There are so many directories out there. Why Specialens.com?

More than any other directory, Specialens.com is a photo-centric site. This means you see nothing but wedding pictures, no ads or any irrelevant content.  Its simple, clean-cut design makes the site a love-to –browse experience. Another great advantage about our site is that brides can preview the photographer’s work before clicking into his profile. This approach is much more time efficient since brides no longer need to click on each photographer and then see their work.


{w} Do you have any tips for couples in selecting a wedding photographer?

What we always tell brides to do is to find a wedding photographer that are comfortable with and they fully trust. It’s very important not to worry about the photographer during your wedding day – he/she knows what to do best. Let the photographer worry about the pictures and you about having fun.


{w} How can we get in touch with you?

The best way is to email us at [email protected] and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated with our latest news!


Thanks so much special lens :-) do go check out their amazing site now :-) I will be back soon for some wedding pretty xoxo

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